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A Week of Northerly Winds.

Weary is a good word and sounds better than tired. Especially after reading about the refugee who was asked where he had come from when he arrived in Hungary. Afghanistan was the reply, impressive enough in itself but he was pushing his granny in a wheel chair as well. I suppose all things are relative and weary will do for me as I am recovering from hauling 300 creels in a stiff Northerly breeze. And after a weekend at the Inn where it was quieter but busy enough. Ran out of langoustine by Sunday evening so although I woke up at seven it took me two hours to persuade myself to go out, knowing what the weather was going to be like. Over the north end of Raasay the north wind and showers were picking up at the end of the day.


Hard work and very little rhythm to the day especially as the tide was running against the wind and it takes a few creels to come on board before she settles into the wind and I can put her in gear to haul up wind.


One of these little moments that comes along every now and again happened when I looked up and caught sight of a gannet wheeling effortlessly above the boat before turning away and gliding off to the south. Just for a few seconds the breeze, the work and tiredness fell away watching a perfection of nature in her own environment, and then back to my sprachle. That and a low rainbow over Rona were the only high lights of the day, still it is a preferred office.


And although there are an abundance of berried females going back over the side there are enough langoustine staying on board for the Inn to make it worth while in the breeze. I suppose the news that Government can find half a billion to spend on upgrading Faslane but struggles to look after people who cannot look after themselves along with huge amounts of money being spent at Sand does not lighten the mood. Stood down at the Inn in the evening so managed another episode of True Detective. Tried to ration it but it is going to be finished on Tuesday, a fine piece of American Noir. Sinister enough to make you wince in places but a riveting story.

The target of nine fleets of creels washed in three weeks was just missed but it achieved its purpose and todays wash brings the total up to eight and with two being changed at sea, leaves only two more that badly need a wash. Kept fishing and at the Inn while doing this so feel quite chuffed at the work rate this summer although taking its toll on the body.


A wee break there and another fleet washed, tomorrow a planned mend and Thursday a load up ready for a break in the weather on Friday.


Dougal despite being out all night with Eilidh love these runs down the road. They find plenty to do while I get on with the pressure washing. This is made an awful lot easier with the headphones on and the Cambridge music playing away. Coming back there is a big tide this week.


Calendars are going well and the response to all the enquiries is that at present we now have a paypal account, which will hopefully be live later today, but getting in touch to alisonapplecross@gmail.com we will get calendars out at £10 each and postage for up to two £2.80 and more, £3.80. Here is July.


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