A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Travels and the Hydro.

(Thursday evening) Just finished one of these good shifts where it’s a good banter and good food night. Still plenty of people about although no waiting for tables. Only one strange little incident was the couple, very pleasant, good craic, ordered their food which included a plaice and squats and then she turned quite nippy. It was a little weird as it was going so well saying how surprised she was that I was over 50, then started a wee rant over the size of the squats, not the taste or anything else but just the size. After she went, which thankfully was soon after, got the support from the next table who thought she was out-of-order. But a good night for all that and I think the Hydro may do quite well from it as four prospectus went out. The total is standing at just over £180,000, passing our first target with ease and heading for the next of £380,000.


The weather has turned and is now being very autumnal. Made it out for a half day on Monday but not since and the rest of the week looks off the scale. It is bothering the hydro workers but not stopping them as they have closed off the path from the head and pipe is buried to the field. The complicated concrete pouring is continuing at the turbine house base, getting ready for the intake pipe to be installed.


Much of the top soil has been spread at the entrance to the field. The pipe across the field should be laid by next week with the builders coming in over the weekend. Weather is to settle down a little. Some press releases have started appearing, the one in the WHFP was perfect, stating the progress, the share issue and launch and what we hope to raise and pull in for the community.

Been out and about this week,




for a very badly needed massage and a good chat about this and that. Today it was Kyle to sort out a bit of Mum’s paperwork and tomorrow, Inverness with a rare stop at Garve,


mooring bridal, and a bit of chain to see us through the winter, plus a few odds and ends.

A couple of amusing conversations to report, asking if anything needed in Kyle, the answer was no and why was I going, mother was the reply, and the next slightly surprising response was how is she doing is she not well, Wee pause before replying erhmm she died four months ago, one can only laugh, hopefully she is. The other one was a few weeks ago I overheard a strong Yorkshire accent replying to what he thought about his local, now in the NW Highlands. His reply, in his broadest dialect, run by a couple of “woofters” and they don’t care about the locals. Think he really meant it and did not do irony. How others see us……….

(Sunday evening) First day of winter and back on the VitDs. Still a bit too much to do before slowing down for the winter. A couple of shifts at the Inn and, although there is a bit of an easing off, when you have bookings of 14 and 8 then there is enough to keep one going through the shift. Still wearing the tee shirt, but the monies have slowed up somewhat. Although we have reached the first target with ease, mainly the directors showing their confidence in the scheme, there are other targets to reach that will increase the community benefit stream. We have received investments from Wales, London and south of Scotland. I make no excuses if the blog will be a sales pitch for Applecross in the next few weeks but with everyone’s help we are trying to keep our community going. Anyone interested in investing can have a look at a very comprehensive business plan at www.applecrosshydro.scot. On Saturday, before work I was up at the dam to see the water pouring over the shelves and through the gate.


It had rained for about twelve hours, but work continued despite the weather.


Dougal was in attendance as usual


and keeping everything right.


The concrete boys were finishing off their part





and the brickies came in yesterday. After the “site visit” we headed up to collect a load of brash wood lying around the Gateway floor.


Met them on Saturday evening as they were down for a meal. Spent a half hour on the phone trying and eventually succeeding in “borrowing” a ton of sand as the delivery by Travis Perkins did not arrive on Friday as promised. It is these little things that make this place tick and Steve came down this morning, after permission, used Duncan’s digger to load up the sand and get the brickies started.

Going back to wood, I gave a wee hand at the mobile mill




and took a load of “backs” home which, as it turns out saved a bit of double handling for the guys working the mill.

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