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The bank Holiday Weekend is long enough gone to write about now. It was busy there is no doubt and Sunday especially was full on despite the weather.


Now I am not an IT chappie and can work a system if it is set up no problem but the new computer system is doing a few people’s heads in. If you work from the bar and Terminal 1 the Prep Room can go to their modified list and work out what table has placed what order. Terminal 2 was a different matter and seeing prep room staff coming out with cutlery and food not having a clue where they were going……. No one to blame so it was survival and I went back to the old table numbers by following the order through the back and writing on it. That worked until some one down on my section did not use it and back to chaos again. Top laugh of the day came from the BT when Roddy and mates were in. Running out of ice creams and the last effort was laughed down with a request for a cranachan. Through to the sweet counter where I passed this on for Adeena to look puzzled and reply cranachan ice cream?? Retold at the BT and added to their enjoyment of a fine afternoon’s meal and company. It was a long shift and I made it through to around eleven to get a bit of the bikers music, some good and some not quite up there. And in good Appalachian style checking fingers before starting.


The Duelling Banjos needs another years work as the guitar was way better than the banjo.


But good craic from the regular Bank Holiday bikers. Weather has been dire and that did not help us front of house as no one eating outside. First time one or two groups did not stop although to be fair they were on tight schedules.

Today, Wednesday, I have just taken the last of the prawn stash ashore so with a poor forecast for tomorrow a long day is planned for friday to try to get ahead again. It has been indifferent weather this week, south-westerly on Monday. Tuesday fine but stayed ashore for VAT inspection that never arrived. Car in garage, I could have easily gone out but the change of plan came a bit late. I was not allowed any leeway when the inspection was set up, a shame as even if any mistakes there will be little for the VAT man to justify a trip out.

Nature ashore is continuing apace, wandered up and through what used to be the Alt Beag plantation. . Only a few tons left to take out. Saturday was a stunning day for a wander and in twenty years time it should be a lovely place to walk through. Always think that once you go up to industrial scale of anything there is so much waste. There are hundreds of tons of wood for burning just lying about everywhere but that is the way things seem to be done. Seeing Colin and Jackie’s Clydesdale over in Achmore seems a more economical way of extracting the timber and using it locally.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Colin-Parsons-ForestryHorse-Logging/610273509040324 ( Have to be next time as we are having BT/AppleNet broadband issues and uploading is a bit of a pain.) Instead a better way to control bracken other than by helicopter spraying.


Operations have come to a close, mulching, mounding all done and just the machines and tidying up to go with the last loads ready to go out. Planting is now under way.


Suppose we would need more people living here but that will come as it is Trust policy now to encourage an increase in the residential population. Sitting watching Netflix the other night watched an owl settle on the sycamore by the road and then later the bats started to fly. Monday on the way to the Shop a couple of small birds chasing a cuckoo out of their patch. Everything seems underway despite the weather and not because of it. The bees have managed a few days out as well and lots of pollen going back to the hives, good sign as the queens are going strong. Dougal is very keen to get involved in the garden but at the moment his destruction is out weighing his positive leanings and taking apart the compost bins is not helping.



Did not manage to post last night and as it is another day of North westerlies looking to a bit more paperwork and wood work. And the most important of all voting. Have read up on a couple of items and have only had a choice of two candidates. Saw an interesting list which gave the candidates a list of red lines they could not cross and there are only two that coincide. Unfortunately this outdated way of voting does not allow me to vote for who I really want but next year for the Scottish Parliament I can as it is PR. Interesting times.

Comments on: "Appalachians and new Computers." (5)

  1. Rod Coldwell said:

    I agree with you Ali on the outdated way of voting in the UK general elections. I too had to vote tactically in this one but I shall vote more honestly in next year’s election for the Scottish Parliament. Roll on universal PR!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Sounds like we did the same Rod. Only scary thing is that UKIP would have ended up with 85 seats. Mind you that would mean an even quicker finale. We are getting closer, but the big miss is the environment. Cannot believe how unimportant it has become.

  2. Janet Lamb said:

    Hello Ali. Two comments if that’s ok – the photos of the moobs and a nipple shot from the Duelling Banjos made a marked contrast to your usual scenic photos and secondly I was surprised that your comment on the election was so short and at the end of your blog. Keep up the good work and I hope the weather improves for you up in Applecross. I have a long night ahead of me as I watch the results come in. I hope you get the result you want in Scotland and I get the result I want in England.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Now that was a prescient comment!! Late nights at the Inn still throws up the odd nipple. I try to be not too political on a national level. Only in ways that affects us here in Applecross. Although Defence,Land Ownership and privatisation,SSE and BT, affordable housing, do have detrimental impacts locally. And it was a long day.

  3. Janet Lamb said:

    It’s good that you can get a nipple and not just a tipple at the inn! Fair point about the politics and understood. I lasted 27 hours on Election Day and beyond and I’m still feeling a bit jaded – there will be interesting times ahead Ali. Good luck with the summer season at the inn.

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