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The Weather and the Music.

There is no doubt that music,


especially good music,


is therapeutic and as said before there was plenty about this last weekend with Shooglenifty,




9Q7Q1967 Tarneybackle


and Lochcarron contingent.




The last photo curtsey of Rita. The weather has been pretty awful lately


and Friday was one of those days.


Another coming in tomorrow but maybe a glimpse of quieter weather towards the weekend. This weekend we are going to celebrate the Commissioning of the Hydro Scheme with the Builders and Subbies, HighlandEco and Steve and the boys. Coast Road Truckers will be playing to a busy bar as it will be a Christmas Do for the workers and all are invited out to help celebrate a pretty amazing achievement. One that has made the national News and certainly impressed the community network with all the hard work involved. And back from Perthshire it is straight into the Hydro with wood and to see it running possibly. The boys have made great strides and are on target.

Musical Weekend.


Saturday evening was going so well with a fine ceilidh by the fire when John launched into “White Christmas”…….. He said he was practising for his care home tour. I know Judith has been here for over twenty-six years but……. Have to say the weather and lack of sea activity has got to me, function levels are very low. It is just as well Applecross has been served by some fine musicians over the last couple of days. Also got an I player BBC AlBa prog to look forward to. As I have bought most of the albums and seen most of the groups this year I do not mind who won what although not surprised that Ross Ainslie, Treacherous, Marie Campbell and RURA were among the winners.

Shooglenifty, who were playing on Friday evening, could have just as easily have won with The Untied Knot. They arrived on Thursday and met them at the Inn as they came out for a meal. Pleasant evening although no music despite having them and the Coast Road Truckers in for a pint. Did an extra shift to cover the anticipated pre Shoogles rush. Not too bad but had to contend with no water, a threatened power cut and a severe gale blowing outside. Weather may have cut the numbers down but there were enough there to see the second of our Aussies off. They had the crowd jumping by the end of the night. I really loved the night and a good way to see off a gale. Three in the afternoon saw me watching my dinghy literally dancing on her line. It really should have been tucked into the pier but thought there was more southerly in it than what came, a west south-west. By the time the wind gets up it is too late and if I tried to take her in she would most likely be smashed on the shore before I could get the engine started. This morning I was looking south with one eye closed but all was well with all the boats in their right place.

(Sunday afternoon) the music continues with Tarny guys, the Lochcarron contingent complimented by the Baron and his Mrs from Torridon. Grand mixture of fiddles, pipes, whistles , box accordions and guitars with fine vocals. Another winter’s day well spent. He was almost forgiven for the Christmas aberration, but he broke into that song again. Could have done with another Caledonia but majority rules and off I went home. I know it is just the time of year but could hardly keep my eyes open. I am just simulating the weather internally. Managed to stay awake for most of the Bridge and have a nightmare about Son No3 being radicalised. Now off down the road to Perthshire to meet some Germans and Lesley Riddoch about some land. Apart from having the Sons around if we could just roll on past Christmas and into the New Year and brighter days…Musical photos will have to wait.

Crab and Mango at Perth Station..

Finishing off now at the cafe with a valedictory cup of coffee.

Oh so tired. Full of music, Shoogles being the last band. Rocking the crowd as usual and the humour from Angus direct and instructive, to the girl on the phone anyway. We were slightly puzzled by Angus dedicating a tune to Cilla and it was only a couple of days after that we realised that she had passed away. The morning started in fine form again, catching the end of the Quebec boys and then onto Lone Bellow.


They seem to have got involved in a wedding at their hotel last night, at least that is what they thought and by the look of guitar man Brian he was probably right. he had a rather pale and white sheen to his visage. Zach went over to him at one stage of the performance and came away saying he now knows what indiscretions smell like. With the follow-up of ” too many bad decisions”. Lovely lovely music, a little break and then washed over by Danu, this as a result of the wee break.


When back to the campsite the overindulgence was quite intense.


Meeting up with the guys from the last century and the new young ones were hard to keep up with. Should not have tried. My Puritanical existence of the last ten years or so was no practice for getting involved.


Another visit to the exquisite Stray Birds started the recovery but it also needed a couple of hours kip back at camp. It felt as though I was conscious but may have dozed off a couple of times, but the music was still there. Again back at camp more sense this time but  overslept, still got a good part of the Punch Bros on Stage 1.

More wonderful bluegrass before seeing yet another highlight in the Ben Miller Band.


Wash boards,


electronic spoons, trombones along with fine blue guitar and singing. They were wonderful and gentle but if you walked into a bar with them there you would walk quickly back out. Missouri based and played their Ozark stomp well, mountain music, delta blues and bluegrass. Great lead into Shooglenifty


to end a fabulous Festival.


The well organised drill was in action again on Monday morning and as a result we were at Ely station waiting for what we thought was a 8.46 to Peterborough but in fact a 8.58 which came in at 9.07 due to a slow-moving freight train. A fine name for a tune or the lyric of a song. In fact there was a bit of a ballad for the way home. We missed the East coast connection so every connection till we arrived in Inverness 45 mins after the last train to Kyle left. Another tune title? So we had a taxi arranged for us at the expense of Greater East Anglia Railway. Arrived home only an hour after schedule with little extra stress. After all I have to try to seat 150 people a night on 80 seats for meals at the Inn. That is stress. Knew I was coming closer to home when I spotted one of the Lochcarron group at Waverley Station and I was asked at Perth Station for the Inn’s crab and mango recipe. The weather has continued on its merry way up here and we are now mostly resigned to not having much of a summer. Off to Rona now to pick up the Castaway via a couple of fleets.

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