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Soar Alba Convoy

Not meant to be a political post, just one that tells of what is now a normal weekend in Applecross. Saturday evening was suddenly a little more hard work when the Boss forgot there were only two out front but as usual it was fine. Unless you write immediately one tends to forget the details and it becomes a blur. Stayed till finish and everyone left peacefully including the Alaskans.

Yesterday we were aware of the Soar Alba convoy coming through in the afternoon but as it was busy it completely slipped the mind. Before then the 8 Aberdeen students and the family saying goodbye to one of their own heading back to Australia, 14 of them, the McRorys from Ireland, the list goes on. Result being it was just short of a 12 hour shift….maybe a half hour off. It is genuinely rewarding chatting about sustainable fishing, hitching across the US and even mentioning Trump to the couple from Idaho. U S travellers are usually more open-minded so you can take a chance. Had to make up another half pint of tails for the Californian who forgot to take the photo before eating them. Working at the Inn means not just doing your own job but if you see the Prep Room struggling to keep up with dishes and there is a lull out front you just give them a hand and it is greatly appreciated so all feels good.

The convoy or part of it arrived


as the Inn was in full swing, good-natured, no hassle apart from the fryers going down in the Airstream,


not deliberate said the Boss, and a little chaotic for about an hour.


But if it was not this convoy it would be 20 Harleys, or 12 cyclists, or yet another 25 in another car club. Funny thing seeing the flags flying for your country….no logical reason to smile, but smile I did. Had Aron slightly nervous when I shouted across asking him which way he really voted in the Referendum. And now off to Edinburgh, a 70 page report to read on the train and a couple of days of sustainable fishing chat.

Comments on: "Soar Alba Convoy" (4)

  1. Must have been really Busy Snoddie; mum and dad got caught by a load of Porshe cars speeding down the Bealach Na Ba last week; Dad was only doing about 10 mph going round one corner to be confronted by a very young sports car driver who had to have his ABS brakes on speeding round the top corner; they were rude and gave a lot of verbal to dad, who is easy going ; just leaves a bad taste after a nice holiday; Don’t thinkt he porshes had been reading The Highland Driving singe track road code.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      There is an unwritten code that these guys tend not to understand…..although try not to have any prejudices it does tend to confirm the ones I have.

  2. When my son is home from college he works in our local pub-with-restaurant, and it’s pretty typical for the kitchen to do 12-hour shifts. Brutal, but the craic is good, as is the food, with lots of good feedback from customers. The place only opened under new management last Easter and it’s been going like a fair since. Just shows people appreciate good food and good atmosphere (we don’t quite have the same views, of course, though they aren’t too shabby if you like the Trossachs). Hope Edinburgh trip is productive.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Edinburgh was refreshing, but we are aware of the frustrations and inaction ahead. The fact that we are opposed means some people are taking what we are saying seriously. The service industry does seem to have long hours and if successful hard work but like you say it is rewarding. Good to hear other places doing well. food where we stayed was poor but then I am used to a pretty high standard!!

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