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The Day after Applestock.

Made it up to the Garden around half three and had a wander around.


Good ambience and lots of chat and things going on as well as the music. Margaret doing her spinning and always with something interesting to say,


Timed it well as I heard Jamie Hilton’s session and really enjoyed it. Great blusey voice and guitar.


After leaving the Walled Garden it was down to the Inn before the hordes arrived. It was quiet for a while but plenty to do with the final arrangements for setting the bar up for the evening. As it got busier the Inn packed out but it still flowed and we had our own little session going with Kenny Rankin on guitar his mate on melodeon, all British champ it seems, and they were joined by a seriously accomplished bodhran player. His own melodeon was in for repair and he was cheesed off with the one he had…you would not have noticed. Good atmosphere although not quite connected to it. It was more a case of hanging in and thinking about the bar at the marquee. The Treacherous came in for something to eat and took their orders with a bit of banter which included Innes Watson wanting a veg stir fry. We almost always do variations but on this case son no 1 was on the plating ,busy and was not in the mood for compromise. Asked for an explanation for what a stir fry was wanted, so went back out to see Innes….back to the kitchen where I made the mistake of saying it was for Innes Watson, “That doesn’t help” came the reply. In the end we decided that Innes would have a veg linguine without the linguine. West coasters are not easily impressed it seems, although it does run in the family.

The bar at the Treacherous, opened by Becca Fox, ran well, great crowd, music out of this world. Missed a fair bit of Becca but what I saw was pretty spectacular, cracking voice and I have listened to her at the Inn, the only person I have heard doing an Adele cover just about as good as Adele.


We could not help but let the rhythms, melodies and virtuoso playing affect your mood and Marion and I especially just rocked through evening. We kept smiling and just shaking our heads at the intensity of the music….just brilliant. It was both time lost and gained, if that makes any sense. Somewhere I was so happy to be. I love this photo of John on the box, looks like a slightly sinister Victorian guy in some back street some where deep south. Of course could not be further from the truth.



Pretty tired but still high and home quite early leaving the stalwarts to head to the bonfire on the beach, reminiscent of the Seafood and Music Festivals of old. For me it is really heart warming to see the next,well half, generation getting together to create something like this weekend. That is some thing  that is fundamental to the Community Company. you try to do what you can to sustain and help your own community while not preventing but helping the future generations to do likewise and I think we saw that this weekend.

Unfortunately woke up this morning with a stonker of a head and only got rid of it by consuming too many milligrams of paracetamol. Made it to work and sorted out most of the left overs from the van before taking it back to Ardheslaig in the late afternoon. Busy old shift, more relentless rather than full on, weather being wonderful and warm many ate outside and it was mainly light lunches. Lots of humour today and there was a definite left over high from the night before. I love it when you walk past and hear snippets of conversations like,”What did he say to you? “your bosoms are bouncing””.or “You should have seen the size of his gantry”. Loved it when I heard The Treacherous being described as a ceilidh band!!! The one that summed up the night before was Mark telling me that he will never forget the image ,when he asked me for a vodka, I was at the optics and pouring, hearing and feeling the tunes, the whole unit of optics were bouncing along with us.

There was a fair bit of emotion as well as were visited by Matthew who had left Applecross in circumstances no one could have wished for.


His coming back was wonderful and he so much enjoyed his visit bringing back so many painful memories for a few of us but good ones as well and we had a few chats amongst ourselves which were very healing. He had followed his younger brother Fergus up and now we await Connor and possibly even their Dad!! At work sweetest moment was chatting to a lady from Montreal about Applecross and she had several very direct questions that led us through the First Settlers, the monastic times to the Clearances, where and why the houses are built where they are and so on. She seemed to enjoy the chat and as she left she said,” I have not read anything in the guide books about you but you know my heart found you.” I took that to mean Applecross and so many other people have with this lady summing it up in one succinct sentence. Internet was playing up last night and it was almost impossible to upload so had to leave it till this morning.


Becca and Jamie at the Inn

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