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There is Peace if you know where to look.

In a hectic spell after the languor of earlier in the week when the weather was contrary. Part of the rushing about involved getting on the eBike and taking Dougal and Eilidh south for a run as they were going to be inside for most of the day. There is stillness despite being time constrained.



Actually as it turned out they were back on the same road around 4pm having another run followed by tea(for them). Amongst all the rushing around there are moments of pure tranquility when you just sit on a rock and look west.



Women’s Senior Curling World Championship.

A quick ten minutes at elevenish before the hordes descend. May be completely wrong but the prepping is going full steam ahead in the back, chopping mixing and making in readiness for the day ahead. The number of people already wandering about and phone calls suggest it will be full on. Bad news from Lochcarron though, The Strathcarron and Lochcarron hotels along with the Golf Club have all been broken into, sad,sad world.

Yesterday was one of those days in paradise, warm and sunny with not a breath of wind, a sole porpoise heading north in the morning, and then the usual gulls,


who are you looking at,




and cormorants for the rest of the day.


Only one fleet to rejoin and another down by the Range to sort out for next week. Always good to finish to the north so cutting across the Bay looking east to the street means you are almost home.


On these days you do not sit down so it was land the catch at the Inn, back home and out with the dogs, in with the washing, something to eat and away up the road to meet the hordes. As it is so busy, these days are for getting through but you always hope to make contact with some one and last night it was a lovely couple from Nova Scotia, who it turns out come from a small town 3/4 of an hour travel from Halifax,and they  are the world senior women’s world champions at curling. Not only that they are defending their title in Dumfries this week. http://wmdcc2014.curlingevents.com/dumfries-scotland-to-stage-2014-world-mixed-doubles-and-world-senior-curling-championships. Not knowing this I went into the kitchen and conveyed this to Cheffie who expressed his ignorance to the information and went back to the couple and had good craic with them for the rest of a busy evening, playing on the fact that no one knows this world championships are taking place in Scotland. Applecross was highly recommended to them and I think they left feeling welcomed, I certainly enjoyed their company. Just caught a sight out west after the sun had gone down.


Back home now and the feeling of dread was unsubstantiated and the extra length of shift did not turn out to be necessary. Tried a bit of relaxation before the ten o’clock shift by walking down to Craig Darroch with Dougal and Co, also as they were going to be on their own for  a large part of the day. Seemed to work as everything was so still clear.


There was a spell for about half an hour when the kitchen ran out of plates around oneish and we had a bit of a wait for the food to appear, one agitated customer, but every one else was on their hols and made the most of the wait just relaxing in the beautiful peace and quiet and the wonderful bright sunshine. Brenda was over for her 80th birthday celebration and her extended family from England, Germany and Scotland turned up to help her enjoy the day. Enjoyed the company of a couple of Philadelphians in the early afternoon before heading home on the bike to let the dogs out for a break and feed. Through out the last two days been plagued by a, at times severe, headache but have finally shaken it off. That and meeting Lorna from our SEA course of a couple of years ago and a wonderful sunset meant I made it home on a bit of a high. The expected numbers did not materialise so managed to chat to a couple, one a Bobby, who tried his first oysters, and then Lorna and her mates. Sometimes you connect with some people for no apparent reason and an hour of good chat just flashes by. We had a good reminisce about the guys on the course, and what is happening in Applecross on a community level. She is heading off with her partner on travels in a camper van, no definite plans, but looking for the sun. They do have to be careful as they are a couple of redheads. It is all about people, it is that simple, meeting them, sharing a bit of your life experiences with some like-minded people and hearing a bit about theirs and we then go our separate ways. Leaving at the back of eight I took about forty-five minutes to get home as I kept stopping for a look at the sinking sun, at Milton,



the Camusterrach fank


and finally seeing it’s glow after reaching home.


Ardhu Again

It is going to be a long day at the Inn, weather beautiful and 5 million living in the country not counting visitors and a lot of them coming to Applecross. So a morning walk with the dogs along the shore, peaceful and contemplative, surrounded by nature’s beauty.



Morning Sun

Busy times so going to post Ardhu and Ardban in the morning sun and now going out to enjoy it on the water.



Every now and again something happens, something indefinable but something very special. Doing a split shift at the Inn due to slightly more than a bit of man flu. Not a good idea going fishing when you feel fairly carp, when mistakes happen. Any way back to the indefinable, I came home for a break around half past three and immediately went down the road towards Culduie as I had a feeling something was underway and this was it.


Now I reckon to have been immersed in such divine beauty has already made this a special year.


Have believed in balance for many years now, some people call it yin and yang, here it was eight weeks of horizontal rain being adjusted and put into perspective by forty five minutes of awe.


I am rambling, mainly because I am looking and remembering again that wonderful walk.


Storm and less People.

Powerful wind last night. Was woken up around 4am with some ferocious gusts from the north-west which is quite unusual as we are in a south-facing bedroom. Seems there was raucous thunder accompanied by lightning which was the wake up trigger. Mid winter inactivity has hit hard so little being done. Due to only a couple of twos booked in for the last two nights I have bailed from the Inn as well, and tonight a carry out of fish and chips meant even no cooking. Managed a an hour or two in the woods carrying some branches out with son No 1 and filled the van up twice so both fires will be burning for the rest of the winter. Lovely pre storm view down the glen late afternoon.


This morning, a high tide with more than a breeze, it looks like the Ardhu folks will be cleaning salt of their windows.


Cut a few blocks of wood with a cold but beautiful back drop


and took them back up to Kenny and Jill’s and had a wander round with Dougal to have a look at some of the storm damage. Considering how stormy it was there was relatively little. But these old trees look so sad lying in unnatural positions.


They have seen so much in their time and I suspect most of them are of a similar age so we will be seeing more coming down if these storms keep coming along as forecast. There were a couple of dingys in different places and the deer shore fence pushed over


but it was mainly the trees that took the hits. There was one across the Beechwood path again


and the Drive up to the Big House was and will be blocked off for a wee while.


Plenty wood fuel supply on the go in the short-term at least.


Got an interesting email from HC about the 2011 census which told us that we have lost another 25 folk since 2001 and the total is now below the 200 mark at 197. Wonder if this is the first time in many centuries this has occurred. And over 35% of the population is over 60 years of age and over 40% of the households are single occupancy. While not to decry an almost full employment community and a wonderful place to visit there are worrying underlying trends.


Wonderful morning to go fishing, and on the way out I passed the Coillegillie ferry on the way round to the pier.


And just a little further out I passed a few Bods chilling out on the north end of Saint Island.


Uneventful days fishing until I got to my last fleet running down the side of the Range. Thought I had lost it but in the quiet bright weather spotted the north end buoy out off position and hauled it only to have three creels on it. Off to get another fleet of creels to shoot over the lost fleet to try to hook it up. Bit of a pain as it is in 90 fathoms but it goes with the job. On the way over with the fleet noticed I was not charging and was losing battery power. End of the day anyway, switched everything off and headed for home. On the way in another group were posing on the Ardhu shore.


Back on the mooring it was pluttering about in the dark engine room disconnecting two of the batteries which will be on charge overnight and I will find out tomorrow if my alternator has died. Dropping the catch and batteries on the pier it was off to the dingy mooring, a slip on the rock and both wellies full of very cold water. On the way to the Inn with prawns I had to stop at the Loch side to watch the sunset.


Being wet and getting cold did not hang about at the Inn, just long enough to hear about the visitor who lost his car keys yesterday on the Coillegillie path and had to be put up for the night. Sunday turned out to be quite a day. At half past six before going into the house took another photo and now it is off to tuck into todays prawns in sweet chilli sauce. A day of ups and downs but the ups have it.


Going past Ardhu to the mooring

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