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Community Policing Applecross Style.

A quiet morning with the wind blowing so relaxing the old muscles when lots of police noises began sounding outside.


Turns out that PC Craig Allan was over at the Primary School

giving the kids the time of their lives. Lots of flashing lights and sirens going off

and maybe a future Bobby or two as a result.

No problems finding volunteers to make the most noise

but I think Craig’s biggest concern was how to calm everything down before his batteries were flattened.


Partying at the Inn

And the Applecross Inn staff party went well with the day after not involving too much suffering. Have that switch that knows if I imbibe too much the pain far outweighs the pleasure of good company and laughter from the night before. Partly due to one or two conversations and looking around at the camaraderie of the evening I remember writing about the Gaelic question “C’aite ‘bhuineas sibh?” Meaning where do you belong? as opposed to where do you come from. An apt question in todays sorry world. At the Inn there was a mix from South Africa, Australia, and all parts of this fiefdom. A mix of accents and attitudes that all say we belong here. Possibly among many things that the Boss is best at is that welcome.You are in Applecross now……. Of all the workers there are only four who are born and spent most of their lives here. I think that is not how you judge people who live here, it is more how they contribute to the community life of the place and everyone at the Inn does. https://applecrosslifeblog.wordpress.com/2013/04/29/where-do-you-belong/ She said a few words and the party briefly stopped,


acknowledged a fine leader and carried on partying. The newest member of the community came out to check out where he was going to be standing in 18 years time before heading home early. Lots of photos of twerking, biting boxes and general mayhem but just kept the happy and more restrained ones.


And the Aussies kept on going.


Note the coat is on….there were a couple of attempts to leave but the kilt does attract.


During Monday SSE brought the Turbine House closer to completion with its cut off switch being installed. The metres are ordered fort next week. Yesterday’s rain would have the turbine working flat-out. Alison when she was speaking to the primary school children about the money that would be generated by the Hydro scheme asked them what they thought the money should be spent on. There were the usual raft of young ideas, fun but….. Then they told her that Applecross needed to look after the older folk and it needed more houses and more children at the school. A very grown up bunch they are.



Applecross Primary School visits Applecross Hydro.

(Written on Thursday although posted Today) A quieter day where I went up to the Turbine House.


This is the anchor point where the pour is happening tomorrow. And at the site was it was alive with a very attentive Primary School in tow.


They had come up to see the turbine now bolted in position.



Mick explained how the turbine worked and showed them the inside workings of the Pelton wheel.




Teacher had a look as well.


Even had a wee stop for lunch


and Dougal was not always in the background.


The children were asked if they could think up a name for the turbine and immediately had some response



Percy Pelton being one and discussions began. Outside to see where the water was going after it was through the turbine, the tailrace, not yet dugout and piped. They were asking very astute questions and Mick was really impressed at how quickly they picked up on the workings and the green angle and it seems they went back to the school all excited about how they were going to raise money for a share.


Thinking afterwards, I wonder if any one will be sparked by the visit today and become a renewable engineer or stay around and be involved in a project that the money generated from the energy will set up.


Although there is a lot of time pressure on the job there is nothing that is looking built in a hurry. Everything is solid, good build and substantial.



From here it was down to the bonfire site with a load of waste wood and the Inn in the evening to a lock up shift, a nice early one and home before twelve.

Primary School Garden Tour.

Looking out the window, noticing some bunting being put up on the school fence, I wandered out with the camera to see what was on and discovered a tour of the Garden was on offer and as Daniel, Millie were coming over with Jess I tagged along and was well impressed with the children’s efforts.


There are lots of trees and bushes planted, both for cover and fruit bearing like cherry and apple. A bug/rodent/hedgehog home has been created with old branches over some half buried pipes beside a little pond where tadpoles will grow. Lots of raised beds built for growing vegetables and little individually planted ones as well.



I’ve often heard some older folk say”But you cannot eat trees”, keeping my silence but thinking it would be a richer, varied and more fertile landscape if the place was not continually being denuded by sheep and red deer. The school is in the process of regenerating a little patch of land and it is going to be fascinating watching the area mature over the years. Can’t help thinking getting bees now has been perfect timing with the South coast deer fence going up and with the kids planting out their eco garden.



They won a Green Flag for eco schools and from what I saw today well deserved. You will be able to keep up with progress on their blog.applecrossprimary.edublogs.org/‎ Bit jealous of some of their potatoes and lettuce compared to what I have in my own garden.

So after a wee snooze following some book work it was Inn bound. Very pleasant and relatively easy service. Full room but can cope with that now and Judith had a very tasty meal of hake with her brother and family in the dinning room. All pictures can be seen on Facebook.

Applecross Primary School

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