A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

It’s nine on Sunday morning and the Inn is at breakfast. Boss is away and we are still operating, and well it seems going by the conversations last night. Despite the late night requests for drinks at 1am, turned down, even after it was suggested the Varuna would be sunk! Bit of nervous laughter followed by The thought “I WILL be in bed by 2am.” Maintaining the bonhomie is the key and you know that having that last dram on top of the previous fifteen is neither here nor there the next morning for the drinker or the seller. Saturday morning involved a walk with Dougal going the long way round to the shop, the wild flowers are out in abundance


and it’s a good year for the foxgloves,


and calling in to the newest small business in Applecross on the way. Jack has been making his way to his opening on Saturday through the usual planning procedures and building works. Does not look like much happening and then suddenly here you are.


The gallery is in a perfect position overlooking the Sound and inside are brilliant examples of photogenic Applecross. https://www.facebook.com/applecrossgallery?fref=ts


Said it many times that more small businesses are conducive to the area rather than the larger ones that if any change to their status have major implications to employment. You do go with the flow and tourism is the flow. Later on as the walk nears home I take a photo which I hope to take for many years to come, Sandy’s hay drying on his Norse fence.


Now Monday morning and it feels as though I have been here for a month, not just two days. Managed to get away early last night though so was well asleep before the last revellers headed home. A lot quieter than Saturday with less drinking and bad singing about. The bed push boys enthusiastic during the day were raising money from raffles and pushing/pulling a bed over the Hill, an annual event.


Through out the weekend the constant theme of many conversations was what a friendly Inn this is and how welcoming it is. All staff play a part in this, people just like to be spoken to and made welcome. It was apparent on the two check out mornings how much the residents enjoyed their stays. They all made a point about what a good weekend they had. Judith has done a great job with this place and hoping she gets back into it soon. If only people knew that giving such great compliments make the recipients smile so much we would go around all day doing that. Instead we seem to do the opposite and generally makes the giver unhappy as well. Strange world we live in. and the glimpses of summer are still appearing.


PC Dominic was over in the morning for a cup of coffee and I did not recognise him, in my defence he was not in uniform. I did say to him that he looked familiar, and now since have discovered he has an unusual second name. Sermanni which is fairly unusual so it was easy working out his daughter is the fine singer song writer Rachel of the same name. He has quickly got the hang of the community and is now waiting for us to solve the mystery of the skull in the office. A group came in later in the afternoon and yet another one seemed familiar so said “have you been before”, thinking I should know her, was told that I had probably seen her on telly and with a quick glance I realised who she was. So had a good time telling the staff some one “famous” was in and not saying who it was. Kept it going for a while before letting it be known that Trina Gulliver was in and for those who have never seen a dart being thrown on TV she has won nine out of a possible fifteen women’s world championship titles since its inception in 2001. I think I like the well known ones better when they seem so unaffected by their fame, especially when you hear everyone comments on a local’s brief appearance on the box. Not the usual ploy but asked politely if photos were possible and she was very pleasant and said it was not a problem.


Going well until she said I should be in one, so here’s a rare one.


Comments on: "Photos, Darts and People." (9)

  1. Alistair said:

    Just looked at Jacks website lovely photographs. It is great to see young people making a go of it in the highlands. Well done.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      It looked good and he is a good and meticulous photographer. Suspect his work at the will drop off as he will be too busy at his gallery.

  2. Janet Lamb said:

    Congratulations Jack the gallery looks great and good luck for your future business.

  3. Janet Lamb said:

    I posted a comment about Jack and it says comment is awaiting moderation. Perhaps it’s a blip on the site? Some of your recent photos should end up in Jack’s gallery always a great reminder of Applecross.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Very kind to say so but there is a big difference in the photos. I am happy with mine and I think Jack is with his so all good. Must have been a wee glitch. But seeing it now I think I must have just approved without reply. Cheers after one of the busiest shifts at the Inn.

  4. Janet Lamb said:

    Thanks Ali. It’s good to hear that trading is going so well and I hope that Judy is fully recovered now.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Yes she is not mentioning it and although knackered seems back with us. We are all pretty knackered and this weekend is just one to get through. Good to head off next week but feel a little as though I am leaving them in the lurch.

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