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Indifferent Parking and a “Lost Trailer”.

Thought it was going to be a gentle wee post tonight but the afternoon at the Inn changed all that. I enjoyed a couple of very fulfilling and busy shifts on Saturday evening and this lunch time. The most common comment today was “Is it summer?” This was mentioned by several people when they had to wait for tables and the weather was wonderful, warm southerlies, and lovely sunshine. As things quietened down I had some lunch and was having my staff drink, one scoop of milk chocolate and one of toffee apple ice cream when we all heard a horrendous crashing about out side. I looked out the window and it honestly felt surreal as I saw a little black car doing a high-speed U-turn in reverse on the road outside the Inn clipping one car and ending up piling into another. Turned out this was the finale of a lady heading home after lunch, reversing out of the car park, getting her foot caught up in the pedals, taking out four pub tables locking up her wheel and doing a wee bit of damage to three cars including her own. No one was hurt although I believe a bit of shock was kicking by late afternoon. Again the community “thing” kicks in and all the services are called, all the arrangements are made to get every one home and looked after and the damage is cleared up.


Obviously I know who was involved and asked if people if they thought it was alright to post and I was surprised that every one thought I had already taken photos. Maybe posting the unfortunate incident will mean there will be very little speculation about the accident and just accept it for what it was.

I was told about the tale of the missing trailer as all this was being sorted out. Seems a trailer was loaded up the previous evening with a generator, intention being to take to work the next morning. Anyway as it turned out it was parked on the Street ready for the off and was still there a bit later than planned, a phone call did not result in any progress in finding out why the trailer was still in Applecross. The Hill being blocked that morning our man’s van set off round the Coast road only to meet trailer owner coming back towards Applecross at a rate of knots with co workers heads out the windows looking for “missing trailer”, only to be told it was still parked on the Street. Seems trailer was not attached properly and it only move 10 feet before decoupling and was pushed back to its original stance by the next road user. It was n’t until passing Sallacher ten miles out of Applecross before trailer was reported not following van. Makes me feel slightly better about running out of diesel the other day.

Filling Station has been taking up a lot of time over the last week or so and we are still battling with data transfers trying to get the fuel bills out, getting there I think, system still crashing and lots of rebooting and even having to over ride the software to manually operate the pumps on occasion. Engineers up this last week and coming back to finally sort out our problems, although now we have lost so much faith in the system we will believe it when we see it. I am sure we will get there where ever that is. Managed to fit in a Community Company Meeting in to discuss job applications and responses and other matters, despite the chaos of the afternoon’s turn of events. And yes another call-out to the Filling Station but this time my fault in that the receipts roll had run out and as it is illegal to sell petrol with out one it was back up the road to change it over.

Friday saw me going back over to Shieldaig to have a much-needed massage and a good chat about low energy levels, a consistent theme at this time of year but as I have got older more apparent and I have decided to go for a vitamin D3 supplement to try to get things going and focus more on the stuff that should be done. On the way over the Hill I always stop, weather permitting at the little Highland spring which emerges only 3/4 metres above the road and is the best tasting water in Scotland.


At our last ALPS meeting on Tuesday we had a broad and open discussion on the future of ALPS and some discussion about the role of the Trust in the future of the community and I will have to find some time to respond with some thoughts. I only mention this as I came across a mate whose partner works in this area and we had a good chat about all the pros and cons surrounding different aspects of our future. Now the heat has died down sensible discussions can take place. It is interesting that without Land Action Scotland we would not be talking in this vein and I find it frustrating that sometimes you have to go through a fiery baptism of media attention and some personal rubbish just because you have views that are not held by the establishment. But more on this later. On one of my trips to the Filling Station I nipped up the road as earlier I had seen one of the newest arrivals in Applecross.


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