A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Last three days have been full of interest and hopefully some improving health. First the interest, well I find it interesting. The weather has helped in that the Rona broadband station was needing some work on it. Sean supplied with configs and other info along with some hardware came on board at 7am for another trip to the island. Uneventful trip across on a calm sea but with a northerly forecast imminent.


Not too worried in that it would be mostly on our stern on the way back. All went well at the mast and I managed to make myself useful in a small labouring way. snipping tie wraps and undoing stays and bolts to lower the mast, now with out the turbine.


The mast is now connected to Bill’s power supply and that is working well. Sean found three problems, cabling, the nano station and tough switch all needing replaced. So back down the hill after an admiring look around at the fine views.




Can see the Varuna tied up alongside the pontoon. Always love the perspective for afar. Shows how tiny we are in the grand scale of things. Next it was on to the “summer house” to fix the signal there. unfortunately this did not go so well. Not entirely sure what the issue was but Sean was hoping it could be fixed remotely as he got one of the stations up. Difficulties arise when our expert is working in London and our communications systems could be better, but texts did get through. Think Sean’ concentration could have been helped if there had been less chatter down below. Bill and I almost always try to discuss and have ideas to solve our land issues. Bill has a great working relationship with his Danish landlady and has a slightly different view on land matters, but not that different. He is as puzzled as anyone as to why our Charity cannot see the wood from the trees. Been a while since he spent any time over our way but was suggesting solutions to the foresting contacts as far back as the 90s, the same solutions that are needed now. With Sean having done as much as he could we headed off in bright sunshine


but with the stiff northerly up and running.




The Auk was fishing/diving off the Blind Sound and soon followed us in as their dive time would have been completed. Soon caught us up coming down the Sound. Mind you I am fuelling them up again on Thursday morning.


From the boat it was straight to the dentist, this time on the right day.


To cut a long story short, a quick inspection, a decision taken, numbed up, followed by a ten minute wait in the waiting room before going back in for an extraction. Cannot remember my last one and the build up for the dentist when he mentioned it might take some removing as the roots were quite spread. But all I can say is that living in rural Applecross we are so fortunate to have such a good dentist service just over the Hill. Tooth was whipped out, examined and reassured on right decision, before going back over the Hill with swollen face. The fact that I had no pain and swelling came down really quickly is testament to the dentist Parson’s skills

Wednesday was a rapid round of creel hauling and managed 300 hauled before the breeze increased from the south. Couple of the fleets produced some fine langoustine and made for a break even week. For the first time I ran out of battery power in the camera and missed a couple of nice shots on the way in of a flock of eiders and seals sunning themselves on a still low tide.The forecast for the rest of the week looks poor and again into next week. Which is a bit unfortunate as Bill and Lorraine are getting married in the Church Cave on Rona on Monday. We all wish them well and again are appreciating all their efforts in keeping our broadband going round the North coast. The day’s fishing would have been far more enjoyable if the breeze had been a little less but more if my head had been behaving itself. Try not to mention it too much but as part of the “rural story” it has been bothering me a lot recently. Wednesday, an example, taking far too many milligrams of paracetamol to function, coming ashore, lying down for an hour then going to the Inn for an evening shift and waking up the next morning to my first action of the day another painkiller. So up to the Surgery for a consult. And hopefully I do not embarrass our Doctor with too much praise it was nothing short of brilliant. Good down to earth discussing my pain, all the potential issues and solutions. Along with reassurances about my current level of painkiller take up I left with two set of tablets which hopefully will cut down my previous intake. I am sure there is physcological aspect to the visit, some probably not quite placebo effect but knowing that some solutions are being sought. Have to say that we are well served here in Applecross with health measures, certainly at my age and chronic pains, head and teeth. We are lacking in some elderly care and that is being worked on. So with the weather poor, and this morning pain and painkiller free, looking forward to an evening at Farr Conversations, with Lesley Riddoch and Julie Fowlis. It was only last night before I started to look forward to it as the pain receded. Although a bit fuzzy last night and worked round a couple of mistakes it was an easy night and was able to relate to the customers and not through a pain barrier. Too soon to say but a huge improvement on yesterday morning.

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