A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

After the excitement of Farr, Saturday morning started early with me counting out prawns for sending South. All a bit of a palaver but needs must. May get to be a little old running around doing little sales. Used to grow scallops, both king and queen, oysters, catch a few crab but now it is down to prawns and squats. Busy little time over the weekend, both Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. Sunday saw the musicians over from the other side of the Hill and it was a fine afternoon of music,


pipes, whistles, fiddles and even the odd banjo. The chappie on the banjo was tall but we reckoned it was the cap that did it, must have been 6.8ft and a Geordie to boot.


Seemed a little chaotic as they all arrive settle in and the general running off the Inn carries on. A bit of table swapping and good humour, everyone settles down to the music and food. Made it to five and with everyone back from breaks it was home to a fine Macaroni and cheese away from the mayhem. film crew has arrived in town, arty film based on an Italian artist and examining our relationship with the environment and so with each other. Both do not seem to be going too well at the moment, read recently that the Gulf Stream is at its weakest in recorded history due to Greenland ice melt and just go across the world and go through half of Africa, Middle East and Eastern Europe to see the similarities.

Think I wrote the above on Wednesday evening.It has just been one of those weeks where everything and nothing goes right and before you know it you are dashing out a post before going to the local wedding of the year. Beginning of the week was a little knocked over by a mini version of the bug going about, as there was bad weather did not mind and a few creels were mended


before the wind turned to the north-west and blew.


As Alison was on her work break in Germany company was the Dougal and as ever very entertaining.



Unfortunately the result being that in the resulting motion I have more prawns on the sea bed. Just back from an unsuccessful recovery mission so another favour being asked for next week from our visiting divers. Yu realise that there are many types of fitness and diving fitness is one I have grown out of. Cheesed off that I have found another way to lose them but in the grand scheme of things no great loss and I hope to get them back mostly intact so I will tuck that away. Outboard engine in for repair at Gaelforce and an interesting row out to the boat for prawns with a helping hand turning up and gratefully received, to give me a tow across against the wind. Wind settled on Thursday and it was a gentler row across and a few creels lifted before another shift in the evening at the Inn. These rows again are an indication of how we have drifted one step away from nature. On Thursday afternoon I was followed and watched by over a dozen seals.

9Q7Q9130 They kept swimming alongside me, popping heads up and darting of under only to reappear on the other side. It was a nice start and end to the day. Must do the row more often as it is so much more peaceful than buzzing about with the motor.


The Wednesday and Thursday shifts busy but not too silly although Thursday had a stag night under way by the time I left and a 21st kicking off. Busy weekend when you throw in Easter.

Friday was a day when the forecast got it very wrong. They kept telling me that there was currently light winds and later a pickup from the north-west again. I got 200 up before getting fed up and heading in.


The fishing still not too bad, I have hauled 500 for less so the Inn is well stocked and todays couple of boxes will see them through the weekend. A little aside, a visitor caused a mild panic when he called the Inn to tell us that he had filled up at the Filling Station and had to spend £150 to sort his engine from the water content. I wonder if people think that just because we are in the country we do not run our operations properly, almost a psycological way of thinking. As a result I confirmed what we already knew by pasting the bottom of the dip sticks with a magic formula which turns red if there is any water content. Good to see no turning, the tiny dots of red you can see is the misty Scottish drizzle. So it is a case of “not us Gov”.




A busy day culminating in the arrival of a blast from the past in the form of Andy and Jill. Andy crewed on the Emma Goody before heading back south to Cambridge and is up for the wedding this weekend. Before I settled in to cooking a prawn and squat Thai curry, with  help from the Inn, noticed a lovely end to the dipping sun over the south end of Raasay.


So despite bugs, lost prawns, poor weather, we are still battling on, sometimes it just feels like that. The wedding now and a busy weekend ahead, music will be good as Iron Midden are coming over and the skies clearing a bit.

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