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I am not very good at voting these days. All I can say is thank goodness John Finnie is an MSP or my track record would be very poor indeed. Exhausted last night and went to bed a little nervous that there was no clear indication that we were not burning all our bridges. Kept the radio on but as I was so tired I think I only woke up once and the feeling of dread increased as I was sure it was a Brexit cheer from the north of England. Around 6am I was just aware enough that we were voting to leave the EU. Although it was a 52/48% in favour of leaving it is small comfort that in Scotland we voted 60/40% to stay. Made it out late in the day as I had to just speak to anyone before going out to sea. At the front door there was the postie and crofter discussing the latest events with a fair degree of disgust over the vote. Up at the Inn there was a genuine case of shock. We are so connected to Europe with both residents and visitors it is hard to believe, and take in, what has actually happened. Unfortunately we could not find the Euro flag bunting to put out to make sure that all were still welcome and we were not part of this misguided opinion. So here is a wee photo that sums up, I hope, the majority view in Applecross today.


I thought it would be close but honestly believed as a country a common sense, fear of the unknown, would prevail. That, unfortunately, is roughly what happened in our own IndyRef. It was a beautiful day at sea even if it was wall to wall Europe. I think the really, really disturbing news item I heard all day was that Matteo Salvini, Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders hailed the Brexit win. What an accolade to have, that we as a country are encouraging extreme right wingers across Europe. Have a deep sense of foreboding that we are back on a road that we trodden before and we do not seem to have learned a single lesson. Too depressed to continue in this theme but just to add, the forestry extraction, the paths and walls that were built and renovated, Clachan Church restoration, the deer fence stretching down to Toscaig would not have happened in Applecross if funding had not been secured from LEADER, SRDP and the European Regional Development Fund. You can be sure that if it was not for this funding that these projects would not have happened.

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  1. Anne Byars, Glasgow said:

    A dark day. My kids, 23 and 21 are shocked and ashamed. So am I.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Thought it was going to be close, but like you, very surprised. I think the younger generation have got out and move around and do not have some of the irrational fears of some of the older generations.

  2. My boys (28 and 26) are apoplectic; their future has been made so much more difficult. I am one of those immigrants everyone seems to revile these days (altho WASP, albeit US — and, please!, Not A WORD about The Donald), and am looking to see if I will need three passports in the near future.

    Our fabulous Village Hall refurb was only possible through LEADER funding, too, and it has been such an asset. I hope we’ll muddle through somehow, but I do fear for NI, who have really been hung out to dry.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Targets seem so easy to find these days. It is a lot easier to take responsibility when you get involved or are a sole trader. I lost a boat many years ago….it was my fault. Simple. We will survive even if Westminster politics are imploding at the moment.

  3. Could be shellfish and be happy for the seas?

    Sent from my Sony Xperia™ smartphone

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I can honestly say the shellfish are happily queuing up to go into the creels at the moment. Pity that the rain has not happened though. This week maybe. Up to day to check pressure and hotbox. It was ok but only trickle coming through.

  4. A parliamentary petition for a revote has already attracted 1.3m petitioners. Google “petition for referendum revote”. Of course it will be signed largely by Remain voters and might even be interpreted as sour grapes. But it does ensure a parliamentary debate and more than 75% of Westminster MPs are in the Remain camp. The precise motion is:

    “We the undersigned call upon HM government to implement a rule that if the remain or leave vote is less than 60% based on a turnout less than 75%, there should be another referendum.”

    A pity no one thought of this before.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Interesting times is now becoming an understatement. From day to day no one seems to know what is going to happen next. Maybe a realignment of politics is underway.

  5. […] via On the same side as Matteo Salvini now. — applecrosslife […]

  6. brian skye said:

    Maybe its time you decide if you are a fisherman ,,,,,,,,, or are you one o them fat cats who have so much going on tnen the vote to stay would have suited you better , and a re vote ,,, get wise it has been put to the people and it is what it is ,,,, look see listen !!!!!!!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I do fish, it is for other people to decide if I am a fisherman, I have a lot going on but it is based on community, I think I do look, see and listen, unfortunately a lot of what I see I find quite disturbing. But I do agree the people have voted for out, I do wonder however why they voted for out and if they receive what they expect now they will be out.

  7. Janet Lamb said:

    Ali, why if someone has a different view to you do you think it is misguided opinion?

    • A reply to: “Why if someone has a different view to you do you think it is a misguided opinion?”
      I doubt very much if Ali thinks that – I certainly have never read him saying anything like that- though of course he will answer for himself if he thinks the point is worth answering.
      For myself, in my experience when Ali holds an opinion on an important issue, it is a carefully thought out and well researched one.
      Being a modest guy he may blush when he reads this, but I for one – and I think many others – would be inclined to think that if someone holds a very different view to Ali on a topic of significance, that other person may well turn out to have a ‘misguided opinion.’
      ‘Just sayin’ as they say…

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        I could n’t possibly comment!!! It is a difficult and possibly even dangerous time and it is so easy to be misconstrued. Could give an example of an inshore trawler running over a piece of ground again and again while a creel selectively takes out what is targeted. A difference of opinion that I could say was misguided and back up with science. It is good to disagree civilly. Cheers

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I think you have jumped to a wrong conclusion Janet. I opened by saying I seem to be in a minority so often in politics. I have seen the leave campaign deliberately misguiding voters and this can be easily vindicated by their rapid withdrawals of many of the promises/reasons given out for voting for leave. Possibly immigration and the £350 million and where it was going to be spent were two of the most prominent arguments put forward. The unelected lawmakers being the other one. If people think that the UK is better on its own say so but do not base it on misguided and easily proven untruths. That is what I meant. I meet many people through working at the Inn and they have views at the opposite end of the spectrum to me… so beit. I live my life to my principles not theirs and the older I get the more often I have found myself to be wrong.

  8. Janet Lamb said:

    Lesley I was quoting from Ali’s article above so he did say it but this is probably not the place for you to be calling me misguided. My question was for Ali not you. I personally don’t find anyone’s opinion misguided if it is something they believe in. There are always two views to most things.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I will agree that there are usually two views to everything but fundamentally disagree that some views are not misguided. If some takes the view that they are superior and base that view on race, then I say that view is misguided.

  9. Alison Macleod said:

    Maybe unguided opinion would be better that misguided, as it turns out. Those who voted to leave had and have no idea what they are letting us all in for. The Leave campaign admit they have no plan for Brexit. They thought number 10 should have a plan; number 10 didn’t bother with a plan because they didn’t expect a vote to leave.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It is unravelling by the hour and now we have found out the quality of our leaders. What essentially was a party leadership squabble has turned into something beyond most people’s comprehension and that is on both sides.

  10. Janet Lamb said:

    I agree with you there Ali it is unraveling by the minute. Here’s hoping that the new week will bring some leadership as it is needed. Thank you for your replies. Nowhere did I say what I voted or what my reasons were for voting but it a natural thing for assumptions to be made.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      No worries. Seems a lot of “leaders” have gone to ground and are only emerging now.

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