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A Long Day’s Fish then Sharon Shannon.

The day started early. For some fishermen a dawn to dusk routine is an everyday occurrence, not for me. So I do not often see 5.15am, 15 mins later than planned as I still have to meet a late afternoon deadline at the Inn. Morning was a bit sticky in the bay getting up fleets shot over and left fleet that is in a bit of a bundle, that’s me shooting over my neighbours…… a calm day’s work with no time pressure for that fleet to be sorted. Glass calm and ethereal sort of day.


Couple of other foul ups meant one over and another under so slight hold ups but by 5. 30pm the langoustine were back on menu. By 6.00pm I was back up at the Inn after shower and slightly dazed starting shift, still busy but don’t notice so much these days. Boss heads off down to the Community Hall to see what the Applecross Trust consultation has progressed to. By the accounts of the meeting I have heard it sounds like a bit of a mixed bag. Boss came back a little flustered from her exit but no one really noticed. The question whether Applecross needed any marketing was met with silence, a few bits and bobs about what the Trust is doing, tarring a road, fencing, growing trees, repairing piers. The pier at the Coal Shed will always be regarded as a missed opportunity for me. Through ALPs it could have been a well armoured, stone faced, solid working pier, but we are where we are and now wondering how to rebuild an unprotected one vulnerable to increasing climate change that won’t be used by anything more than a dinghy. The feeling was that there already is a development plan in place for Applecross and the priority for most, not all, the community is affordable housing and access to land for those who want to build by those who want to live here and have not connections to the land. No one has any problem with the Trust having their own plan but there was uncertainty what the community had to do with it. There was an interesting new “objective”of the Trust called social welfare that interested community members and was questioned. As I was not there these are all subjective comments from the people who were there. But at least channels seem to be opening to the “Big House” and is still awkward for both sides to engage meaningfully, but going in the right direction slowly. Asking for full community consensus is unrealistic though, some people living here do not even want tourists so to get consensus is not going to happen. That is the main failing of the IFGs, the Inshore fishing groups is they are supposed to work on consensus, not reasonable majority. One very gets consensus in any walk of life.

Thursday started off very badly with the migraine of the year. There are always upsides to these. Firstly and least the weather was bad so no missed day at sea, second it gives you an insight to pain and more importantly other people’s pain, but when you come out the other side of it you feel so relieved and have a “good to be alive” feeling after. The timing of this one was crucial as I had negotiated a swap night at the Inn so I could get to see Sharon Shannon. Recovered in plenty of time and it was a superb night of music. Made it to the front row in the corner and was entertained by some superb music played by superb musicians. Began with some set from the School of Excellence,


followed by Nuallan,


great piping, fiddling and a song written by David Francey.


And then for the second half top-notch music, box,




and beat box from Sean,


time just flew by. Finished off with Galway Girl and music from New Found Harmonium.


Amongst the thanks at the end Sharon seemed well taken with the Jannie’s name Crisdean, calling him Creeeshdian Macraw, great night with lots of good chatter in-between times with folks not seen for months. You realise you get a little isolated over here when you are so buried in work. All part of a great day although saying that on a day when you start it with a migraine may sound slightly bizarre.

The weather has turned autumnal


and the wind is blowing steady and strong for first two days of the week and now for the last three days and looks to keep going til after Monday. Work at the Inn and landing the last of Wednesday’s catch, buying my next music ticket, Ullapool, Ceilidh Place, and Ali Hutton and Ross Ainslie next Thursday. See the Whale and Dolphin Trust are about as well so may make an afternoon of it. It is a lovely time of year to see such changeable weather.


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