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Hydro and Boat progress.

(Sat Morn) It looks as though things are building up to another hectic spell, with me catching up on sea time, still busy enough at the Inn and the imminent launch of the Apple Juice share issue. Band, The Kyle Ceilidh Band booked, and publications, photos and business plans are all being put in place for what will hopefully be a busy night. may attract a few passing tourists as the half term will be underway. This last wee spell of inactivity has meant that there has been a big drop in productivity. The Inn shifts have carried on up till Thursday when the day disappeared into the mists of time. It was painfully slow as in the morning something was not quite right and by tea time the first full-blown migraine this summer was underway. Made it up to the Inn but white of face and a sheen of sweat meant there was little chance of working and called up the cavalry. The Boss was away so knew that if busy of any sorts there would be trouble. I was ill before I made it to Milton so good decision. Apart from this, the end of the week has balanced out the fed up feeling to the lead up to the migraine. Managed to finish off all the wood cutting 9Q7Q1235 with an overheating chainsaw, now in hospital with my strimmer, and the back wood store is full. Dougal as usual thinks he is a great help and, along with Eilidh is good company. 9Q7Q1232 Trips to the Shop has occasionally produced little crofting sights like Ally and James appearing from behind the shop, not from it, with couple of their ewes, one a prize winner. 9Q7Q1219 The cycle to the Pier has been very pleasant and a wee stop off at Culduie to check out the seals 9Q7Q1250 and cormorants. 9Q7Q1252 Again himself likes to be involved  in all activities. 9Q7Q1255 On my way back from a bit of creel mending on Wednesday I spotted Ewen’s van and generator at the Varuna and over the next couple of days I have now, I hope, a working boat again. Messing about today putting batteries back on renewing some stern gland packing. This is a job I have not done before so I have to see what happens at high tide this evening to make sure I haven’t sunk her. Another two jobs to do and only the one left which will happen after the rugby today. The weather has been pretty special this week 9Q7Q1245 with it breaking a little this weekend 9Q7Q1239

9Q7Q1265   and although expecting it to be busier over the next week or two with workmen, Council, Sand and Hydro as well as the school half term.

(Sun Morn) Yesterday I got heavily involved in doing the jobs on the boat and watching with one eye on the rugby. As usual Scotland do not do it the easiest way for the fans. That last two minutes with the Samoans at the halfway line before the knock on was tense. So it’s the Aussies next week. Finally finished the boat and started her up but nothing as the batteries too flat so last job is to get them on a charge. Me and engineering just do not get on. I am pretty sure that Ewen would have done the same work in an hour or less. Friday I was through at The Inshore Fisherman’s Conference with a stop off at the yard. I am providing photos for the Share Launch brochure so one for Ewen who is one of the directors of Apple Juice. Lots of interest and wearing the tee-shirt last night at the Inn and got three very definite enquiries. So the new uniform will be staying on for the next few weeks. Will wash it. As ever the more interesting and productive part of the Conference is a little bit of networking and a meeting with some Marine Scotland officials about the MoD expansion, which is turning out to be a doubling of the no-fish zone and more powers to close off the outer sea area whenever they require. If this goes ahead then there will be days I will not be able to fish as 80% of my creels are in the outer area. Keep trying though and the maps being produced are showing that this area is the most productive and heavily fished area for static gear fishermen in Scottish inshore waters.

Going onto the Hydro, the work is continuing well and we have been very fortunate with the weather. The builders are coming in next week to start on the turbine house with a lot of the Lego blocks in place. 9Q7Q1236 There will be a lot of stresses involved with the pressures of water coming down the hill. 9Q7Q1237 Mick coming in next week and a wee tour round the site for the directors is planned for Monday. Alison is meantime promoting the scheme at the Green Party Conference this weekend and there are a lot of expressions of interest coming in. Basically the more we can raise through the share issue and continue on to the local power part of the project the more community benefit accrues. We have outgoings to deal with, not least the rent to the Applecross Trust, but these are all calculated in a properly constructed business prospectus which will be available at the Ceilidh on the 17th. And bought my Treacherous tickets for Eden Court in November.

Comments on: "Hydro and Boat progress." (2)

  1. Keith Jones said:

    Really interested in the ‘Lego’ working in a similar community one back home. Where can I find out more?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Sorry for the delay in replying Keith, be talking to Mick the contractor very soon and will pass on info about the lego blocks. Just know that they are for the 5 metre deep foundations to stabilise the pipe and turbine for the pressures coming down the Hill, 170 metre head with 17 bar pressure into the turbine.

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