A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Good day for going to sea, tired and late, but still with a little energy left over. It was flat calm


and although I was not out till ten made it in for half four. Would have been in earlier if not for a struggle to get one fleet up and free from its neighbour, more tenement rather than semi-detached, that is over rather than beside. And another that had been cut so went to other end to put it back together. Fishing is quite perky for this time of year although the squat lobsters are very scarce. Lots of bits


and pieces


come up in the creels and there seems to be brighter colours


around for the day.


Should not demean all this life as bits and pieces but it is fantastic sea life that is all part of the ecology of the marine environment and the reason I use creels and do not tow a net or dredge. Most if not all goes back over live.


As the day is quiet and only the two fleets to disrupt the rhythm of the day attention goes to the scenery and the radio. Good to hear John Beattie back on and at lunch time he was asking for definitions of POSH. Best one came from Skye, “there are those who catch salmon and those who catch salmon with a fishing rod.” Another snippet was from the Highland News and it was about Brodie of Brodie putting a gate up denying access to a HC car park beside a beach on the east somewhere. Attention not all there but what did seem strange was agreement reached, gate taken down and HC pays Brodie’s legal fees.

Worth noting some great news I heard on the way up the road on Friday evening. The Scottish Government have decided that dredging and trawling are to be banned in Marine Protected Areas. (MPAs). It was good to hear Bertie moaning on Radio Scotland about it was going to be so detrimental to his members, the SFF. These are the guys who claim they are fishing sustainably while ripping apart seabeds up and down the Scottish coasts. Credit where credit is due, a thumbs up to those in power and especially Richard Lochhead for taking a brave decision in the face of some powerful lobbying from organisations used to getting their own way. This is indeed a victory for the environment and the small sustainable fishing methods used to catching scallops and langoustine. There may be a down side to the MPAs as fishing effort around these areas may have more effort put on them but one has to start somewhere to redress the balance distorted since the 1980s.

And just a wee catch up from Saturday evening when the late light was just beautiful


and a wander along the Street noticed the sunset on Norman’s window.


And then it was on Sunday, lovely bright and clear morning leaving the house,


with most of the guests enjoying the food as usual, some from France and with gusto.


The evening finished with the fine traditional music of Scotland. These guys,


as I have already said, came from The School of Excellence in Plockton,


although the piper is from Austria.


Behind all the headline acts like the Treacherous Orchestra, Rura, Manran, Peatbog Fearies and new ones breaking through such as The Elephant Sessions there are a raft of great young musicians scattered around the country, on tour, playing in local pubs and Festivals. The Feis Movement and the School have contributed greatly to this outstanding scene.

And the emails, phone calls keep coming over the Hydro. There seems to be some puzzling factors around the modelling of the financials but it is creeping forward and site works scheduled to start shortly on the go ahead of the Board and leases being in place. Quite hard to keep concentrating on these aspects and carry on the day-to-day running of a business, my boat and the Inn. I think that is why I am slightly more spontaneous in order to survive these pressures. It seems a lifetime ago that I was in Edinburgh, not just last weekend, but instead of ‘feeling out of it’ it was energizing. We received an email from Cornwall, a pleasant one, pointing out we do make a lot of our community, but that when he visited the toilets they were smelly and he could not get any diesel. Fair point but the toilets are not blocked now and we may be getting to the bottom of the Filling Station problem. A bad connection from the OPT to the router could be the cause of the disruption. Both Zuzu ands Sean spent a lot of mainly volunteer time there yesterday, resulting in no connection breaks today, and an engineer has arrived in town tonight to carry out repairs. It may be a last legacy of the old system. I am way behind in IT but know something else to look out for. The Cornish chappie said he would be back so hoping everything will be working for him then.

We are going through a sad time here with the passing of another long time resident. Mary from Camusteel passed gently away at the end of last week, joining quite a few with connections to the community, my mum, Dr Alexander, Margaret, who when she came up to Toscaig watched our boys grow up. What with Morag from Culduie and Uisdean leaving for the east it seems we are reflecting on the passing of a generation. Mary, although in a wheel chair, was at my mum’s funeral and seems there was no stopping her, so although I will be at the Inn letting some go to the service I will be thinking of her on Thursday.

Comments on: "Creel Caught Living Sea Life." (2)

  1. Really enjoyed this blog and thought you should know it. The photos of marine life are stunning. The references to politics, weather, light, tourism, food, economics, community, ageing, passing on, IT, ……. So much said in a few short paragraphs. It’s a joy to read about such a “real” life in a world full of media spin and hype. Thanks for finding the time to share it.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      And thank you for your very kind words. I enjoy the blog writing as much as the rest of the life up here and your comment made me smile. Thanks again.

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