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Otters,deer and trees

Starting rather than finishing with a post. Weather is poor again so going to land prawns for the Spanish market this morning, they will be packed and flown off for the weekend Barcelona market. Although the catches are not too bad just now we are in the Christmas/Easter price dip. It would be better for the stock if we caught prawns when the market prices are buoyant rather than trying to make up for the poor price with quantity. The weather on Monday was beautiful. Quiet, peaceful and sunny, the shades and sunhat were on. It is a busy range with a lot of flyovers by the Merlin helicopter. Only had one fleet to re-splice and had to lift two that were shot over, that is some-one’s fishing gear is shot over yours. It is a routine job if it is in shallow water but a different matter when in 90 fathoms. It is hard on your gear, equipment and body trying to free up the creels and ropes from each other. Japanese rolling hitch is usually the knot single-handed boats use to clear the gear.

Went to an ALPS meeting in the evening which was fairly uneventful, mainly centring round the design and printing of the new leaflets describing the new walks and areas around the peninsular. The issue of a wood fuel supply keeps coming up in the discussions surrounding the harvesting of the Gateway plantation. These plantations were planted in the 1960s, the old block conifer system, and have not been managed since the day they were planted. The result now is they are in very poor condition in that they have up to 30% wind blown timber which is lying rotting on the ground. The Community Company has been trying to secure a wood-fuel supply and as the timber is already here one would think this a fairly simple project. The idea of burning local wood rather than taking in truck loads of coal and sending out truck loads of wood seems absurd to me but there it is.

Yesterday was mainly a recovery day after hauling 500 creels on Monday and the only note of interest was the diesel delivery. We were sold out for two days due to the fact the tanker did not arrive in Inverness on time and several Filling Stations were left without fuel. It always makes you think when you take away the key foundation of the way we live our lives, fossil fuels, the whole system would very quickly fall apart.

Dougal has had a great start to his day which unfortunately began at 6.00 am when sitting on the windowsill starting shouting at the deer on the road, he has a lot to say for some-one so young. Then when I took him along the road to Culduie he met his first otter when we were on the way back home. A young otter scooted across the road in front of him into the sea, luckily for him it was young and fast as Dougal verses an otter would only have one result. Busy and varied couple of weeks coming up so better get on with it.

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