A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Half ten at night after arriving home and discovering I was one short found me routing around in the ditch up from the Telephone exchange looking for a pineapple. Sometimes you do find yourself in slightly surreal situations, this came about by letting a car past on the way back from the Inn and performing a slow motion fall off the bike into the ditch with one of my two pineapples coming out of my camera bag…….I have a regular fruit order from the Inn. (Now after eleven on a Thursday and the Inn has stayed busy for drinking after the food had finished. So a late one tonight.)

Been a slightly tricky week so far and nothing I can really put my finger on it. The work level has been very poor in the fishing department, partly through forecasts and lack of motivation. Good to write this as it has come back, mainly through our board meeting tonight. The hydro scheme was the agenda. I have not been posting too much about it up till now as it has been so frustrating seeing it slowly fade and potentially collapse, due to us missing deadlines for pre accreditation, this basically meaning that the FiTs are now regressing and our income levels along with profit levels projected were getting close to high risk even past this point. After tonight’s meeting without giving too many details it is looking positive again and basically we have picked the right contractors who have our interests at heart. There is a mammoth amount of work to get through very quickly to make it happen but it is back on course.

Earlier this week was pretty flat and we have not left the moorings for a haul, some excitement provided by Dougie Vipond and Landward.


This followed by a fine evening’s entertainment in Kyleakin. Not often I have been able to say that. Almost forgot to mention I made it down to Barley Port for a cup of coffee and a wee ceilidh.


Landward came about from a phone call from Bally asking about elderly fishermen’s tales. They are doing an hour-long special on inshore fishing and were looking for the “what used to be here” angle. I found that easy to give as I have spoken over the years to now retired fishermen and made a point of speaking to Donald before I headed over the Hill. A very quick hour passed, made easy by the relaxed attitude of everyone including Dougie. And despite a little interlude involving the local fishermen passing up and down the Slipway. When you pull together the stories of how bountiful the seas were off our shores it makes for sad reminisces. From there it was over to Martin and Karen’s and before you know it’s half nine and ready for a trip home. Came away feeling replete after a fish pie that could have been served at the Inn, a slide Martin converted for the blog of my Seanair, Finlay,

snoddy 1

and a couple of events that will break up the summer nicely. This photo was taken, I guess, in the late fifties as he died late seventies at 91. Drove round the back of Plockton just for a change and for once I was early so decided on a whim to take a right past Duirnish. Met up with Willie for the first time in a wee while and then on to Lynne and Darren’s. Time flew by and just made it to meet up with the Landward crew.

Health with an energy sapping bug kicked in for a couple of days that involved very little gardening and lots of Sons of Anarchy and finally came out of the fug this afternoon and as usual Dougal makes me get out of the house and onto the bike for a wander down to the Craig Darroch.


Lovely weather,


views and company of dogs.


They are good for the mind and do get one sorted out. On the health front the Doc may be on the right track when I have more days off painkillers than on them. Sounds not a big achievement but believe me over the last three or four years this is such a huge improvement. Excited enough to keep a wee diary of what I take now, before I did not want to know as I knew I was close to safety limits in order to function.Luckily the weather is fine and there are lovely evening lights on the go.


Now one in the morning, Friday, and it is slowly getting quieter, reckon there is still an hour left to go, the life of a bar person. Forecast genuinely bad for tomorrow so there is no pressure in the morning. Keep smiling and it is a very happy bar, lots and lots of laughter as the Germans meet the Aussies. Guinness, lots of malts, wine and the White drink for the non-English speaking mother, eventually deciphered as Pernod and lemonade. A good night for food and company, just general bonhomie. When the customers give you hugs and handshakes as they leave you know job well done. And of course the board meeting going on well in the dinning room helps the uplifting feel of the night. No one made it through to Inverness today to attend the Trust meeting, it is during the day and eighty miles away with all the board working over here so it just not practical.

And this morning started with a phone call from Tornapress for diesel for the Auk which was duly delivered and another fine morning it has started out to be.


Even had vague thoughts about going to sea but the forecast has turned out to be right and there is a brisk wind going up the Sound and I would be back on the moorings by eleven.

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