A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Well it was a good moan, so a cracking sunset was required to even things out. It is little wonder that people want to come here.


As the NC 500 saga is going to go on and on it seems we are going to have to make the best of an advertising campaign that now feels completely out of sync with quite a few communities not able to cope with the huge influx of tourists this year. No one I know in Applecross thought we needed such advertising.  Tonight the BBC weather forecast was from the Bealach as all this week it will feature the, yes you have guessed it, the NC 500. I do feel there is a serious element of over exposure.

There is, however, one thing I do enjoy and that is walking in and around the Inn and hearing all the different languages and accents. Made a wee point on Sunday to find out where all the accents were from and within an hour or two we had visitors from over ten different countries, afar afield as New Zealand, China and Denmark. For every negative there is a positive and I have counted 23 different houses in Applecross that earn some sort of income from the Inn and although much of the traffic/parking problems are on Shore Street, all one needs to do is walk down the road and you are enveloped in peace and quiet. Monday sounded pretty busy but Sunday lunch was very pleasant and you had time to chat to the visitors and when you see sunsets like these


then it is no surprise that people want to come here.


It is a classic conundrum and until people are educated how to drive on single track roads the problem will only get worse. As ever there are two sides to every little problem we face. http://www.northern-times.co.uk/News/Is-this-the-highway-to-hell-or-a-road-paved-with-gold-16062016.htm. Also listening to the radio and social media there does seem to be an increase across the Highlands and not just on the NC500, something they could not envisage I suppose. The attacks across Europe and holiday destinations may also be having an effect and also the after effect of the Brexit vote devaluing the pound. Bottom line for me is that I would have lived happily without the NC500, it is just a brand, a tick in a box, a bucket list addition, and these destinations are far more than that for people who have been coming here for decades.

Currently enjoying a day off, washing creels and reconditioning a few with broken bars by cutting old creels up and strengthening the breaks. New creels do fish better but it seems a waste to throw away the damaged ones and it seems a bit greener to extend their catching life. The dogs enjoy me working outside the house as they can mess about in the field of hay


across the road.


Work going well today with little deadlines to keep. Had to make it to the Inn mid afternoon as that is a slightly quieter time for them to blanche the langoustine. Timed the washing of creels with the trip out to the Varuna to get the box of live langoustine. Then you have a wee interlude as I was spotted by one of our well-loved regulars, Baba of the Florida Ashbys, husband and friends. So a Crabbies and a lovely catchup. Sadly her mum, Eleanor had passed away last year and it was one of our annual events to be invited up to their abode for a meal. Happy/sad chat and catch up and will see them when they come in for a meal tomorrow evening. Time passes so quickly but you can see the strong ties that Applecross attached to some people. Despite the losses they suffer they keep coming back to the Sanctuary. And then it was back to the creels with the Raasay venison cooking slowly on the gas ring. The first of the tatties lifted and now being put on to boil, which turned out very fine and so to a meeting of the Applecross Trading Company. It is turning out to be a bit of a busy day off. But back to that sunset,


it was on Friday evening and it is being shown back to front. As ever I look the other way from the sunset and catch soft light on some part of the Applecross peninsula.


“This day off” has turned into a wee diary for the day and it is now ending after a two and half hour Applecross Trading Company Meeting. Have to thank our detractors for helping us get the operational side of the Community Company properly organised. We are now scheduled to meet once a month, along with the Community Company and AppleJuice there is a lot going on in our small community. A quick trip down with some creels, a bit of paper work and the day ends with the sounds of Ross and Ali pre-order tracks for ordering Symbiosis. Not a bad way to end any day and the start of Fridays sunset.




Comments on: "Back to Front Applecross Sunset." (2)

  1. Janet Lamb said:

    Beautiful pictures of the sunset no wonder so many people are heading your way.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      There is always that conversation…..selfishly keeping it quiet about how wonderful this place is or sharing it with the world.

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