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The Walled Garden

When I was up at the walled garden earlier this week the weather was fantastic as it has been all summer. I was between cameras then so went back up yesterday before going to my evening shift at the Inn. The smells and blooms are beautiful and tried out a few shots.

A wander round the gardens is very peaceful and you are bound to end up spending the time of day with either Jackie or Pete who are the guys behind this wonderful place. Not that long ago it looked like a wilderness site covered in dockens and overgrown with every type of weed. It is ironic but Pete was telling me his main problem this year has been lack of water. He struggled to keep his vegetables from going to seed and failing in the main.

Where ever you go there are more flowers to see, not good with the names he was reeling off so it was down to the pictures.

There is lots of activity in the insect world. It is a bees’ paradise.

It was off to the Inn well relaxed and it was good shift where there was the usual great compliments about everything, although at the end of the evening there was a bit of a rush of orders. This was after a full on lunch so not that appreciated by the kitchen. I came across my first little customer problem. It was all about a steak and after a quick chat with Judith was able to deal with it. I think the guy was a bit taken aback and ended up being slightly embarrassed although that was not the intention. When the compliments fly in you do not expect too many complaints and you have to take a judgement call on each one. We were backed up by the very pleasant couple who saw the whole scenario and were less than complimentary about the complainant. Paul enjoyed what turned out to be a really good rare steak, never seen one eaten so quick. I was a bit confused when the guy left a tip. Anyway he was more than balanced out by the rest of the bar. A couple from Fife  decided that they were going to toss a coin in the morning to see if they were going to come to Applecross then just decided to come anyway. Fishing and weather is holding up although the berried prawns are coming on to the ground. Unfortunately there is not much happening in the deep water so a fair amount of the catch is increasingly berried as they tend to be more on the shallower waters on the banks. Speaking to the guys over from Plockton and was told about the conversation with a trawler man who was comparing himself to the farmer in that he was “working  the ground, releasing the goodness into the water column.” One I’ve heard before and still ridiculous.

Garden Colours


After a week of unseasonably warm weather, despite Dougal’s attentions the garden is starting to show some of its colours. The flowering black currants have been out for a little while.The forsythia is also under way.Over in the corner by the wall is the first honesty and the wild garlic is appearing.

Down by the decking there is a delicate hellebore showing its face.The forecast for next week is for a dramatic 20 degree change in temperature so there may be a few changes on the ground. I am a bit late in sowing any of the vegetables but that is not too bad a place to be now.

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