A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

(Back of 9)  Just sitting down after a Saturday shift of controlled mayhem. At 8pm there is a group of nine coming in and thirty people waiting for tables. All you can say is “we will feed you” don’t know when but sometime tonight. With the weather too poor for eating out they queued and queued.  And the humour was first class apart from two snide guys in the corner of table 14. Seems they had dry fish pies last night. Honestly the first food complaint of the year. No comment from them about the duck breast or the Thai curry tonight. To be perfectly honest it was the hardest night I have had here, probably as the Boss was being wined and dined at the Walled Garden. So it was the new A team on the scene. It is a noisy night with no one going and everyone tucking into the alcohol now.

(Now 10.30) Thinning out a little now but one of the noisiest nights of the year. Great to get the compliments in and it is a pretty slick team this year. It is a really friendly atmosphere  with just about every table talking to their neighbours. Earlier in the day a trip to Inverness was required. Day started at seven with a visit to the Varuna to get langoustine for the Inn and Loch Ness Inn. Would have happened a lot quicker if I did not have water in the outboard carburetor. It’s a fairly long row and back especially with 50 kilos in a small dinghy. Job done and away by nine via both Inns to catch the snap protest against the renewal of Trident. Just a small gathering and maybe pointless but I feel strongly about it. We keep being told we have no money as a country, just seen the biggest transfer of money from the poorest to the richest through quantitative easing, big majority against it in Scotland and yet we are going to find another 200 billion to build something that is both illegal and unusable. It is a crazy world and that is without mentioning Turkey, Nice, Bagdad and Bangladesh to name the latest inhumanities. Impressed with Drew Hendry’s passion, comparing the lack of money to help people coming to his surgeries with spending untold amounts on absurd obscenities. Followed by Isla O’Rielly,equally passionate, a shame she never made it through the lists, and Maree Todd saying simply that we as a country are going a different way from our neighbours.


So a rush round the usual stops, Highland Wholefoods, Simply Pets, HIS, key cutters, Gaelforce and of course Black Ilse Berries on the way home. The every day life can be fitted in with ones beliefs. Time for a half hour sleep before coming up to tonight’s wee shindig.

Yesterday was a body and soul catch up with lots of sleep involved before going up to the Hydro with Ranjit and his family.


Ranjit’s claim to fame, apart from being the Boss’s friend, is that he built the London Olympic Stadium,…..well helped. He works out in Sri Lanka and is very interested in developing hydro power to be used locally in the northern part of the Island. Good to chat to people who want to work in their own communities for their benefit and also is very appreciative of the work  that is going on here. Our turbine is running for the grid at the moment and we are waiting for the water tank to be fixed for the extra 40Kws to kick in again.


When you chat to other like minded people you realise the failings in our own systems, like how our privatised National Grid cannot or will not modify to meet the new and desperately needed change of emphasis away from huge coal/nuclear/gas burning power units to lots of renewable units powering local needs and shipping the excess to where it is needed. Maybe there is not enough shareholder money in being green yet. Stopped off at the Inn for a couple of crabbies and a fine chat with some residents about lobster fishing off the Black Ilse. Could have developed into a bit of a Friday session of yesterday year but too busy these days.

(Sunday morning pre work) Going further back Wed/Thurs were fishing and Inn days. Hauling 350 creels before entering the evening shift. They were chalk and cheese. We were very, very busy on the first shift but on Thursday evening I was home by 9.30pm. Good to meet the Belgians with the Skye connection, the Irish builder living in London with his estate agent partner and the Black Isle couple, he with the American drawl. The days at sea are fairly routine, passing an occasional visitor on a mooring,


and the big difference this year is that there is a little more space with slightly less gear on the ground so you can move the creels around a bit more. Also more importantly shifting from shallow to deeper water is easier when the fishing varies. We do not know why different depths fish in different ways but instinctively you move the gear. I am enjoying this weather better than the long hot dry spell.


There is more to see, the fronts coming in, the rainbows,


different light and the odd strong wind warning when you cannot go out. On the way in on Friday I went looking for the salmon taggers last dropper but had forgotten the coordinates but, closer to the shore, Shore Street


and Milton


fine in their summer greenery. The growth at this time of heart can take you by surprise and you cannot leave your caravan parked for long.


Just me, the bonxies,


and the black backs, not many boats to see and very few fouled creels.

Comments on: "Trident,the Friendliest Inn and Sri Lankan Visitors." (4)

  1. James Macleod said:

    A fine interesting read & never was a truer word said about trident. A complete waste of our money that could be better spent elsewhere.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      So agree and feeling so powerless to do anything about it. Thanks anyway.

  2. Calvin Kramer said:

    Yes, where is the humanity, all wasted money in supposed deterrents. The world would be alive and greener than green and we would all get an afternoon nap, if it was all just put down. I’m tired too, and my tax money goes to pay the war machines too.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Aye sometimes you have to switch off from the craziness. Just a waste of money we have not got.

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