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Still Summer in Cambridge.

Very briefly you think what is happening back home, but it is brief. This Festival is so good, intimate if you can say that when 14000 people are wandering about listening to some cracking music. 9Q7Q0515 Yesterday morning was busy and we did not have to move from the Main Stage till after two as Irish band, Goitse, got us off to a flying start. The name is an informal Irish greeting “come here” and we did. Beautiful combination of bodhran, fiddle and song was a fine wake up. 9Q7Q0541 The Festival was starting earlier each day. Then a blue grass band all singing and playing with the one Mike, old time. Their harmonies , lovely to hear, and you knew the blurb was right when they said their influences were Bill Munroe and the Carter Family. They were from Pensylvania and called The Stray Birds. 9Q7Q0549 And finally for this session Show of Hands, who I know from a cd of Andy’s, and were brilliant musical protest song singers. Cynically sarcastic view on the greed of the few is probably the best way to put it. In a sort of surreal way you are still aware of the world still turning outside the Festival site and put into song and sung by the Show of Hands confirm you are not alone in how you view the world. 9Q7Q0550 Had to take a break 9Q7Q0523 and a couple of hours in the afternoon meant loins girded and back into it. The hours spent at the camp base were at times chaotic but everything was immaculate the next morning for another go at it all. Nick, who was a one time resident of Applecross was there in spirit but not in body this year. Although he is a long term participant he decided to take a break but his last years escapade was mentioned a few times. He was in touch after his last visit saying how much he enjoyed seeing this band, but it was politely pointed out that it was the only one he saw due to a certain over indulgence on his part. Cambridge has many different effects on the body and soul.  Gentle start of blues with Alvin, sitting outside listening rather than watching at the side of Stage 2, before a racous half hour with some Quebec boys, a three piece called De Temps Antan, at the Club Tent. Stood at the back and listened as they were seated but what a sound they produced of Quebecois. 9Q7Q0555 Then onto experiencing  a highlight listening to Rhiannon Giddens of Chocolate Drops. We were gobsmacked as she included everything from Odetta, Patsey Cline to a Puirt a Beul sung so fast and yes in Gaelic. 9Q7Q0557 We all were simply captivated and her hour was rapid. No over runs at Cambridge with everyone starting and finishing on time. The sound team were pretty stunning in getting all the sound checks done in allotted times. Almost dazed some of us took a little food break  while Joan Baez played her set. Listened from a distance and after some food and now the ever present Crabbies we wandered in to catch the last of the set, singing Imagine with the rest of the crowd. And then Treacherous, 9Q7Q0571 this crazy adrenaline fuelled band from our parts. 9Q7Q0565 A dozen guys playing stunning traditional instruments to a jumping crowd. 9Q7Q0560 As well as repetitive and building rythmns coupled with a light show the whole is a piece of musical theatre that enters your being. 9Q7Q0568 Just before the end of Baez noticed some one on the way out to get ready for Treacherous and it was a regular of theirs, Jacky who was here with Mark. Finally met some one I knew, this is the Inverness syndrome, always bumping into some you know. Maybe it is the Scottish community mentality.  Back to the stage, the fifty five years legs were twenty again. 9Q7Q0574 Down at the front and bouncing with the rest of a packed audience. 9Q7Q0564 Music takes you places, so ends an exhausting day in fine music and great company again.

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