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Ali’s body was found yesterday (Saturday) in Staffin Bay, Skye, by a member of the public. This wasn’t where it was expected to find him and there had been no official search in that area. Although official ID will have to be carried out by DNA tests, there is no doubt in our minds that this is Ali, from descriptions of clothing remaining on his body. We don’t yet know how long the ID and post mortem process will take.

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  1. Having followed Applecross Life for a couple of years I have just come across these posts now. This is terribly sad news. So sorry for your loss and thank you for posting.

  2. richard spoors said:

    So sorry for your loss
    Whilst I disagreed with some of his political views I enjoyed his company and he had a vision of how his/your community should move forward
    I shall miss his blog and our thoughts go out to you and his family at this testing time

    Sent from Richard’s bat phone

  3. Tiny Eliano-Lenoir said:

    Dear Ali
    We’ve been following the news about Ali for weeks now. We were shocked by his disappearing. We’ve always known Ali every since we started visiting Applecross in 2005, and talking to him was always a part of our journey. He just was the kindest, friendliest person, and always interesting to talk to. We started following his blog, and to us, this was a way of keeping in touch with Applecross. His calendars were always on our wall, and has been a constant reminder of him being missing those last couple of weeks. We felt like rushing to Scotland, just to help looking for him. He will be sadly missed, and apparently, not just by us. We’re grateful to have known him… Our hearts go out to you and your family, especially in this time of the year – we wish you all strength.
    Love from Tiny, Iwan and Iago (the Belgians – friends of Thomas and Lesley Kilbride)
    PS I have to say it; what a lovely idea to post the news on his blog – in a way, this keeps him and his legacy alive – how courageous!

  4. Dear Alison & family. You’ve been constantly in my thoughts. At least you have some degree now of closure. M so pleased that you are being so well supported by friends and neighbours, both near and far. My 2018 calendar, when it arrives, will be especially cherished. John.

  5. Will Roberts said:

    Sincere condolences from Anglesey, North Wales.

  6. Janet Lamb said:

    I am so relieved Ali has been found and you can now give him a proper farewell. Thank goodness your long wait is now over. Condolences to you and your family Alison and all those in Applecross affected by this terrible tragedy.

  7. I glad they have found him but such a sad loss to our communities. So sad. If there anything I can do on this side of the hill please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me

    Sincere Condolences

    Kind Regards Wilfar


  8. Dear Alistair’s family and the Applecross community I send you all my sincere condolences.
    I was so sad to hear of Ali’s fate, the seas he loved took him.
    I met him briefly on a couple of visits and followed his blog, he was a man who appeared to have such a passion for life and for so many many things.
    He touched lives and will be mourned by people far and wide.
    Your family should be proud of his achievements and I wish you peace.
    I am so sad.
    Take care

  9. At least he has now been found and you can bring him home back to were he loved and was loved.

  10. Alison Macleod said:

    Dear Alison, I am very pleased that Ali has been found. It must be a relief for you and the boys. You are all in my thoughts. I have been looking at some photos of Ali, Chrissie Ann and myself as children when I visited Kyle…good memories. Take care Alison

  11. While I am glad Ali has been found, I am full of sorrow. His loss is writ large in the space he will no longer fill with his thoughts, laughter and tears. Our thoughts are with you all. Maggie and Bob, Barfil, Crocketford

  12. My thoughts and respects to you Alison, family and friends. Gus am bris an là, agus an teich na sgàilean.

  13. I am so sorry for your loss. I grew up on the Applecross peninsula and often turn to Alasdair’s beautiful photographs whenever I feel “homesick”. My father was a fisherman and I can only feel grateful that we never had to experience what you are going through.

  14. Martin Watt said:

    I hope it eases some of the pain to have found Ali’s body for the peace of his family , friends and community. I hope some comfort can be found with his remains to say goodbye more completely to such a warm bright light living flame enjoyed and appreciated by so many who knew and met him. He was a very rare soul and I was delighted to have a long awaited catch up on Lismore with him in late august. In all the years I knew him and enjoyed his friendship he never changed except in depth.

  15. Dear Alison and family, it is so sad to hear about what happend. Ali was such a nice person, we all enjoyed his company so much when we were in Applecross. It is terrible to lose a life-long partner and a father so early and unprepared. I wish you and your family all the strength you can imagine for the weeks and months to come!

    • Alison Macleod said:

      Thanks Wulf, we very much enjoyed hosting you all! Still using the information your team gathered to inform Community Company projects and funding applications. Where are you visiting in 2018?

  16. endrickwater said:

    What a relief to have found him at last.

  17. topherdawson said:

    Even though it’s sad at least you know where he is. His passing echoes up and down the west coast. Is there a bit of ground where we could all plant a tree for him?


    • Alison Macleod said:

      That’s a good idea Topher; not sure where at the moment but will have a think about it. Potentially his croft in Toscaig, but we’re not intending to keep that in the long term.

  18. Fiona Rondelli said:

    Dear Alison/ family and Applecross community
    I am truly sorry for your loss. What a lovely guy your husband was. It was always nice to see his cheery face behind the bar and walking the shore.
    I am so sorry that after so many stories and lovely pictures the blog comes to such a heartbreaking end. Hopefully you will find the strength to keep it going in his memory.
    Sending you big hugs from Fiona and Gino Rondelli x

  19. This news brings great sadness to all of us who had the good fortune to know
    Ali. He was always willing and generous in assisting our maintenance of Uags
    Bothy at Applecross. The MBA has lost a friend, and ally to our cause.

    Goodbye Ali, and Thank You.

    Steve ( MBA Maintenance Organiser for Uags Bothy ).

  20. Lindy Sharpe said:

    I am glad you have found him. You are often in my thoughts. I am one of the strangers who were part of his web of followers and so felt we knew him, or at least knew about his life. I miss his photos and his musings. Condolences to you all this Christmas.

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