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Fuel back on as is Summer Colour

Took a bit of an effort but a trip up to the Screen was needed as it was just over the two weeks since the last time. Now know that three weeks is too long at this time of year as the algae grows very quickly and clogs the holes in the screen up thus the water running over the dam goes over the screen rather than into the chamber. Very dry just now, until today that is, but even now the sun is back out. Decided not to go out today due to the strong south-easterly due to swing round to the south-west. The trip up to the Hydro Head was after a day at sea. It was a day, that although well remunerative, was hard hard work. There was an awkward breeze all day from the north and had to keep going in and out of gear to keep up to the creels and there was just enough motion to make crossing the deck stacking the creels a little graceless. Thus the limbs were tired and ached somewhat, but as usual the rewards for a wee volunteer are immense

both when there and on the way up.

The two pooches would go up every day to check it out of course. Going back to the day at sea,lovely morning,

although the day was hard work the only thing that takes me in is having to land before the evening service at the Inn. Reading that there are people who are now so removed from nature that they cannot teach/tell their children about the environment they live in. This morning began by passing the ubiquitous seals on the Culduie rocks, with watching gannets fly off when you get a little close then a small pod of dolphins swim by with there young. What comes up in the creels seems colourful in the extreme

although the haddock, first for a while, is not in a healthy state.

Now know that this is a Yarrel’s Blenny,

a bit of knowledge from Chris who came to pick up for the aquarium. The last couple of fleets provided the tea for this evening along with many other meals at the Inn.

Tailed all the way in having to finish them off at the moorings, a rare occurrence.

Did not make it out on Monday, a pity for Bethany, as she was on her day off and had arranged to go out, but the breakers were underway by 7.00am and a north wind in full sun meant a breezy day. Finished roping up

the fleet washed on Sunday morning.

That pressure getting it ready was unnecessary but weather and tides always change plans here.

Today another day ashore but still plenty on the go and took the delivery for fuel,

unusually we ran out of diesel on Monday and petrol today, combination of high sales and slightly later delivery caught us short. Only the second time since the refurbished refurbishment. But all well now. Increased my IT knowledge by entering the delivery into the Site computer, still have to work out how to post videos on the blog but will be there fairly soon. Weather is so changeable as can be seen at the After Games Do

and the four Massey Feguson’s parked

at the Inn this morning. The Filling Station snails came out in the rain

and like the sea life are as colourful.



Shock Development….Pot Noodles to be on Inn Menu.

Arctic weather by yesterday afternoon with a very strong northerly whipping down the Sound. Quieter in the morning but as the forecast was poor phoned Martin to call him off and good to see the ‘cast accurate. Martin was coming over from Kyleakin so it was a long way not to go out. Not much on the go today…too cold for the garden so it was just Dougal and Co that got me out on the day. Very different today with the wind well down on yesterday but a big run in the sea from yesterday and although it was fine for a few hours before the west wind increased I decided not to go out. Another pleasant day planting, sowing and digging up a patch that had to been touched for 20 odd years, full of bind weed, ground elder and nettles. The plan is to sow some bee friendly seeds there and ox eyes and wild pansies are in the green house and they will be joining the corn flowers and poppies to make happy bees. Planting some digitalis further along and some Dianthus. Seeded some cabbage, kale and sowed some more beetroot and radish adding some lovely manure that has almost returned to a dark loam. Also got some chillies under way as well.

Wandered down to the shop and passed as always the Massey Ferguson at Camusteel. These tractors are scattered around the Highlands and in their time transformed crofting in the 50s/60s. This one is not going to do any more ploughing. Often they stopped and were parked up waiting for a part that never quite got round to arriving. When I came over on my school holidays I remember two little grey ones in Toscaig. They were almost an unofficial machinery ring where most crofting townships had one or two and the went round the townships as needed. Reminded me of a program made by a nature camera lady who went home to her dad’s traditionally run dairy farm in Cornwall and she was really interested in the carbon dependency of food. I have never forgotten her description of the tractor her dad had and it was a 400 horse John Deer and then got us to imagine that was the equivalent of having 400 horses doing the work on his farm and that showed how dependent we have become on fossil fuels.



Tonight was spent in the Inn and I was not looking forward to it as there were masses of booking and with the inclement weather there was no chance of the garden tables being used. There were some Porsche drivers, about 12 of them, 9 over from Lochcarron, 6 cyclists,10 who were backing the guy running over the Hill, raising funds for the Erskine War Veterans Hospital. I do not think I worked a night where guys sat at tables and never moved, which is fair enough for the customers but the list of people waiting for tables was very difficult to shift and for the first time I suggested to a 4 that it would be better to come back tomorrow. People turned up looking for accommodation at 7.30pm, they got it and then wanted to eat. They did but at their accommodation!! We just plated up and sent it along. Three guys came over from Garve and to come that far they just had to be fed, one of them ate his fish and chips of a bar stool. It was about 8.30pm that Judith decided that it would be a good idea to get some Pot Noodles in for nights like this. I got the impression she was only half-joking. A good night though and left about tenish with the accordion, whistles and mouthie playing away. Promised to be a late night.

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