A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

(Friday evening) Son No3 who is piping in Paris at the moment is experiencing some of the fall out from Brexit. I suppose wearing a kilt and playing the pipes, there is no need for the Parisians to ask where he is from, he is being inundated with messages of support/sympathy and has not made so much money in one day. The down side of all of this is he has doubts as to what he now has to do if wants to work in France after he has graduated. As always there will be winners as well as losers and due to the pound falling through the floor he makes more money to see him through his studies when he exchanges back to the devalued pounds. Also the price of langoustine on the continent will mean those exporting will get a little more for the produce due to the improving exchange rate. A small gain in amongst the serious fallout.

Being at sea keeps a bit of sanity going in the day-to-day chaos that surrounds us at the moment.


Although we are all immersed in the fragmenting political world the routine of getting up, getting the bait sorted, heading out to haul the gear all gives the impression that life must and does go on.


On Thursday as well as it being a momentus day at the polls, although unknown at the time, I had a wee disaster myself at the end of the fishing day. Pulling the endless line from the shoreline to get the loop down to the dinghy painter the plastic eye snaps and I end up in the water up to my neck. Split second later I am out as I realise I have my camera and lens in my back pack. Double wrapped camera and lens survives but the spare 100/400 zoom gets a dunking and will be off to the camera doctor early next week as there is no response between lens and camera.. In the grand scheme of things a minor detail but very irritating. Dry bag for the future proofing of camera dunking. The weather has improved dramatically from the stiff south/south westerlies. The washing and mending carried on through Tuesday and Wednesday saw me shooting one of the reconditioned fleets back in the Bay.


Must be getting greener in my old age and more and more concerned about our effects on the environment. After pressure washing I went over the pier picking up all the bits of rope that were taken off by the pressure washer.


Plastic does not decompose quickly enough for it not to be badly integrated into the marine environment. More and more evidence of birds, fish and mammals ingesting our waste. With the gear work and then fishing on Thursday found it a tiring shift at the Inn. A pity as Tarneybackle were playing at the Inn. Arranged for langoustine to go to Loch Ness and was in bed early. Slept really badly and blame the unsettled state of mind of the EU vote. The soft light on the way home


from the Inn was worth a stop or two.


The wee trip down to the dinghy with some creel s and in the company of Dougal and Eilidh does not seem like work.


Fishing on Friday and the catch remains good. Having to tailor what creels to haul to suit needs at the Inn. They are selling large amounts but still do not want to create a back up and like to see them being sold fresh. Tailing a few more of the bigger small langoustine and tubing more for next week. Keeping an eye on a poorer forecast after the weekend. Lots of octopi about


and rather too many creels left with empty shells. Still I do like their antics and colour changes before going back over the side for more langoustine. Slightly unusual bonxie alongside, lovely white splotched head although still a fierce stare.


On the bike on the way up the road caught sight what I thought was a slow worm or grass snake, but it was not moving and when I turned it over it showed it s diamonds off and was an adder that had strayed to close to the road. My first real life, albeit a dead one, adder over thirty years here.


(Monday afternoon) Over the weekend I strongly felt the need to make sure all the European visitors felt welcome when they came to the Inn. At one time in the afternoon in the Inn there were Dutch, Greeks, Germans, Irish and French all eating fresh local seafood from Scotland. I wonder if more and more people are realising it is no longer about, in fact it was never about, who does what to whom at Westminster. Those with that unintelligible and ignorant state of mind are using the recent vote as an excuse to take their racist sentiments out on anyone they can find who are different from themselves. A whole list of abuses carried out over the weekend are being catalogued. A direct connection to the Inn where a member of staff’s boyfriend was at the end of verbal abuse because he was not born in the UK. I hazard a guess that they would not find on the map where he was born. As the political establishment unravels by the hour, exchange rates, pensions and shares have become as predictable as a January weather forecast in Applecross. Acres and acres of print since the result and to be quite honest I have not a clue where we are going. I am nervous simply because we seem to be on a dangerous “right-wing nationalism” track which is based on superior race as opposed to wanting to “run ones own country for the benefit of all living in that country nationalism”. Being able to laugh at ourselves and not take ourselves too seriously is critical to any kind of nationalism. And it must be secondary to climate change. Still life goes on and the visitors keep coming and the langoustine keep being consumed so in this little microcosm all is well, just could do with a little more rain to fire up the hydro turbine again.

(Monday evening) Now definitely no more excuses for Scotland not making the finals of any sporting championships. Well done to the boys from the Island that is bigger than Wales but has less than a fifth of its population. Twitter cheered me up after watching a pretty awful Ch4 News special about the Brexit result. Just awful watching people’s behaviour. And there is always a sunset to hang onto.


Comments on: "In or Out,Does Anyone Really Know?" (10)

  1. Lorna Davidson said:

    It’s been hard, hasn’t it, Ali? Quite unsettling I’ve found. You have cracked it though – in our small places, and in small ways, we must make sure the real sentiment of Scotland as a welcoming and outward looking nation, is shared with all those visitors or residents from the EU, and beyond. We’re a’ Jock Tamson’s bairns!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Sometimes it is all you can do. Relatively safe up here but reckon I could easily be duffed up in the cities if I saw any nasty racisim and intervened. Lowest form of human life.

  2. Alistair Gray said:

    My worst Nightmare Ali, I really don’t fancy another recession, I have only just managed to turn my business around after nearly going under 18 months ago. I don’t know anyone down here who are pleased with the result, many who voted out feel they have made a mistake, thinking it would never get to this state.

    Whats that all about?

    Though not a fan of increased EU Federalism and bureaucracy we have I voted with my kids future in mind and voted the way 13yr old had voted in his ‘eu referendum’ in class.

    I hope something good comes out of this for all of us, but I fear the greed and selfishness of two grown men may bring our nation to its knees again.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Agree with all your sentiments. I would not be able to find anyone who would say the EU is perfect, far from it, the leaders are still too nationalistic trying to get more for their countries. Maybe I am too affected by living in Applecross but we have so much and we seem to always want more. I equate it to fishing. When the catch is good fishermen stay out to catch even more. Maybe it is this insecurity that drives us on. Have few answers but feel the way we go about things now is not quite right.

  3. lovely perspective while the BBC et al are braodcasting chaos and worry, to read your blog is KARMA thanks Ali x Liz n jan

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Chaos everywhere it seems….learning more and more that control of the media is the most important thing in a democracy. The “lies” of the out campaign are easily found on the Net but not in Mainstream. Ever onwards, even having differing views over previous Refs we are all the same if a little different.

  4. I’ve been feeling bad too, though nowhere near as busy as you.
    I hope reading of this bit of progress on the legal/constitutional front will help you as much as it helped me in the post-Brexit national collapse: Jolyon Maugham QC and others are working on a Parliamentary pulling of the emergency cord. Find him on WordPress at waitingfortax.
    Thinking people.

    • Thanks for that, that has helped settle my mind some what. I had heard something along those lines but nothing as concrete as that.

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        Cheers, what chaos, I wonder if the more self serving politicians would leave things to the people to work out the solutions and then help them instead of dictating their dogma on them things would be a little better.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Interesting that they need another Act of Parliament to initiate the withdrawal. I suppose one would need that to over ride the instance of one person taking action to annul an Act of democratically elected body. Thanks as the chaos continues.

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