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No Words.

Do not feel like writing too much this morning, partly because it is 5am and I am going out to catch up on a lost week due to north winds, but mainly for the events of this week. Although there was nothing like this during the IndyRef there were polarised opinions and lots of harsh words. This Ref seems off the scale and whether due to the rhetoric or not that Jo Cox lost her life, just feel an immense sadness that some people have to take their views to places that cause extreme pain and sadness for others. So many words have been written by far better people but suffice to say even in the remote rural places some actions are felt as deeply here as in the areas where these deeds take place.

This week after a day at sea on a cloudy but quiet Monday,


the rain came briefly. Not enough to start the Hydro but lay on the Lady’s Mantle.


The sun has reappeared again and the colours are out on show from the orchids


to the monkey flowers,


the foxgloves,




and thrift.


Finish with another photo of the new found friend


taken on a moonlight 3.30am midweek.


Pine Marten Rescue…..No2

Half past three in the morning and woken up from a fairly deep sleep to what I now know is a pine marten wanting to get back into the loft. Made sure Dougal was not involved and went out to see what I could do. Turns out it went really quiet and it was still dusk with the moon falling behind Raasay. Did not want to stamp about looking from the wee one. Noticed back towards the house, the mother was watching me from the ridge of the window. Took a couple of bad photos of the moon before going back for some more sleep. First thing I heard this morning was the little one calling and nipped down to see a very cute young pine marten on the porch window sill. Tried to climb the wall when it saw me but fell off. Very little resistance when picked up, probably exhausted from the traumatic night out. After a brief visit to the school


and a wee photo set it was back in to the loft, a little tamer and definitely relieved.


Pine Martens and Submarines.

Pine martens


and submarines,


you never know what is around the corner here. Out on the water all day for a wee change and apart from a decent catch with some bigger langoustine in a couple of fleets on the edge of the Range. Maybe a little inside but not far enough in to worry the watch keepers. But they know we always come to the edge to shoot back and it is only the tide/current that takes the creels in. Looking up to the west spotted a trident heading south…possibly one of the last places I would choose to work. wonder if they have floppy discs on board like the American ones.

Landed the catch by bike as the van was in use and was just catching up on the news at the computer. Hearing some noises outside but did not connect, even after the mammy pine marten dropped down onto the window ledge , did a little tour along the porch before heading back up the wall. She disappeared under the eve of the dormer window. Then the penny dropped as the screaming continued. Sounded as though something was in distress and first I thought it was some bird that had met the pine marten. We have suspected that there was a family upstairs so nipped out to have a root around the undergrowth. Went for a glove just in case and proved right when I found a young one hiding, possibly having fallen off the roof. Ferocious little beasties and it was having a good go at taking chunks out of me.



Although some hen owning crofters would frown, the little one was put up on the roof but it was terrified and did not move or make a sound so the mother did not know she was there.


Nipped upstairs caught it and put her back in the loft, quickly closing the hatch as I heard the mother scampering across.

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