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Going to try to make this my last “nothing” day for a while. It is blowing hard out side with squalls of rain hitting the Schoolhouse every half hour or so. The wind is very hard to describe, whether it is blowing a hoolie like now or gently moving through the trees. Roaring, hissing or swishing do not seem adequate, whatever, we are hoping there is little or no structural damage to the grid that diverts SSE away from installing our connection. The HighlandEco boys have the backup plan in place in case things go pear-shaped. Was up at the site today and was there when Sandy told the boys that they were not coming in to Applecross as they had to prepare for the potential damage caused by the high winds forecast to come in this evening and overnight. It is from the right direction for the moorings and the boats are relatively safe. Not that I got a bit of a nervous feeling when DJ called…..turned out it was about the MoD meeting and not news on boats.

Back to the site and there is a lot of trench digging


and cable laying going on as well as a bit of roof work.


The boys were nearly finished on this side  and that was early doors. there were reports last night of things going bump in the night followed by a pretty severe smell.


Lots of speculation before it was cleared up by Mick. The two old tanks at the entrance of the Campsite were dislodged and coped over, one had a very mature mix of whisky mash that had been fed to cattle over a decade and a half ago and was pretty ripe when released in to the atmosphere.


So no great electrical mishaps and burnings, but it was impressive as one Craic Barn resident thought Mick was coming into her house, digger, tanks and all..

And another very good day on the share issue front where another good day meant over £30,000 coming in bringing the total to around £435,000. Alison had a 5.00am start to go through for a GMS interview about the share issue and the UK Government’s withdrawal of the tax relief and how it affects our community energy share issue and the collapse of others around the country. The interview is about 1hr.35 mins in http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b06nrl48  There are lots of different reasons for investing in the Apple Juice scheme and for the bigger investors the tax relief makes it an even more attractive option. Before Alison arrived back home I took a call from the Central Belt who had heard the interview on the Radio. I managed to hold my own, he called back after partner discussions and seems to be an interested investor. So maybe worth the early start on that one alone. The Herald through David Ross printed a very good article on the scheme so it is out there. http://www.heraldscotland.com/opinion/14022263.Green_energy_scheme_ensnared_in_unexpected_red_tape/?ref=fbshr And finally Two Lochs Radio had an item on it as well. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Lochs_Radio Getting to the stage where it will be easier to list the publications that have not had Applecross on their programme.

Nipped out to do a bit of contract signing with Mick and it is a pretty wild night. Seen a lot worse and as I have said earlier hoping the damage is not too bad. One of the things I have liked about this project is the huge amount of trust that has worked both ways in the project between HighlandEco and the Community. We believe that it can be built on time and they have believed that we can raise the monies to buy them out and so far this trust is working out. Another £3,000 has come in this evening bringing it to around £440,000. And with news of another £20,500 just now. Topped up by Jack this evening and already out of date.


The Inn deserves a mention as last night we had every table full, workers, both Sand and Hydro, residents a few locals and a couple of holiday houses filled the bar. No wonder, good food a fire and a bottle of wine all safe from a dark stormy night.

Comments on: "Things going Bump in the Dark." (2)

  1. Anne Byars, Glasgow said:

    Alison was really good and concise on GMS. She must be knackered.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Aye she is but keeps going. Taking a day off to see her nephew on his birthday and will be back at it next week.

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