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Competition and Calendars.

Despite a wee chat with the Postie from the north, who told me the fishing up his way was “diabolical”  I battled my own indifference and headed out after seeing the end of Saturday’s episode of Beck. It was a pleasant day and the forecast for the week is not looking too good. Routine day and slightly more than expected. For me, working on my own, a wee trick I use to get out when the fishing goes awol is to drastically cut expectations. Then if you catch anything better you can turn it into a good day. What has really happened is the catch has more than halved. A couple of fleets I hauled today had 90% berried langoustine but the fishing is such that the others were worth hauling.It is good to see the other inhabitants of the sea in good shape


and the reproduction/regeneration that takes place eat this time of year, although I do not see any king scallops on the rope..


Big tides as the Harvest Moon is peaking and the topography from sea changes drastically as the reefs change how everything looks.


Feels good to have made it out today after a pretty hectic weekend. Worked the Friday evening due to being in Ullapool on Thursday and again on Saturday. Gerry’s Duathalon was on so it was pretty chaotic and a tired Boss meant I was on the door for the duration. I have said many times this year that it was a special shift and each time it is. We had all the Big Tables booked up along side another seven walk in. The twos threes, fours and fives just kept coming. Everything was good-humoured, organised chaos. Residents still needed their tables, room 5 were seated in the Dinning Room and enjoyed their meal and I never thought anything of it until the next morning. Only checked one room out and it was room 5. Bill sorted and paid she mentioned in the passing that her cousin ran the Plockton Inn. Sort of stopped me short as my cousin also runs the same Inn. A quick follow-up and I find that my first cousin by marriage, once removed, stayed the night in room 5 at the Applecross Inn. She has an interesting job and turns out I follow her on Twitter without knowing who she was. I do like social media but it does throw up strange circumstances. Sunday was also chaotic as the till system packed in. Hand written orders and treating it as another challenge gets through the day till the chicken linguine.  Amusing little aside when chatting to American lady about ordering crumble for dessert, what fruit, no custard or cream or even ice cream, then two spoons….this went on for about 5 minutes when she asked me “Do you work here?” What can you say? Then it was up to the Hydro and home. Took the pooches down the road for a nosey as I heard in the grapevine that the Isa was on the move again.


She has been straightened up slightly further down the shore and ready for some work.


Lovely light and wind has settled down.



Dougal has to make sure things are all in order.

This week has seen some excellent sales for the Community Company 2017 calendar. Just as well I ordered another 150 from Stewart at Doricmor printers. http://yourdoricmor.com They are going well this year especially as the Inn has been the main outlet. The Company is providing services that do not make much profit margins so everyone who buys a calendar is supporting the efforts of the Company in Applecross. Although I am no longer a Director of the Company it is good to know it continues to flourish in fairly difficult times. The monies which will be raised from the Hydro are a year in abeyance so the £1500/2,000 raised from the sales are important in keeping things going just now. And although I have said it many times before we are indebted to Stewart for his support in printing them at cost.

Another item of interest is the Community Company is involved in a competition to win £12,500 to further the building of a private wire when the Hydro is producing more than the 50kWs. Alison is using every means possible to get the votes in and we are ahead of the opposition currently. We would appreciate any votes and to do so you can go to the following link. https://www.mandsenergyfund.com/projects/applecross-energy

Comments on: "Competition and Calendars." (8)

  1. Vote cast. For those of us who bought shares in the hydro scheme and who don’t live in Applecross, is there somewhere where there is an update on what is happening given that you have said that the monies raised from the hydro are a year in abeyance? Thanks Ali.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Not a problem Janet. There will be a Newsletter coming out soon. The year in abeyance we know about and the first year is all about sorting out the snag list. There is no interest or rent on the first year with this in mind and is all part of a carefully scrutinised business plan. Cheers and hope all is well with you.

  2. Vote cast. I’m all for building resilience, and glad to be able to support your efforts, even if in a very small way.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thank you, it all mounts up even if it means giving M&S lots of practically free publicity.

  3. Voted for you, good luck,

  4. Thanks for the Hydro update Ali and the great shot of Sand that followed this post. Fingers crossed that you will finish top with M&S. All is well here thank you other than missing Applecross! Enjoy the post season lull that might now lie ahead after everyone’s hard work at the inn all summer. Best wishes Janet and Steve too.

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