A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Lazy day on Tuesday, a day watching Reign and Still Alice. Brilliant film and very disturbing especially knowing so many people with Alzheimer’s, although this was early onset and as it often affects academic achieving people it is even more shocking.

Was up the road around mid day to take the fuel delivery and have  chat with the driver Kenny.


He had not been here since last January and has had an eventful time since then. He is now recovering from having just given his kidney to his daughter. So matter of fact about it, but he knew it was coming as his daughter was first in trouble at the age of seven and lasted until last year when her kidneys finally packed in. Every one has a story. Nipped up to the Flower Tunnel to check the water pressure and all looks well. After safely ensconcing the dogs in the van I wandered down to the pier where I had spotted what I thought were a flock of oyster catchers.


As it turned out it was a little group of turn stones, I think.


Down home long enough for shower and starting shift at Inn bit earlier than usual. Very up and down at the Inn. Plenty to do and the scarcity of staff helps time pass really quickly as you keep an eye on the whole bar.

Thursday was a bit of a non day up till me getting rid of an annoying headache. Stopped me hauling creels but recovered enough to nip out for prawns


and enjoy the light off to the west


before going up for another shift, another uneventful one but finished up with a really interesting chat with the consultants in town for the next three days. Completely changed my opinion of the consultation mainly due to the openness of the process. Turns out they have been really busy doing one to ones as well as doing a workshop this morning (Sat). The consultation has been initiated by the Trust and for the first time included “sustainable community development”. While not part of the Trusts charitable aims and objectives many people living here have enough skepticism to believe this was going to be a white washed community engagement to comply with the current political situation in Scotland. It appears this will not be the case as many forthright views have been expressed about the failings of the current situation, has been tempered by a desire to improve the resilience of the community and is not just an establishment bashing exercise. Will be very interesting to see the report of the community view and wonder how it will be received. Both the failings of the current system and visions of the future were expressed freely today. So different from a resident visiting the schoolhouse wondering if he would/could put his name to his submission which would not put the Trust in good light. I call it a psychological fuedalism. Fuedalism has been ejected from our legal system but many people still feel constrained in what they say in fear of how it will affect their economic prospects. There was a theme throughout that decisions should be taken by people living here rather by mainly anonymous absentees. At least having an input would be an improvement. Have been thinking about how times have changed. Took a series of photos of activity around the “hub” of the peninsula. Craic Barn


only built around twelve years ago. The shop, now being redeveloped as a Bistro,


was built in the eighties. The Estate Office, there for maybe a couple of hundred years now becoming a tourist stopping point, I think.


And a new small but badly needed car park at the head of the renovated pier by the Coal Shed.


Weather has broken again and a planned trip to Inverness took place yesterday. Begin with  trip over the Hill to Shieldaig for a badly needed massage. Not sure if it is years of hauling creels that is finally taking its toll but I had to endure an hour of very painful manipulating to try to ease the restrictions in the left arm. As is usual living here always expect the unexpected. After stopping off for a water top up


going over the Hill we witnessed a WinterRoad Rescue.


Van ahead of me somehow managed to end up in an unplowed passing place and got very stuck.. Roadmen to the rescue in near blizzard conditions.


The rest of the day uneventful but long and drawn out. Not back till late and then had to deal with a Dougal on the randan. Been a while since he took it on himself to go out for the night, the night he picked was rather inclement and was a little worried as to his durability especially as he was nowhere in sight this morning. After a nervous drive around, finally found Avery sheepish looking dog just up the road at Burnside.


Good to see that he had no interest in the sheep that are round the townships, but he did look a bit out of sorts for the rest of the morning.



Comments on: "Road Rescue,Consultations and wayward Dougal" (2)

  1. So glad you found Dougal what a rapscallion! We hadn’t realised he was out overnight- he looks a tad woebegone, post alcoholic remorse perhaps? Jo , Simon and Kyra x

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      He does have a sort of guilt trip and feels a little remorseful, not sure about the alcohol although may have found a wee shebeen up on the hill. No one else missing so may have been drinking on his own….bad sign.

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