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Skull Discovery.

Before beginning this week’s post here is the wedding dog from Coruisk, not impressed with his day on the west side of Skye, but still wearing his tartan wedding bow with resigned pride.. 9Q7Q0190 Bit full on stressed out and tiring week. Would not change it for anything though as the full on is interesting, the stressed bit is manageable and the tiring bit is from good honest work. Have to remember these weeks when the winter inertia and lack of vitamin D kick in. Sunday was a long but very enjoyable shift with yet another country arriving, Andorra this time. Been a little run in the last week. May do a country count this winter when we tidy up the world map. Lovely sunset on the way home lighting up the cliffs at Staffin through the Blind Sound. The fishing this week has been a bit disjointed, not hauling the numbers of creels we usually do but the catch has made up for it. The Rona trip meant a late start but still managed 200 creels up for a decent return. An update on Clare’s progress can be found on Bill’s Rona Blog, http://isleofronalog.com/castaway-claire/ Noticed a new rig at Sand meaning “maintenance” is well under way but we are still waiting for the consultation to start. 9Q7Q0217 Also picked up rumours at the wedding that there is to be imminent building at the base in Kyle, so the investment continues but keeping the fishermen in the dark as long as possible. Using the navy diver “mushroom training” method I fear. Tuesday was going okay until after four fleets I was going astern having missed the fifth buoy when the rudder came round too far and the ram jammed up against the rudder post. Has happened before and I have released it previously but this time it was locked solid. Decided after a few attempts I had to unbolt the ram from its bed. Got it down to one bolt before putting my back against the hull and two feet onto the stilson fixed on top of the rudder post. With the effort of a weight lifter doing a clean and jerk I managed a two stage push swinging the rudder back into position. 9Q7Q0236 Home after that, not superstitious, but not wanting to carry on as there was a freshening southerly and broadsides down below meant a little queasy. On the way up through the hatch noticed some fine fungus growing on the deck struts. 9Q7Q0239 The day is full though as I had been invited out to eat some prawns I had sold to the guys from Lewes staying at Pier Cottage. 9Q7Q0231 http://www.applecrossholidaycottages.co.uk There are some visitors to this place where making a connection is effortless and the Boyds are an example of this. By the time they left this morning, over meals and drinks at the Inn we got to know each other and they have a real feel for the place and community. Sad to see them go but not as sad as they were. Unfortunately I had to leave a fine meal of prawns, eastern rice and salad. All eaten before I had left mind you. Up to the Hall for a Board meeting to discuss further the Hydro. Getting critical and on the advice of the lawyer we took the second option. It is very complicated and getting more so but it has to happen in the next few days or not at all which would be a mighty shame. The situation changes again on Wednesday with a couple of emails and the risk lessens, manageable risk is what it is all about. I am confident enough to put my own money in the scheme but we have to get final agreements in place very soon before contractors are on site. It is very stressful having this as a background to your every day life but it is a choice and one worth taking I think. So in the sun and wind of Wednesday I go down to the pier and rope up another fleet of creels, almost up to full complement and will be taking some ashore for washing, the never-ending cycle of the fisherman, part-time or not. In this stress frame of mind dealing with a half mile of rope tangle was not the best choice. 9Q7Q0235 Extra shifts this week at the Inn and Monday was one where it was pretty full on and we just made it, around eight with residents coming in to eat and four twos and two fours all waiting for tables you still have to take orders, clear tables and chat away as though you are enjoying it all. Wednesday and Thursday were very manageable although staff are dropping through bugs and such like, Boss is still struggling along and cannot do too much out front yet. Lots of new staff so feels a little disjointed but see it as challenge to get through it. Big weekend coming up and more extra shifts. The longer Sunday shifts have there benefits though and the cycle home was broken up by many stops to watch in awe the colours of the sky and the Rona Gap, the Staffin cliffs and the distant hills of Harris. 9Q7Q0199 Had a wee respite today and the weather again is the topic as it was dreich and breezy again. A walk down to the pier 9Q7Q0247 with Dougal and Co to pick up Clare’s car to keep it at the schoolhouse for the month. Although it does not look it at times Dougal does enjoy his walks whenever and wherever. 9Q7Q0254 The one good thing is the fishing. Although not getting many full hauls in for various reasons the catches are good although getting a bit patchy. May be the water temperature is below normal so it almost feels like a spring fishing.Always the odd creature coming up, these crabs, 9Q7Q0225 five in all came up in three creels and although I have seen them before, are quite rare and stay very small, like the starfish. 9Q7Q0241 More often than not I carry passengers on the way home in the hope of a free dessert. 9Q7Q0229 The big story that has made the news from Applecross is that the building works currently at The Estate Office across the road from the Inn has been stopped at the discovery of a body. Dominic our new PC has been dropped straight into action and spent a couple of days over here while investigations were carried out. Archeologists were called in and I think they have taken away a sample to get carbon dated. Not sure of the age of the building but at least 200 years old and lots of speculation rife in the community. I’m going for an upstairs/downstairs tragedy followed by a cover up. Speculation during a quiet surgery appears that the skull is mature, maybe in the twenties, so putting down the speculation of the Toscaig boy of fifteen years old who went missing around a 100 years ago. That may be the one the cairn was built so his family thought he was still on the hill looking after the summer cattle. I am going to print the photo of the skull as it is already out there but also with the proviso that I am very aware that this was some one who lived, worked and played in Applecross many years ago so no disrespect is intended.


Comments on: "Skull Discovery." (4)

  1. Janet Lamb said:

    I hope it turns out to be the missing boy and that he gets a proper belated funeral.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      According to some “investigating” by the Doc the fifteen year old is not likely to be the owner of the skull as it is too mature.

  2. Scienceteacher said:

    I agree with janet. Wec should have a proper funeral and send off for him-her?

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