A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Two days of brain frazzling activity commenced yesterday morning with a trip out on the Varuna and putting a reconditioned fleet back together. Bit lumpy on the Bay so just decided to go back to the pier and take the other fleet on board and spent the rest of the morning and into the afternoon putting it together. Not terribly pushed to go out at the moment and a day like today was very pleasant,


shooting that fleet and hauling 6 others for a few prawns. Flat calm and bright sunshine at least for the morning.


Managed to put up some advertising for the Hydro Share offer,


call into the site to see how things were going.


It changes every day now with the work advancing at a rapid pace.


Roof now on and the boys getting ready for another concrete pour on Friday, I think.


Had a wee scout around for the next load of wood and Dougal came along, not too sure what he was scouting around for but he was up to his oxters in it.


This not long after posing primly beside the advertising just a half hour earlier.

Over the Hill yesterday, only stopping to take photos showing the breaking up of the Bealach.


Going to be sent to HC Roads Dept to see if they can carry out repairs especially as the numbers of punctures is rocketing. This summer, even on a part-time basis, I must have dealt with 20 odd hire car garage pickups with flat tyres. They no longer carry spares so the local garages are cashing in big time. To Kyleakin via Waterloo to see a boat. A boat that was for sale at a reasonable price and there was a suggestion of a wee shared buy in. The timing was probably at its worst as I have invested a fair bit in the Hydro but was still very interested. The offer came out of the blue but these are usually the best. Lovely boat but baulked at the state of the engine. although assured it ran well it looked very rusted up and connections, filter holders, pipes and especially the gearbox looked very tired. The main feeling I got was a little trepidation and not excitement so decided to turn the offer down. At my stage in life I want less expenses and just reckon I was not ready for a few more bills. It did fit in with a dream of travelling up and own the western isles but leave that for my dotage. Have neither the time or inclination to do that now.

Then onto a three-hour meeting to deal with the MoD Range expansion and various other fishing matters through a sub group meeting of our IFG. The IFG seems to be extended to cover the whole of the west coast and sub groups dealing with local issues will operate within this new structure.At least we are trying to improve conditions and the environment we are working in. Although there have been repeated requests to meet with the MoD/Qinetic and information about the Range expansion has been greeted with a deathly silence. All we have been given is a meeting in Kyleakin five days before the ” consultation” finishes. Usually these take twelve weeks to complete, not this one, only seven. And we are provided with as little facts as possible. Mind you speaking to employees and sub contractors we are not the only guys left out of the defence loop. Personally my main confers are increased powers on passage over the Range, the doubling of the no fish zone and the out er sea area no  longer being a right to fish but we can on “permission” of the MoD, which it seems can be withdrawn whenever they need/want to. Lots of work done by Marine Scotland on our behalf to show the dire economic effects this expansion will have on the local economy. Left the meeting non the wiser and a feeling of foreboding for the future. Maybe this was another underlying factor that prevented me from investing in another boat.

Back to today and after a day at sea, the only thing going wrong was my outboard would not start, it was up to the Inn for an easy evening shift. The upside of the row back ashore I was accompanied by at least a dozen seals as I made the shore of it. At the Inn the HighlandEco turned up and the turbine is now in the turbine house. Have to nip up and take a few snaps at the is latest development tomorrow in-between fishing and front of house. Good chat this evening with the guys and with SSE on site either this week or beginning of next everything is on schedule. This along with good news on a good-sized investment this evening things are ever so slightly less stressful.

With so much on, the invite to Galway in Ireland at the end of the month may have to be declined although it would be a great excuse to have a couple of days with some like minded people who think the same way I do about the fishing.

Comments on: "Hydro,Fishing,Not Boat buying,Meetings and Dirty Dogs." (2)

  1. Sheila Capewell (grand-daughter to Nettie Finalyson) said:

    I’ve applied for my shares so it was worth you putting a flyer in my hand when we met in September! My daughter and I are going halves so you have an investor in Texas too! (keeping it all in my name for simpicity/tax etc). Glad it’s going well.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      That’s great. We are feeling quite humble that so many people think it is worth helping us. Thank you again.

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