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Pine Martens and Submarines.

Pine martens


and submarines,


you never know what is around the corner here. Out on the water all day for a wee change and apart from a decent catch with some bigger langoustine in a couple of fleets on the edge of the Range. Maybe a little inside but not far enough in to worry the watch keepers. But they know we always come to the edge to shoot back and it is only the tide/current that takes the creels in. Looking up to the west spotted a trident heading south…possibly one of the last places I would choose to work. wonder if they have floppy discs on board like the American ones.

Landed the catch by bike as the van was in use and was just catching up on the news at the computer. Hearing some noises outside but did not connect, even after the mammy pine marten dropped down onto the window ledge , did a little tour along the porch before heading back up the wall. She disappeared under the eve of the dormer window. Then the penny dropped as the screaming continued. Sounded as though something was in distress and first I thought it was some bird that had met the pine marten. We have suspected that there was a family upstairs so nipped out to have a root around the undergrowth. Went for a glove just in case and proved right when I found a young one hiding, possibly having fallen off the roof. Ferocious little beasties and it was having a good go at taking chunks out of me.



Although some hen owning crofters would frown, the little one was put up on the roof but it was terrified and did not move or make a sound so the mother did not know she was there.


Nipped upstairs caught it and put her back in the loft, quickly closing the hatch as I heard the mother scampering across.

The frustrations of fishing

Good day at sea although the catch was not as good as hoped and it was a difficult end. I took the plunge and hauled the fleet of creels that had been towed by the trawler last week. I knew it was trouble when I came across the buoy well out of position on the GPS from when I had shot it. Sure enough when I lifted it I had to sort out a ball of 50 creels. The guy must have towed the fleet until it stopped him. These hours of hard graft sorting out some one else’s careless or malicious mistakes are certainly character building and there is not much point in getting stressed out. We know who towed the gear, we know when he did it but there is nothing I can do to get any recompense. Ashore if these activities took place there would be a court case but at sea we do not seem to have any protection. I have even been told that I should not have creels there by trawlermen and it is my fault that they are towed away. This is on ground my father and grandfather have fished on and is within sight of the school my four boys have gone to. Even if it costs sometimes you just have to stand up for what you believe.

I have been thinking quite a bit about the state of the fishing due to the ongoing politics, trawlers towing gear and the general decline of the stocks. Because I have three fleets of creels beside a no-fish zone I am in favour of a series of them being instituted up the west coast, obviously relying on research to work out where in particular they should be situated. These three fleets have consistently fished better than any of my other fleets and I can only surmise that this is because I am beside  a no-fish area.

It is unfortunate that our only protection is from unintended consequences in that we are protected by a European mobile ban in the lochs on the west coast which is in place to protect juvenile herring. This gives us a six month respite from the prawn trawler. Also the no fish zone is actually a torpedo test range which is closed off to all fishing effort. One often sees Trident subs steaming by and you do wonder about the sanity of our ‘leaders’ but that is for another day.

The scale of these ships are such that my little fishing boat would be dwarfed by the tail fin of the Vanguard and I always think that they look so sinister. The Range has been in place now since the mid 1970s and although it was met with opposition from local fishermen at the time I am now convinced that as long as it is there I may be able to continue fishing despite the continued pressure on the stocks. We have the Range on our GPS and I shoot the creels back along the outline of the Range. It is a shame that we have to rely on outside factors that defend our stocks. Why do the politicians not look at the science and take measures that protect the little guy who is fishing in the most sustainable way. But we have to change our methods as well to minimise our practices. The problem with most if not all fishermen is that we tend to blame every one else rather than look to ourselves as the cause of the problem. Although I may be very wrong in that way I look at the survival of the fishery I do believe my views are backed by both the science and what is happening on the fishing grounds.

Tuesday evening saw us at the Community Hall for a Community Council meeting where it just seemed to be an unremitting battle to try to keep services. Medical,elderly care,bin collection,housing, all critical issues that need to be sorted out for the continued wellbeing of the community. We shall see. Needed a couple of shifts at the Inn to get a better perspective on things. Just meeting people seems to settle things and having a bit of banter and chat with people from all corners of the world is as important as anything. The competition goes on with Brazil, Croatia, Morocco and Cyprus all arriving at the Inn. We are now on 48 countries who have visited the Inn.

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