A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Kept popping into the Internet Cafe on the site taking notes on the day.

Friday morn and little updates on the day before. Early start at Wilburton for the queue to get into the camp site. It is an operation well planned and executed and being involved means maximum enjoyment achieved. The journey down was almost dream like, making the Strath train with 5mins to spare, buying the rucksack and spare tent with plenty of time to catch the Edinburgh train, read The Bees by Laline Paull and doze the way south. Spectacular going over the Rail Bridge and interesting to see the new build in progress.


Bit of a shame it is investment in more car use. Imagine a couple of billion invested in public transport. Alison was working through the last stages of an application for the hydro which had to be in on the night and finished it in time at Andy and Jill’s. After being picked up at Peterborough Station by Andy this was  followed by a fine tea and research for the weekend on YouTube which came up trumps already having seen Fara,


a splendid group of fiddlers from Orkney with keyboards. They were assisted by Hayley Keenan


who plays with Talisk, one of the few I missed.  Lynched, a quartet from Dublin, were next and are the only band I have not bought a recording off, certainly of the ones I wanted.


They were so good with offbeat tunes and songs but lovely harmonies. And then off to Elephant Sessions to finish of the first day at the Club Tent.


That the crowd were jumping by the end of their set says it all. First saw them at the Strath Pavillion and new they were a fine band and they did not disappoint.



But I jump ahead, Andy had us in the queue at 7.50am,


doors opened at 10 and tents set up before going back for second load to the car park.


Our tents were slightly more difficult as the second one just bought and mine last set up was in Canada 5/6 years ago, buying the spare one was the right decision. Eventually set right and a wander round the site, siesta and a couple of crabbies finished off a fine start to the festival. Might add this to the CCs trip as an annual event.

Sat morn and in the busy net cafe.

Turned out to be a Celtic day in the main with a couple of other gems thrown in. We started off at the Main Tent with Rura slightly late as a wee flurry of emails had to be dealt with regarding the Hydro. Always a little frustrating as I cannot say much as it nears the day. Suffice to say that we live in a complicated world and trust has to be backed up by legal agreements. Not the way I go through life but seems it is necessary to have due diligence if anything goes pear-shaped. But back to the music, Rura,


a tune written for the 45% brought to mind the comment earlier in the day, “history is written by the winners and the music by the losers”, were great the Italians, Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino, from the south were brilliant, full on, musical from their locale and colourful. She started in black,


then white


and finished in red.  Seems it is called pizzica and originates from the Salento peninsula. A little break for too much food and a couple of crabbies before dipping in to Chris Smither, wonderful blues guitar and then on to Altan. Fine fiddling and box playing and then Wilko and Norman strutting their stuff. Found myself willing Norman to survive the gig as he came on looking like he was on amphetamines. He lasted the pace playing some fantastic bass and had a silky shirt at the end similar to my Martin’s wedding one. Looks cool but soaked in sweat. Wilko Johnson by rights should not be alive, but after having an eleven hour operation to remove a three kilo tumour he is definitely alive and kicking as is Norman Watt-Roy, previously of the Blockheads.


Cannot keep the pace up so back for a wee snooze even with Ed’s birthday celebrations going on.

Slightly refreshed, it was back to the club tent to hear the Sam Kelly Trio, including a fine banjo player.


They cracked it and finished with a couple of covers Sultans of Swing and The Chain, both rocked the tent. First album coming out and reckon they will be around. Finished the night off at the food tables in the grand company of Pat and Fedor with the Proclaimers playing on the main stage.


They had driven down on the Friday and joined the camp in good style with a slightly more roomy Vango. Good catch up. So all that was left was back to the campsite and a brief chat about the day before crashing out and sleeping better although aware of Matthew ushering  a very confused Ben back into the tent, seems Ben needs a little looking after, he does “massive bads”. This morning tales around the campfire included funeral eulogies, dementia and elderly care…… Mostly those up early are in our fifties and apart from music and tales of overindulgence this is now a theme. I am in the company of lawyers and social workers, interesting stuff. So another day ahead, enjoying ones self can be hard work.

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