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Comeback Stalled but Rura Eases the Fretting

The come back has stalled somewhat as we are still waiting for the bell housing to arrive in the Highlands. Apart from moments of frustration I just have to get on with it. The weather has been quiet and settled which does not help the mood and am getting a little fed up with cutting, chopping and stacking wood. One advantage of the situation is that it is pleasant to hear the young voices of the community across the road on the play ground. Take a wee break to take some of the younger ones across the road. They are very traffic aware.

Tuesday evening there were four cars which made their way over the Plockton to hear Rura play some fine, fine music.


Good to see a whole table from Applecross but so easily could have gone on the bus if it was legal. Such a waste of a good asset, but so many people have tried to no avail to get it on the road. The music put on by Lochan and The School of Music was so worth the journey over the Hill. The sunset as we travelled along the Achmore road was spectacular and more so as we saw glimpses of it.


We were early so had time to catch the sun dipping down behind the south end of Skye


and a quick trip down to the back of Frithard was rewarding as the after light softened.



Knew the music well as most of it was from the last album, bought at Cambridge.



Made it up to the Pen stock and saw the concreting had all been poured


with the outlet pipe in place


and most of it buried.


The Share launch is progressing and an evening at the Hall is planned provisionally for the 17th of October. Lots of work going on behind the scenes to get it all in place, comprehensive business plans and worst possible scenarios for the Community has to be worked out to reassure investors of the safety of their investment. Both the investor and the community benefit as well as it being a green renewable resource.

The MoD have issued their consultation on Thursday and I am not sure what exactly we are consulting on. We now see the new map which Qinetic want to protect the new hydrophones and it is what we were told at Kyle. Little change and although I will put something down as part of the consultation I am not expecting any positive reaction. Such is life, feels like we are being squeezed in every direction. Maybe being broken down does not help the current mood. The shifts at the Inn continue and many regulars are coming in. By the end of the week you get to know who is in what house and expect them in the evening for their meal. A wedding this weekend has meant a little boost as things have dropped off somewhat.

(just a wee note from a very noisy bar) Came in just before six and it was already jumping. The pre wedding drinks party was well under way with the first 30/40 tippling away. There were very few other customers apart from  two groups of regulars. They were seen to with plaice, turbot and monk fish and enjoyed the fairly raucous night. The wedding crew got themselves together around 7.30 and started ordering lots of food and drink. I suppose I approach it the same way as I fish, if you sort of know what you are doing and stay calm, it all takes shape. Several top comments sent to the kitchen and they could not believe how organised we all are. It’s becoming a really good team again after a scrappy sort of summer with too few staff and too many coming and going. Managed to book a band for the share launch in the midst of it all. So hoping most who are invited will be able to come. In amongst it all the Hydro boys came down, an after dark finish for them and will mean another trip with Dougal and Eilidh to take a few shots of the progress. The Lego bricks are taking shape seemingly as well as the paneling coming off the concrete at the intake. The wedding group are pretty “well to do” but it always makes me smile when I see workies in as well and no one gives a toss. Sign of a good bar. Home now and pickup last nights ice cream. Forgot it so strawberry ripple and amoretti biscuit tonight.



First thing there was a pleasant morning light to the south over Ardhu.

9Q7Q7333 Relaxed spell beginning with a wander down the road to the bench above the moorings. Watching the boys get ready for landing their shellfish for the week.


Accompanied by Dougal of course it was a fine start to the day before making for the Inn to do the lunch shift.


We are having a fine spell of weather, little wind which unfortunately means the broadband for round the North coast is going to be off for a little longer while the turbine charges up the batteries. Showing 22 volts so will need a wee blow to start-up again. Considering how windy it was in stopping us getting over to Rona, sod’s law kicks in and the forecast is pretty good wind wise for the foreseeable future. There was a good breeze today which may have helped, not sure if it had reached the island though as it was an offshore wind and tends to die off as it gets out to the Sound.

Very quiet shift and Steve was far closer in the numbers game. I reckoned we would see 100+ visitors but just made the 50 of it. Sure a few pubs would not mind these numbers but most are closed for the winter, or have cut their hours down.

Monday and felt a bit lethargic and decided fairly early on not to go to sea but leave it till later in the week. Fine weather so the dogs had a fine walk up by the Heritage Centre and took in the mobile sawmill.


The larch that had to be taken down for the die back disease is being milled and used locally. Great to see its carbon footprint cut back and not shipped out.


Lots of uses popping up throughout the peninsula, sheds, cladding and wood stores. And talking of wood was doing a bit of splitting when I noticed this happening to the south-west.


I took a couple of early snaps


and went back to the logs but then had to stop as this unfolded,


seems the phones were ringing around Applecross alerting people to the amazing sunset.


I have seen many but this ranks as one of the best I have seen, a privilege.


The light inside the School brought out more observers and Dougal got into the act, although he was more interested in the rodents and was just taking a break.


The Company work is on going and Val was at the Carbon Clever Event in Inverness and made contact with several companies which may help local businesses save and even make money through renewable energy sources. There is a huge amount of unseen work going on here with stress levels a little too high at times but hoping it will be worth it in the long run. The Hydro/local power scheme has passed another hurdle and got past the first stage of funding. There are many groups looking to see how were are progressing and taking heart from our progress. From the inside it seems slow and when you know the micro management failures it feels like hard work. Feel for the folks on the North coast who have no broadband but again long-term it will be so much better than before. It has to be.

Continued spell of good weather with bright and breezy scenes for most of the day. On the way back from the shop in the morning, 30p off the price of a couple of litres of milk, the moorings empty apart from the Varuna.


Timing my wood chopping and dog walking with the sunsets now. Wonder why they are so different as it seemed like the conditions were similar to yesterday afternoon. A yellow/orange theme today compared to yesterday’s red. Not that there was anything to complain about.


So now its a bit of Wallander broken up with some paperwork.

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