A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Feeling Positive

From the Community Company point of view, not everyone’s I have to admit, things are a lot more positive and anyone with any misgivings about the financial rumours can go online. The notices posted around the community are out of date and unhelpful. For those members who were genuinely concerned about the status of the Company can now honestly believe it was an administrative error, one that should not have happened, but one that was always going to be corrected. But all is positive in that it is raining, the Hydro is going full steam, you can see the dry spell last week before the rain and then again the rain last night which has it running at full tilt, only the power is the true reading at the side of the screen,

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 21.48.40

the Toilets are being cleaned by Marion and Roddy and the Filling Station is selling a fair bit of fuel. Will be the first ever fuel to be ordered from The Czech Republic for Applecross Filling Station as Zuzu is on a wee break out there but monitoring the levels. Also learning from mistakes is essential for going forward and some training is being set up for all the directors. As with everything it gets more and more complicated as more and more comes through the Company. Subsidiary trading companies and IPS are already formed and we are looking for new directors to take up some of the load for the future. Going back to the Toilets, there was a problem with the disabled unit and this was cleared and cleaned up by Liz and Jan. They do not even live here but think what we are trying to do is worth supporting by helping keeping things going. There is only so much one can do as volunteers and it is so good to have established a paid post for administration.

As ever there is never just one strand running in Applecross. Tuesday I decided that a wander up the hill above the house


was in order and Dougal was in complete agreement.


I have become less and less interested in piling in hours and hours of work just to show how hard I work. I think the older you get the less you need to prove and living becomes more important. The views from up here are the best


after crossing Alt na Chriche.


Did not go very far up as I did not need too much exercise on a day off.


Plenty langoustine at the Inn along with a few squat tails, so the day off was justified.

Wednesday was back at sea


and notice the size of the langoustines are decreasing, denoting the end of the good spring fishing, and the deeper water is not fishing so well. Still reasonable catch but seeing a fair amount of eggs, mainly last years females at the end of their carry. There are one or two early eggs from this years breeding, very early, as they do not usually show till August. Just the cheeky cormorant


along with more arriving bonxies.

The Inn has had some crazy days. Tuesday, an 8 was booked, but a 14, 3x 8s and a few 6s sorted the day out. Wednesday was similar but the evenings when I came on were very pleasant. Had our first ever visitors from Myanmar, formally Burma, accompanied by a Mexican and Vietnamese. Thursday evening was one of those that flowed all evening and everyone went home at a decent time as well. The last night of the Cobbleys for a couple of weeks anyway. Think we might be seeing more of the retiring Dave. They have a wee artist in the family, Isla, and there is a drawing of me on the Varuna up on the wall. Round the bar we had the glass blowers from Tain, making friends and possibly doing business with a couple involved with a smart label that tells when a product is out of date. Down on table 10 we had the surfing GP from Fochabers. Interesting chat about the Scottish NHS in comparison to what is happening to the NHS South of the border. Apolitical as he did not claim any party allegiance but was definitely relieved to be practising in Scotland, although we have our own problems. The scarcity of rural GPs may well be solved by English GPs having had enough and coming North. The lactose intolerant was very happy with his scallops pan fried in oil. Everyone was so appreciative about the quality of the food which cheered Cheffie up as he had worked just one or two hours over the EU working hours limits this week. Outside the Silver Dream Machine has reappeared and is set to do lots of business selling ice creams, coffees and fish and chips this summer.


Today, an early start to get langoustine from the Varuna both for the Inn and the Loch Ness Inn before going for a shoulder massage and chat at Arrina and Shieldaig. Inverness and a quick shop in the usual places, Gaelforce, HIS and Highlandwholefoods. Picked up Alison as our car is now being driven around the Borders by a green list candidate for the Scottish Parliament. Home by six to the good news about the Company, so a good day which has made this a productive week.

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