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Do Chickens have Twins?

You learn something most days at the Inn, usually something completely useless or innocuous. And tonight’s random question from the kitchen was “Do chickens have twins?” This has an origin in the fact that there are large numbers of eggs being delivered just now with double yolks.

Yesterday was a 450 haul and all went well although the fishing remains fairly poor. Quiet day weather wise and not much activity on the sea, occasional yachts motoring by with no wind in their sails but lots and lots of jelly fish.


Am slightly obsessed with them as they are both painful and beautiful and always like opposites in nature.


Faithful fulmars alongside most of the day. They do not give the impression they are the sharpest on the water and hardly ever get to the bait first, and give the impression they get really hacked off and scurry about after everything that moves. They come in really close to the boat and show little fear.


Community Council Meeting last night and as Janet is leaving town I did the minutes and Barry Chaired. Lots on the go and some tricky issues that have to be dealt with and hopefully not too many casualties but suspect there will be. Signs, minibus, GP, good news on that front is that we have a salaried appointment that covers our practice and next door, so progress,the contentious issue of bracken spraying, and finally Kishorn. Lots to do and no time to do it. It will be done though as it tends to be embarrassing if you do not get round to doing it. Had a good bee chat with Audrey after he meeting and she has got her one hive up to two again by creating an artificial swarm. Used to think thstles were a pest until I realised they are good bee food.IMG_4654

Beauly, Loch Ness Inn and Inverness took place today. Went out to the Varuna for langoustine for the Inn and another couple of boxes for The Loch Ness Inn, calling in to Beauly to drop Jenny and Eilidh off with Alison and Dougal. Sure that Ted groaned when he saw even more visitors, especially more of Dougal’s family. Lovely view across to the Beauly Firth from his holiday cottage and watching the circling red kites was very peaceful.


They were far better at catching rabbits than Dougal turned out to be., although he ended up taking road kill home. Anyway they headed off down to Rosemarkie while I rattled round buying stuff in Inverness. Did not quite plan it but ordered 150 creels from Gaelforce along with rope costing around£3,500. So that keeps me fishing for the next month or so. Constantly need to buy replacements or the standard of your gear goes down and you catch less prawns and it becomes a spiral. My favourite shop is Highland Wholefoods



and it is really handy as Dougal’s favourite is just across the road. Although they do not know it Dougal and Co have a great day planned for them on Cuaig Beach with treats and pig ears thrown in Jill and Kenny heading there on their day off.


Back home in time for a quick shower and on to the floor. A strange night as it threatened to be silly busy with 2x 6s,a 9 and a 14 booked along with all the residents but it was a bit of a stroll, slotting people onto tables with only a couple of tables waiting a little too long for our comfort. The sort of shift that you get through but when guys shake your hand on the way out you must have done something right.

And yes but it is very rare for chickens to have twins, Steve. If there are two fertilised yokes as they grow a chicken heads for the air cell at the round end. But if there are two they will fight and usually both die. There have however been cesarean twins produced.

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