A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Weather Has Broken

Wonderful spell of weather has broken today and we are back to the southerlies and now the rain. Still there was snow on the hills and the Bealach has been closed for most of the day. Lots of little bits and pieces on the community front. The Filling Station has been having some trouble on the Internet front. Sean has been working away at finding a solution with the Tokhiem guys and Ian from Rum. It is back up and running, at least we still had the local card to keep things going. The Hydro experienced a couple of shutdowns but is now climbing up to the 70kws mark. I went up this afternoon to see what was happening as she was just running around 40kws. Not sure about the heat tank but got the pressure back up to over the two bar and all seems okay. Last shut down was low power so may have been nothing to do with Hydro workings.

Last Wednesday saw us having dinner with Stewart and Margaret. A little rushed for me as a shift at the Inn beckoned. Although managed to get the memory stick sorted out with the photos for next years calendar, did not manage to got the titles sorted. May be two produced this year, the second one being smaller and concentrating on wildlife, not Dougal.  Noticed the light was rather pleasing pre dinner


and nipped out to take a couple of snaps.


On the way to the Inn had to stop on the way down the Big House drive


for a couple more.


Not really sure the pedigrees were terribly bothered what the weather was doing, seemingly as laid back as ever.


Uneventful and shorter as a day’s fishing was on the cards on Thursday. Fishing reasonable although little wind, cloudy and cold. Back into the Inn and an “interesting”evening testing professional service with expressing opinions. They do say politics should be kept away from the bar and maybe this was a good example. (By coincidence stopped to have a look at John Oliver’s take on Trump). He came up in the conversation on Thursday evening as a good leader, unfortunately there were too many generalisations that I construed as being racist. In this case my silences were taken as not having a counter argument. Such is life, but the slightly strange development came from the table under the Menu Boards. They were late in and the lady was a vegan. Late, not their fault as the A82 was blocked so big detour was required. Had already scored  by working out a vegan meal and topped it off with one of Aron’s ice creams, a chocolate and cherry sorbet. We passed her vegan challenge. Her partner was, however, not a happy bunny as he was overhearing our conversations, politics and race, and wanted to take part. Restrained by his partner, which was just as well, as “taking part” may have meant more than conversation, but all part of the service.

Friday, a strange sort of start, although quiet, decided not to go fishing before my trip to Shieldaig for a massage. Arm playing up a lot these days, enjoyed the stop on top of the Hill,


but not the massage. They are good but painful, very painful. Then it we were on the road to Sleat


to hear the dulcet sounds of Mike Vass and Mhairi Campbell with the accompanying animation produced by Charlotte Hathaway.


Cracking night of music and good to meet up with Mhairi again. Dogs were happy enough having a run around the Campus before and the concert. The drive home seemed to fly by and before long I was at the Inn amongst lots of imbibing to the sounds of Johnny Hill. Good news in hearing about another addition to the Applecross population.

Fishing on Saturday,


only just, out late but did not have to stay out for long as the fishing was so good.


Only needed to haul 170 creels for enough langoustines for the Inn. A few squats came aboard as well. Getting good at coming in early when the fishing is good. Only catching for the market I supply instead of catching as much as I can when the fishing is good. Down side means I have to stay out longer when langoustines are harder to catch. The day was stunningly beautiful,


quiet, bright, cold with a clear snow line surrounding the Inner Sound. The tracks up the field at Milton herald the arrival of a new house being delivered.


Into the evening for another session at the Inn, but not before Scotland’s triumph in Rome. Busy food service with the Veg and Jane regulars up for their annual stay at Clachan. Picked up slightly disturbing descriptions from a couple of guests of the state of some sea life at Sand but will have to go for a look myself before saying any more. Locals, regulars and ransoms filled the Inn for most of the night and then very considerately went home leaving an empty bar at 10.30pm.

Sunday, the last day of the good spell of weather,



thinking we were going to get panned, not that the geese on the loch seemed overly bothered. Not the case although busy enough till mid afternoon. At the moment in Applecross life and work goes on but there are lots of trials and tribulations with some people’s health. Every one has their own situations but in a fairly close-knit community every one knows and sympathises with the families and there is often help freely given.

Despite these sadnesses there are the young and yet to be born lives to look forward to, memories of those who have made this place what it is, and much to do to keep the community alive. While the rain batters the window it is good to know that the Hydro is producing 88kws, the Filling Station is back on-line and plans are afoot to improve the broadband. Thoughts are with those who are not doing so well as the community life trundles on.

Comments on: "Weather Has Broken" (4)

  1. basketbob said:

    Fab pics, as ever, Ali, and your writing fills in all the blanks about life in a relatively remote but extremely beautiful part of the world. I don’t know how you find the energy to write so regularly along with all the other things you do or are involved in, but it’s always a good read.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Cheers Rob, but days like today happen, went out to the boat to get prawns and that was it. Bit of a heavy cold but nothing done. Cheers on the photos…it is very photogenic here though.

  2. I’ll second that! (Just turned over the page on the Applecross calendar, too.)

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