A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

It’s been a roller coaster few days, lots of highs and lows and some both at the same time. Working back the way from today which is one of the highs. Back from a day trip to Inverness which included a great intensive wee course at Tuminds. 9Q7Q0075 Had a bit of fun trying to find it, up behind the Inches. Once Annie gave up following the satnav and phoned Rene, we quickly found our destination. No help from me in the passenger seat. I’m no good at back seat driving which is good for the driver. Alison and Zuzu joined us a little later, not missing too much as Rene wanted to know about the Hydro scheme, so he could tailor the course. We wanted some guidance in marketing the share launch for the project, to reach as many people as possible, to invest in a community, green venture. Fascinating topics and lots of info involving LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Hootsuite. Really well presented and we were all left enthused. Rene is a master of his social media world and his enthusiasm was well put across. 9Q7Q0074 A quick shop before so it was home west at five. Timeless journeys both there and back as we never stopped talking. And as Rene kept saying social media is all about helping each other and it was good to chat about the positive things in our community and wonder about the difficulties. In this context Apple Juice our Hydro offshoot has opened its twitter account and would appreciate any followers who are interested in green energy, community works and Applecross. Apple Juice ‏ Updates of progress will be tweeted through out the summer and of course here. Yesterday not so good, having my first shut down headache for a long time. These are so much less frequent now and are generally aches rather than show stoppers. Could not function and left Netflix on and dozed off and on all day. The result was a night on the couch and a good five hours sleep. I wake up with what is close to a mild hangover, but nice and early. With plenty of time to nip out and get some more prawns for the Inn before heading east. Timed well as there was only one portion left. The cycle home from the Inn in the late evening if it is not raining are a fine experience. This was at eleven. 9Q7Q0031 Sunday another day of surprise and graft and satisfaction, although involved a hard day of pain for the Boss. Arrived at around half ten to find that she had already retired to bed. Less staff on at the weekend anyway so the main show not being there means all available hands full on. Call to the Doc, that in itself tells how ill Judith felt, before going back down to set up the bar. Little hiccup pressurizing the coffee machine but the day went like a dream. Hard work, but to the last customer everyone was complimentary of the food and nicely of the service. Americans seem to be on the move and are very pleasant and open-minded, Bostonians, from the Black Hills, Philly and Colorado. Although a wee rumour from the North Coast saying they lucked on their Americans. Top visitor of the day for me was the arrival early on of George Gunn, poet from Caithness with a fine heritage. Think he was a little surprised to be recognised, but good banter. We have been well patronised by the Gunns of Caithness. Two new countries were in town. Monaco being one but the other was a fine effort, the French Polynesia. Nice comment from the next table, we are all by the water, Wickers and Polynesians, George again. Sort of sums up the day nicely, we are all connected and all working together. Had to be careful telling the Boss how much everyone was doing to keep it going as the tears were coming easily. Long day with a caramel shortbread break before sitting down to a fine venison loin after nine. Weather staying changeable and only managed a fishing day on Friday. 9Q7Q0033 Spent in the company of bonxies and seagulls, 9Q7Q0038 only one winner. 9Q7Q0041 Still not too bad catch and had a few prawns kept back for the poor weather. They are selling well. In between the constant cloud and intermittent rain we get occasional glimpses of the sun 9Q7Q0045 and moon. 9Q7Q0053 Walks still go ahead with the dogs and despite the weather we still get the lovely splashes of colour on the way to the shop. 9Q7Q0058   9Q7Q0056 Eilidh a little apprehensive at Dougal barking at the neighbour. 9Q7Q0050   And have just heard that another member of the herring ring netter, the Mary Anne, Hector has passed away. A generation saying goodbye. The older fishermen of the ring netters are no longer with us and a fountain of knowledge is going with them, always have thought they were a superior level of seamen than I would ever have achieved. They had so much more instinct and experience and found the fish through more natural means than our technology of sounders and gps units etc. The weather has had enough breaks for the bees to rush around and make honey in the brief sun. 9Q7Q0067

Comments on: "Apple Juice goes on Twitter" (2)

  1. Simon Taylor said:

    We’ve just arrived to stay in Toscaig, and hope to be visiting the Inn.
    A fine blogg you’re writing here, highlighting the challenges of these and other communities, keep up the good work.

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