A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Trucking along without too much incident although it is taking quite a bit of effort to get round to doing “stuff”. In my case that is getting the rest of the creels out and the other jobs around the house and the garden. Have to say come Wednesday evening it was time to boot the behind and do the necessary whether I like to or not. It is sometimes handy when you work for some one else and you have to turn up whether you like it or not, so it was in a better frame of mind that I turned at the Inn to a relatively easy shift. Weather has not improved and that may have an effect on the slight dip in numbers wanting to eat out. Just Heather and myself out front and time passed quickly as we seem to work well together automatically looking after half of the Inn each and telling each other what we are doing. Boss is wiped at the moment with too much on so an evening off does no harm although she did spend a fair bit of it counting money. I will always say that the Inn is so important to the Applecross economy to the extent that it is almost too important. Having twenty five plus people employed by one employer with only two hundred people living here tells you there is a slight imbalance. But I suppose looking into an uncertain future means you tend to miss the present. Thursday evening was a little busier and spent a fair bit of time with the visitors from Inverinate, who knew far more about me than I did about them. Did not matter and among other things that came up in a “who do you know” conversation was Charlie’s passing away. He affected so many people and there is a genuine sadness in the area coupled with a strong sense of compassion. It is like everyone’s next door neighbour has died. It affects so many people in so many different ways and the numerous photos must have triggered memories about their own who are no longer here. He must have been in every community in his constituency and left his mark in each one. You wonder if that was his anti dote to where he spent the week down south. Speaking to him at one of the Applecross Games where he was describing one of the Lib Dem leaders, saying ordinary things to ordinary people when afterwards you thought that if the media got hold of them…….. And we touched on the alcohol consumption, but also in compassionate terms.  These evenings at the Inn pass quickly.

In between all this there is the small matter of catching a few prawns and that is done on a fine Thursday.


Also on Thursday there is a trial on but me picking up my buoy on Range did not affect any operations.


Take the gear east and shoot back along the line. The watch keepers know you do that and tend to be realistic when you drift in. The “investment” on the shore side of the Range expansion has already begun


which leads me to think that the upcoming consultation may be little more than a paper exercise. No one is going to tell me that everything is not in place and that this is not going to stop if a few fishermen complain their livelihoods are going to be adversely affected.

Friday not so fine.


Keeping them on the menu board and at one stage on Friday there was little chance of going out using the forecast but my new found “forcing” sent me out in flat calm grey damp morning to haul just a 100 pots before the wind strengthened and sent me home. Good result of this we enjoyed a grand squat fried rice in the evening, Son No3 being home to pick up pipes and head off to the continent to keep himself at Med School for another year. The grey morning, as long as you knew it is temporary, is beautiful in its own way. The quiet peaceful way everything looks,




distance becomes irrelevant. A post just seen sums up what many people are thinking looking out the window. It is almost the longest day and then we start planning for winter.


So a bit of wood collecting and setting the Filling Station up for a volunteer clean up and plant takes up the rest of the time I used up in the past on Netflix. Still even when the busy times have arrived there is still Dougal to take out for his jaunts. The other day the seals were showing a lot of interest in him,


possibly not in a way that he would appreciate. I am sure he would be a tasty morsel. And despite the general miserable weather we are getting glimpses of what the summer could be. As we walk the ditch at the side of the Camusteel road always has a fine showing of wild flowers. The colourful monkey flowers will be out in the next month or so. On the grey days, being on the north west coast the day rarely finishes the way it started. So to finish a wee bit of colour in the now mad garden. Only excuse is I am trying to make as bee friendly as possible.


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