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And Finally.

The display was tremendous and there was more to come.





I was pleasantly surprised by the photos I took so that was still the first exercise coming to an end. The rafts came in, well four out of the five did, some under there down steam and some with help from others.


The gnomes decided to do a bit of fishing when they got a helping hand. The next exercise was taking a man from the water







and taking him over to the lifeboat.

This was watched by some


and not others.


The back drop to all this activity is stunning and I will never get tired of looking west to an ever-changing horizon.


Being a fisherman and hoping never to be in this position it is great to know that we have this back up on the Sound, covered from both Kyle and Portree. It was a fine evening and I have been asked who won the raft race and I actually had to think about that and decided that it was all round win. That is the Community who turned out, the organisers, the RNLI, the guys on the rafts, in fact every one. At around half eight looking to the North, with the rafts ashore,


and the boys heading home,


seeing the weather closing in and being on the bike it was a quick exit south and home. Unfortunately going along the Lochside the shower caught me up and it was a damp arrival home. Amazingly rapid two hours had passed since heading up the road. Back home to do my little good deed of the day by downloading the Libations version of Dougie Maclean’s Caledonia with all proceeds going to a local food bank. Coming home from an event such as the RNLI display and seeing/reading about the state of some parts of this country and people are in does make you think. A wealthy country such as Scotland and people are turning up at food banks to eat. Something wrong somewhere, argument that other countries have them does not wash. Well tired with all this down/up loading but got off with not going out in the still choppy north wind on Saturday.

The Race Itself.

Seems there are not enough hours to the day all of a sudden, only to be expected on a Bank holiday(sort of) /Raft Race/Fishing Competition weekend. Before going back up the road in the next hour I have to replenish prawn stocks at the Inn and take the pooches out for a wander. They are going to be on their own for quite a bit today as staff numbers are pretty thin out front and in the Bar. Break will involve cycling home and taking them out for a decent walk before going back into the maelstrom. Weather is beautiful this morning as well so day trippers may well be attracted out for meal……I suppose you have to say “Bring it on”.

Back to the Raft Race.


I took a meander back to Shore Street before the rafts made their way along the shore against the wind.


One of the rafts never made it and were pulled on board the safety boat. The boys with the legs “streaked ahead of the “white” streaks”




and the superwomen


came in ahead of the Gnomes. Above the lifeboat was joined by the Search and Rescue helicopter from Stornoway.


Ashore, the Street was full,

IMG_6215 the Airstream was working full capacity


and the local talent on display again.


Flags flying on the tables of customers watching the spectacle. Decided against bringing Dougal up to the proceedings as sitting quietly is not his strong point with so much going on.


Offshore the helicopter


and lifeboat


came together and the boys put on a serious display,




showing off their skills in rescuing seafarers.






It was well impressive and some people watching were a little emotional watching their efforts. watch avidly from the shore by the returning contestants and there was another display to come but more of that another time.


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