A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Breezy if not too drastic winds so far this week. Not venturing out till next week as the forecast is for the first proper one of the winter is supposed to be hitting us tomorrow evening. It comes home to you when a storm is expected that absolutely everything we do here is weather related. Whether you are on the water, working the croft,renovating a house, building a Hydro Scheme or working at the Inn. Seems there is an amber alert just a little to the west north-west of us although we are to expect “big waves”. Loved the tweet I read from Shetland which commented on the naming of these storms. This one is called Abigail. They claim that most, if not all theirs, are called A-Big-Gale. Although been getting out and about the work rate has been very low. Delivering a few last prospectuses with a couple of visits to the site and a wander in the Carnoch Wood.


Have not had a wander in there for a few months and it is as peaceful as ever.


It was livened up by The Scott Wood Band’s album Upsurge. Dougal and Eilidh had not been out properly for a couple of days and made the most of it although there may have been one or two voles and field mice not terribly impressed with their appearance on the scene.


Last night it looked as though they had a wee tiff and were not speaking to each other.


The Hydro site always draws you to see what has happened since the last time I was there. Although not a lot on the surface there was what appeared to be the generator sitting inside the turbine house. Only guessing as it was still all wrapped up. Trenches are dug in readiness for the SSE visit tomorrow


and was on hand to close gates as Dan took the machine back round to the Stackyard.


The cable is being laid that is taking the local 40kw into the campsite and hopefully will be the small local grid.


Personally, I believe this is going to be the way ahead for communities, break away from the huge power distribution network that relies on large energy producers, and produce green energy on a more local basis. Hoping that the weather does not divert SSE’s attention away from Applecross. Alison is talking to anyone and everyone who is listening about investing and with a lot of success. I am being sent south to Edinburgh to a day of Social Finance investment next week and I will have a supply of pamphlets and contacts. Answering a full range of questions from, hopefully, potentially large investors, continues by phone and email day after day. There has been a good start to the week with over £30,000 coming in on Monday and Tuesday and today is looking good and before the post delivers. Still time to invest.http://www.applecrosshydro.scot. Also the video is receiving lots of views https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oLrwFEKrMIg just short of 800 now.

The Inn is quiet but still all of the tables were in use last night between locals, residents and workers from The Sand expansion and the Hydro scheme. Started the shift with a bit of a bang last night. I am used to and like dogs and generally get a good response. The dog, not sure if he was called Alfie or his mate was, but he decided very quickly he was not having anything to do with me. There followed a painful three seconds while I waited for him to detach himself from my hand. These events always look worse than they are and after a bit of attention from the kitchen with some peroxide, diluted, and a couple of napkins the shift settled down. I tend not to blame the dog, after all my tetanus jab is up to date due to Dougal’s over exuberance last year. And we are the friendliest Inn finalist on Friday evening. Had an apology from a lady about the previous night’s entertainment. She was really sorry that she said what she said to the guitar man. The problem owning an Inn is trying to please everyone all the time. The couple beside her loved the music, nice she thought it worth saying to some one who was not even there that she felt bad about it. One of the perks about winter is there may be some dishes that are slow in moving and “need” to be eaten, scallops in this case. The standards are kept high through all the seasons, not just the busy summer ones.

And finally to get political again, Alison has just sent through a link that shows what Government policy is doing to our efforts to produce green energy on a local basis. The decision to remove community energy schemes eligibility from shares issues has resulted in the folding of one such scheme in West Sussex. They are being incredibly magnanimous in promoting our wee scheme despite deciding not to go ahead themselves. http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2015/nov/06/solar-farm-in-balcombe-fracking-village-shelved-due-to-tory-policies?CMP=share_btn_tw Not only that but I have read that to meet renewable Climate Change targets our masters are looking at schemes abroad that they can invest in. It really does beggar belief and if you went down the conspiratorial route you would think it was done on spite, certainly not environmental or economic grounds.

And back to the Hydro, post post so to speak. We have just had an amazing day that has brought the total over £400,000. It is great knowing that all the hard work is coming good, exciting and scary, and proud that so many people think so much of the Community Company and Applecross. A heartfelt thanks to all who have invested either monies or words in what we are trying to do.


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