A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

So that was Mother’s Day at the Inn. With the blue sky start to the day and langoustines in great demand yesterday it was out to the Varuna for the rest of Thursday’s catch. On up to the Inn, landed and cooked off for service, it was straight onto the bottling up before the doors opened and stayed open for the day. The weather was stunning and at one stage we had Spanish sitting beside Italians, Dutch drinking coffee outside and Serbians scoffing wine in the Garden. This went on until the magnificent sunset occurring during evening service.

There was an indication that the day was going west when the first order of the day was 7 coffees and a tea and that was followed ten minutes later by 8 Hot Chocolate Fudge Cakes. We knew they were coming and come they did. Boss was back in control and only had a minor panic for ten minutes when a three on the Big Table were still there when the eight came in for the same table. But as usual it all works out but we needed the good weather for the diners who sat in the Garden. The Walled Garden was busy as most of the Applecross residents headed up there knowing the Inn would be busy. Good to see so many familiar faces who keep coming back, from Lochcarron, Kyle, Kishorn, Achanalt and the rest of the Highlands. Slightly off-putting having more and more people call me by name and I have not a clue who they are. Just managed to dig up a memory for the costume designer from London who was chatting to me before Christmas. Graeme’s folks were over (Bloody Project) and news breaking this week that the film rights of the novel have been sold. I reckon with careful sustainable development Applecross Community can create employment directly and indirectly from all this activity. It is already underway with projects like the Brewery and the Community Company activities. And as the Consultation has progressed the potential in the Community is apparent, but more of that soon.

The days at sea have been a limited lately but as the catch has been fairly good

the langoustines have stayed on the menu board and are selling really well.

The weather helps so much, sitting in the Inn Garden eating creel caught langoustines from the waters you are looking over, sun shining from a crystal clear blue sky…. can not get much better. As the sun is setting and there is a bit of chill in the air

people head for the warmth of the Inn but customers were torn between the stunning scene outside or eating the wonderful produce caught off the Scottish shores.

Yesterday the weather was perfect and the Bay called with the dogs. And here he comes

bounding along with endless energy

followed by the more sedate mammy.

Beech trees are looking imposing in the morning sunlight.

It is so uplifting although by the time I made it home the last two or three days activity had caught up and it was dozing on the couch until a shift at the Inn. Could tell there were plenty of people about during the day mainly as the run on langoustines meant an early start is planned for Monday morning. Ended up staying till after twelve to let all the staff down to the Rock and Roll Disco and Dance show at the Hall. Cycled past resisting the temptation to call in. Cannot do everything and the missing hour beckons. When you sit down and write what goes on here you realise how much goes on and I have not been posting so much of the activities but as Spring marches in we shall try to do a wee catch up in the next few days.

Close up in Applecross.

Spring is on the corner and it is at last starting to feel like it.The walks and shifts at the Inn keep things ticking over and the days at sea slowly increasing as are the visitors.The sunsets are moving north

and the snow on the hills is coming and going.

Thursday, after a very lazy morning, to get into the mood for the evening shift at the Inn and as the sun was shining, a walk to Ardbain was called for with my two mates.

There was a pretty healthy breeze blowing from the west

but the walk in with the usual companions was bright,


and sheltered.

In the right conditions you would be hard pushed to find such a beautiful wander, certainly on the west coast. If you can time it with the low tide all the better.

The active weather out west breaks up the views,

with the constantly changing dark showers sweeping in from the islands. Sometimes with all that is going on here, it is tempting to just drop out and live right on the edge.

But after ears flowing in the wind

it is back to the hubbub of life in Applecross and the Inn.

Fat Frog.

Rescued a very fat (suspect pregnant) frog from the drive away from Hartfield House. This was after a very interesting chat with Mike Russell at the tea break on Saturday of the Crofting Federation AGM. It may have been a toad but it was definitely in the wrong place and keeping the sun from her eyes. Back in a ditch well away from the road. The day was going so well then.

Applecross Rainbows.

Tourist/fishing season has not kicked in fully so the indifferent weather at sea is not a problem. The catches are not bad on the few days we go out but it is the rainbows that catch the eye. Whether at sea

or on the way to the Inn

or up the Glen

they add a bit of colour to the day. Still busy.

A Turnstone Gathering.

Alerted by the first customer of the day on Sunday about a flock of turnstones sitting on the Coal Shed pier

waiting for the tide to turn so they could go about their daily tasks of routling about the seaweed and stones for their tea. Good to get close enough to them

and get away without disturbing them.

Busy little spell so proper post to follow.

Trident for Tourists

Not only is Applecross on the NC500, has exquisite local seafood, a welcome second to none, stunning scenery and backdrop but it also has our very own Tridents. This according to Argyll and Bute Council and Mr Mundell MP is the ultimate visitor attraction. Personally I abhor these insane WMDs which look so out-of-place on our beautiful coastal backdrop.


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