A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

(Thursday evening) Sitting on the bench above Camusterrach at 10.30pm, Dougal and Eilidh giving some rodents in the under growth the fright of their lives, and me just gazing up at the Milky Way listening to The Gloaming, does not get much better. Part of this feeling must be the effort and certain amount of pain one has to go through to achieve this state. The day started off innocuously enough. Lovely morning, interrupted only by a trip and crack on the knee followed by a stubbed toe. The third (always three) event l decided happened when  my boat hook broke. We are enjoying a spell of stunning weather


and it seems to be stretching into the future and only sporadic breezes from the East. It is almost a scene from “Water,water everywhere………..” It means more days at sea but maybe less creels to haul as we should be out more often. Six fleets hauled, good to see the seas are still reproducing from life on ropes that have not been hauled for a while,


langoustine landed, and as a result of a phone call previous evening, off round the coast to pick up a half ton of herring. Had to go round as it was ready to be salted, being there a couple of days. Conversation with myself all the way back deciding whether to salt then, after the Inn shift or even Friday. Made the effort to go for it


and so glad now.

Mind you pretty tired starting work but the mistakes were small ones, easily corrected by kitchen and not noticed by customers. Although still classed as busy there are fewer people about giving us an easier spell before the schools go on half term this week. Every table still booked up and used but the need for sharing a bit less and the dinning room not used quite so much. Wednesday evening was pretty much the same. Boss is back in town and looking pretty refreshed after a few days away. The evening she came back was impressive and the after sunset took a few customers out of the Inn. The Hebridean Princess anchored off


and suggested photo, acquiesced but preferred the scene to the south with the new fingernail moon, pleasant to see.


(Friday evening) Think yesterday took its toll a little more than expected so it is going to be a gentle evening in front of the Gaelic Pro12. Just made it out this morning, with all the niggles feeling just a little worse, and the fishing not so good it requires an extra effort to get away from the moorings. The creels washed earlier in the week are still on the pier


so the plan was to get some back on board and ready them for shooting back in the water on Saturday morning. That part of the day worked out okay as thirty creels roped up on deck. Turned out to be a nice day ashore, sunny and a good hash of wind by mid day meant I only hauled four fleets for not very many langoustine.

Tuesday was put aside for a bit of massage. Had not been for a few weeks and was badly needing one. The fact that I involuntarily swore during it told me I was in need. Had a passenger this time in the form of a bad back. She went first and I went for a wander as I was all prepared with Dougal


and Eilidh.


We went to the end of the road and round to the first bay where I watched a local guy work his way along his fleet.


Later confirmed it was John as I was not sure, him losing a bit of hair since I had last seen him. Took a bit longer to go through the village as stopping to chat with just about everyone who was out and about. No sign of any eagles about but saw a heron taking off across the bay.


I had been told the Sea eagles had sorted the herons out but they are still around. Still windy on Wednesday when I was back over the Hill to take Alison to the train as she was heading off to the Rural Parliament in Brechin. Takes a whole day to get there by public transport. The afternoon weather although breezy is still fine


with the Applecross hills looking resplendent in the autumn sun.


And for the last time, hopefully, I am going to mention the M&SEnergy competition looking for anyone that has not voted yet. Although in front our lead is under threat from second place, Glenalmond College our public school competitor. They have launched a late surge and it would be a pity to lose out at the last hurdle. If you have already voted, find one person that has not to help us over the line. Cheers. https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/applecross-energy Is the link to vote for us.

Comments on: "Grand Weather Ashore and Sometimes at Sea." (6)

  1. My vote is in and will be visiting the Inn on Tuesday next week for lunch.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks for voting. We are still holding our own. May have caught some of your lunch by Monday and be out catching some one else’s when you are eating yours.

  2. Hi Ali,
    My vote has been cast, but a word of warning – your link says ‘Page not found’ due to the full stop at the end. Most people should work it out, but some may give up!
    Good luck with the competition and the fishing! Please say Hi to the Boss from us.
    Mike & Jude

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thanks for that, I had been warned and is sorted now. Cheers and thanks for vote.

  3. such beautiful pros and fabulous photos.Miss the place so much Hey ho; we’ll be up for new year. looking forward to it . Paul, (Marks brother) looking after the house for us xxx keep safe and well.
    Did you like the book? I know its for teenagers Funny but a few adults i have had feed back from strangely liked it. Suppose there is a big kid in all of us xxx Liz

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Reading is a winter activity for me. i will get round to it in a couple of months. Thanks for the photo comments, genuinely appreciated.

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