A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

At the Inn on Thursday, time 10.30pm and chatting to a very late regular when in walks a lost looking German lady. The very late Bruce had phoned ahead to order three meals and got two crabs and a langoustine cooked at 9.00pm. Unfortunately putting up the tent took a lot longer than the instructions said and he appeared around 10.00pm. About five minutes before I had decided that he was not coming for some reason and offered his meals to some of the staff. A couple of langoustine were consumed and the cold smoked was following when I caught sight of them coming up to the door. Rushed into the kitchen, rescued the meals, added some hot smoked salmon and served. So back to the German lady, she came in and confirmed first suspicions that she was lost, showed me her map and a written address of the hotel that she was heading to. First line was reassuring, Shore Street, but then it fell apart as it was Shore Street, Inveraray. They had put Shore Street in the GPS and followed it north from starting point, Fort William. Luckily for them we had a backup spare room for sleep in as the Boss was not 100% sure she was coming back from Inverness. So they stayed, were very relieved and quickly got into the whisky. I left them fairly merry at 1.00am, but not before an interesting chat about life , social work in Germany and how they found Applecross welcoming. So if I am stuck in Cologne I was promised to be looked after. I like this cycles/karma happening in this life and if it spills over to the next one as long as I do not come back as a langoustine or squat lobster I should hopefully be okay.

The evening was relatively peaceful although I had to move the resident house band, Tarneybackle, from a few tables to accommodate diners. In fact there were a few moving around the Inn but it was all in good humour and as long as the bills followed to the new tables all was good. Good music, songs and going by the comments fine food were all around along with the banter and craic, even the lawyers were on good form. At sea it was a bit of a hard graft this week.


Wednesday was anticipated to be the last calm one of the week and it turned out to be otherwise, coming in early, coming across a nasty wee foul up in a strong south-westerly. Had a reasonable amount on board so not terribly bothered but a longish punch into to the wind on the way home. Did not expect to get out on Thursday but it was the converse of Wednesday and it was a lot quieter than forecast. Took another fleet in on an uneventful dreich day, leaving me with washing over a 100 creels this weekend, but breaking the back of the creels needing a pressure wash.

Taking a wee swatch back to Cambridge, the serious chat revolved around the Brexit vote. To a person there was a general feeling of shock and disbelief at the outcome of the vote. It is complex as there are so many sides to how one voted and even in this area Cambridge was heavily in favour of staying while out in the more conservative parts of the Fens and surrounds there was a definite vote for leaving. But there was realistic chat about how our group can easily be reinforcing our own views and living in a bubble of sorts. Everyone in the group was in employment and doing relatively well, relatively I said. When you read about large numbers of people who are one month from defaulting on their mortgage you realise that all is not well in large parts of people’s lives. There is a strong feeling of uncertainty about the future and I am coming across differing opinions at the Inn as well. Late guests from Germany were chatting and Brexit came up. They were disappointed about the result but on the other hand all countries have problems. One of the group was an economist and had closed his account with Deutsche Bank over fears of the stability of the bank. I had been reading one or two articles about it’s over exposure and seems he agreed. Explains the hard-line approach to Greece, hardline capitalists/bankers are not differentiated by nationality it seems. While Thursday evenings social worker was saying we were right to leave. Apologies to Alisdair, there are numerous ways to spell, for getting his name spelt wrong in the last post and it seems Harry took a photo of me dozing in the sun with Dell Mae in the background. Harry being the arty chap that he is played around with the result.


Friday morning I was politely told at half seven that there was a fuel delivery at 8.00am so after five hours sleep it was up to the Filling Station to meet up with the driver who had already arrived. In true Applecross manner I had his history of buying and selling houses, flat and divorce, all within twenty minutes. Back for a snooze on the couch before taking the pooches up the road for a look at the Intake.


Knew there was plenty water around but it was quite spectacular up there and even Dougal was baulking about going in for his dip.


It was Eilidh who dived across to the other bank despite looking like she was not interested in going out before hand.


Water pouring over the dam



and sure there was the equivalent of another 200kWs going down the river alongside the 90kWs going down the pipeline.


There are plenty kWs going through the monitors


although slightly frustrating that the grid cannot take more and the local excess is not being sold.


Perfect timing as the weather closed in again during the afternoon.


Comments on: "White Water=Green Energy=Community Benefit" (4)

  1. Great blog as always Ali, this one very amusing!

  2. Wondering if i can help you with any hydro work while up for the holidays next week ? Liz and Jan

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      The Hydro work is very technical, I am usually off limits and Ewen can do a fair bit but the main men have to come over when things go wrong.
      Cheers anyway.

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