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Whooper Mayhem and HydroProgress Continues.

Sunday saw my routine come back to a semblance of normality although I was emailing photos at half one in the morning for Alison’s presentation at The Rural Parliament on Tuesday. It was a fine morning for fishing and there were some boats on the water in the Bay but none from Applecross. Although now of the Applecross men are church goers we still do not leave the moorings out of deference to the older, traditions of Presbyterianism. I remember reading about how culture and local traditions can often help the sustainability of stocks. Off the coast of Ghana they did not fish on Tuesdays and got me thinking about the old days here when the fishermen did not want catch lobsters on the Sabbath so left the creels open on the Saturday and so they were not baited up till the Monday, thus the unintended consequence of resting the grounds for at least two. I am sure there was a competitive element then but suspect it was not as severe as now. Best fishermen catch the most in today’s thrusting economic world not as it should be…. The best should be the ones who can make a decent living while allowing the environment they catch from to thrive. The Guianese fish stocks are now depleted and mobility of populations along with the introduction of Christianity, Islam and “civilisation” are some of the suggested causes. Pulling the fisherman into a more competitive, cash orientated society, away from their previously natural state. Along with not fishing on Tuesdays they put back certain types of fish and would not fish at certain times of the year. Science has confirmed these were practises that enabled them to live within their environment, although these methods were based on adherence to beliefs in gods of the sea and rivers.

Back to Sunday and cycling along the Lochside noticed the whooper swans were a bit agitated,


more of them than usual



so there may have been a bit of territory protecting going on.




It was a lovely morning




and some of the snow was still hanging about.


Inn was reasonably busy and the split shift passed fairly quickly. Clouded over briefly but noticed a fine end to the day just south of Dun Caan.


Then a wander down the shore with the dogs after hours in the still hour before midnight. Because there is so little human activity you can hear everything from the lapping of the water to the occasional grunt or snort from a seal.

Monday saw me up at the Hydro site,




and a little bit of organising a key to fit the turbine and generator. Possibly the American and metric being the problem. Ewen has the key and a couple of mil is to be skimmed off. Bit of a muddy glaur, enough rain to make it fairly unpleasant underfoot. It was a pulling cables through day and got “roped” in for a bit..


Most of them are already across the river


but there was a tough one to pull through from the Campsite. Broke the rope just coming towards the end but sorted yesterday and all the cables through now with the help of a little fairy liquid. With the cables not going through the ducts straight away the ducts ended up with a few waves in them making it more difficult for them to come through. Everything is going ahead and making for the deadline date with backup in place and meters ordered for the last week. I am probably more stressed than the boys on site but maybe due to the delayed paperwork I have to catch up on. Also keeping an eye on storm warnings as that affects the SSE program.

Busy enough again at the Inn with all rooms occupied and most tables used. Coming across again and again people who were going to invest in Apple Juice, so if we needed a secondary issue fairly confident that there would be uptake especially with low-interest predictions in the near future. It is not that we have a low profile now with Alison sharing a platform with Nicola Sturgeon yesterday at the Rural Parliament, telling the conference about our hard won successes and hurdles we face.


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