A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Wonderful weather this morning and we have a few similar days to look forward to. Onto the bike for work slightly earlier as the Boss was cavorting in Belfast over the weekend with sister. Just had to stop off on the way to take one or two snaps. Unfortunately left my ISO speed too high from the night before trying to take a photo of a fine-looking stag in the Inn Garden.  Everywhere you looked was stunning, the loch by Milton,






and the Cuillin of course.


Going by the good weather I reckoned the travellers would be out and about for lunch, lots of skeptics in the kitchen, but by 4.00pm including the last late lunchers we made it to 53, 3 better than my bet. Just had the satisfaction of winning as there was nothing at stake. When it is a bit quieter you have more chance to chat to the diners and they are still coming from afar. German, one an oncologist at Raigmore, Dutch and Aussies, from Applecross, they showed us the streets they were born on from the map of Perth, Australia, on the wall. Brexit is a very hot and topic up here and many people, working and contributing to life in the Highlands are wondering what is coming down the line. There has been nothing positive said about it so far from the tables of the Inn. Another bunch from London, Aussies again, who dined well before catching the flight south. Skye, Inverness and Lochcarron were also over. So we ran out of langoustine and I had to nip out to the Varuna to get them back on the menu for this evening. Shift finished with a fine chicken linguine and take away golden syrup and caramel ice cream, leaving a happy contented bar with a full accommodation upstairs. Sunset was not too shabby either


and with time in the morning before the customers arrived to watch some eiders wash themselves on a flat calm Bay against a backdrop of snow-capped peaks……all in all a pretty good day.

Not too bad yesterday but for different reasons, Scottish sport, that is other than football is taking a bit of an upturn with Andy Murray a set and break up just now after beating Raonic on Saturday and wee Greg Laidlaw slotting over a very late penalty to beat the Argentinians at Murrayfield. The morning we went up the Bealach but it was misty at the top so the hoped for photos did not happen. Dougal and Eilidh


however enjoyed a gallop in the snow chasing smells that must have included the many mountain hares we have crisscrossing the hills. Dougal pausing for effect on part of the ALPs wall that is still standing.


Luckily we have no grouse shooting on the west so the hares have only to watch predators from the sky and not the indiscriminate slaughter they seem to experience on the grouse moors around the Cairngorm . Last night at the Inn was very pleasant with every table used, every table complimentary about the food and service and every table leaving by half nine.

Friday saw us out on the water and it was just as well the waters were calm and I was catching for the Inn. There would have been little reason to stay out, the fishing, catch wise was awful. The quality in the day was in the surroundings which were just beyond words so photos will have to do.



Still having a little struggle getting up and about in the mornings but manage to haul just short of 400 creels. Kept the last one aboard with the intention of taking three fleets ashore for the winter. Means I can get round the rest of the gear in the shorter hours ensuring less foul ups.



The start of the week and up till getting on the water on Friday was inauspicious to say the least. Walking the dogs and watching the odd box set while trying and failing to do some needed book work, getting to crisis point so setting deadlines for this week. A couple of wee tales I came across last weekend, the first coming from asking a couple where they were from. Turns out they were from Banff and Macduff and hence I got the story of the outlaw James Macpherson, his hanging and clocks. Also was told about the Annat skull on the same day. So first, to Macpherson. It was said he was born from the coming together of a laird and beautiful gypsy. He became a renowned fiddler, swordsman and leader of a gypsy band. He possibly became too powerful and was captured in Keith and taken to Banff. He was tried, possibly to do with being a gypsy but also he was bothering some of the lairds a bit too much, one in particular, Duff of Braco, and sentenced to be hanged. 16th of November 1700 was his hanging date where he played a fiddle tune he composed, Macpherson’s Rant, after which he broke his fiddle across his knee. A reprieve was said to be on the way to Banff from Turriff and when Duff of Braco spotted the lone rider coming he put all the clocks forward by fifteen minutes and the hanging went ahead. The magistrates were allegedly punished and for many years the town clock in Banff was kept at the wrong time. In Macduff the west-facing clock is still covered so the Banff people cannot read the correct time to this day.

Thought to have belonged to the daughter of the Garve Wizzard, who lured passersby to their deaths in the Black Water and stealing their possessions, the skull was to be drunk from as a cure to epilepsy. The skull became famed in the Celtic/Druid world as this cure was accompanied by a prescribed walk and incantations. The presbyterian church was involved in trying to deny its existence but seems its use was confirmed as late as 1900 in Torridon by one minister of the church. Talking to the visitors at the Inn and you learn so much of folklore and local history.

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