A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Grand weather now and looks like staying around for a few days. Only settled down on Wednesday and even then there was a bit a breeze coming with the showers from the west. Not a lot happening earlier in the week especially on Monday. Tuesday was a little more productive, was up earlier getting the Filling Station going possibly after a small power cut. Cannot imagine not having a Filling Station here.




Now can remote reboot without having to pester the back up in Dundee. The next fuel delivery phone call came in when I got back home and it was back up the road at two with Zuzu to show her how to take a delivery.


Just routine for me now but it is handy for more people to know the ins and outs. Legally we are obliged to have a competent person at the Station to receive the delivery. Had an interesting chat on the way down the road with a local who knows exactly how much work goes into keeping the fuel going and nice to have an appreciation of what goes on. All the trading standards, electrical certs, competent people to accept deliveries etc are all behind the scenes activities that are needed for the service to continue. Then it was a return visit to the dentist and did not get away with just the tooth out. Have to go back over for a couple more sessions and a telling off in how to clean my teeth properly. Still raining and lots of water about, coming over the dam and filling up Russel burn.


Back in time for the Community Council and fairly uneventful. An item brought up was the absence of a war memorial and also news from our LDO giving an update for the Hydro and an extension to the employment contract. Essential if we are to build the scheme this year. It still is going to be such a hard slog as almost daily there is something new to overcome. Going to have to take decisions soon on the Broadband quickly as the speeds have slowed up. Still far better than BT but that is not saying much. May have to lease another couple of lines, reducing profitability and bearing in mind that Backhaul may be coming along as well as the fibre optic going through Skye and we do not want to be left with lines still in contract but no longer used. Needless to say we will get no help from BT about times and availability, they like SSE answer to share holders, not the nation or communities they are supposed to serve.

Wednesday could have been a day to restart the fishing career but decided to mend and start roping up some creels ready for summer hauls. Geese


and under water boats on view, always something to see.


iPod is in full use as it is not the most interesting of jobs. Dougal and Eilidh came down for the run and routed about looking for mink and or the odd rat. As the creels do not have many holes in them there does not seem to be any about just now. Trip out to the boat late afternoon for some prawns before making up to the Inn. Busy night and guests waiting for tables. Weather forecast shaping up and looking good for the next week or so.


Food great as usual and the night was finished off with a few tunes on the box played by William. Strong local connections and maybe even related William plays a fine box and was accompanied by the Baptist Minister on the drums.


It was dance music and before I left took the floor with Laura for a tightly danced Highland Scottisch. One I really like and you can lose yourself to the rhythm of the music while whirling round the bar. And then home on the bike. Thursday evening was like chalk and cheese. Despite an eleven booked in there was little to keep the front of house occupied. Beautiful weather





and we thought we were going to get slammed around eight but it never happened. Nice wee message left by the family on a table outside. They had been in the previous evening and got stuck into the seafood but on the way out saw the Boss and I having a couple of haddock. They assumed this was a recommendation so turned up on thursday evening and ordered four haddock and a pasta. Seems they went down well. The fishing career has restarted combined with the Inn and getting the gear in shape we have entered summer time at last. Kept this for the next post….a fishing post

Comments on: "…the Baptist Minister on the Drums." (4)

  1. John Fox said:

    Another great post Ali. Keep the coming. So good to feel in touch with the place when I’m down here. Thanks.

  2. good to see you cycling passed our house yesterday as we just arrived x If you want a spare pair of hands pulling some creels in I’d love to come and see how hard that bit of your job is… may need to summon up some of my muscles… in my arms? Liz
    can always email or face book an answer as we have no phone?

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Routine is not in place yet and plans change every morning to arrange trip out.

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