A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Couple of enjoyable days at sea although quite tiring as not used to it and a couple of foul ups and shoot overs to deal with. Luckily not together, that is the worst single-handed scenario to deal with, hauling up your own fouled gear and some one is shot another fleet over you. Discovering Pi is easier or feels like it at the time. Hard to believe I was taking photos of the Bay eight days ago where you could not see the water as it was whipped up with the wind.


Today in particular was so calm and peaceful and I know I am where I should be when I start admiring the seagulls.


Although generally regarded as the rats of the sea and can be pretty vicious, especially the blackbacks, today they glided across an oily sea with perfect reflections showing on the surface.


Cormorants and shags are turning up t get the pout out of the creels before they hit the surface.


It has not been wall to wall sunshine and sometimes the cloud cover has felt slightly oppressive although not like in summer when it is accompanied by heat.


The MoD Trials are still going on , supposed to have been finished, and had the semi submerged sub off to my starboard for a short while.


Good to get the communication from Sand which usually means he is seeing me as well. He was only about 100 metres off but no problem as we both knew where we both were. Reminded me of an incident about 20 odd years ago when we were shooting a fleet back in a brisk south-westerly breeze with a conning tower to our port when she took a right-angled easterly change of direction and was to our starboard side with us still shooting our gear. She had passed directly across our bows and at one stage we were over the top of her. Called Sand to ask if they knew we were there and got a pause followed by a negative. Not a good feeling. Anyway today was different. Fishing okay in fact not too shabby despite losing a fleet down the Range edge.


Plan to take a fleet up there to shoot over it and hopefully snag it tomorrow. Do not have much leeway to work with as I cannot go too far to the west being in the Range. One of the local signs of Spring and a short dry spell is the first heather burns are under way.


Inn is starting to look busy already, the weather I am sure is contributing although if anyone wants to go anywhere just now it seems Applecross is the majority destination. A lot of places are not open yet and most people know the Inn is. Nice surprise when I ended up with some smallish scallops from Robin, would have had them in garlic, bacon and squats but the gas had run out and the shop was closed so that is tomorrow’s tea sorted. Had breakfast again before going up to the ALPS Meeting.

Interesting meeting where unusually had a fair bit to say on questioning the ownership of the South Coast Deer Fence, Trust’s, Crofter’s or both. Still up for grabs. Always good to put the alternative view, the one that many residents are not comfortable putting forward. Not convinced it is a good idea to start a “buy in”with a liability, that is a fence that does not earn an income but will need maintaining. The only positive I can take out of it is that this is the first time that a buy in has been offered. Would have been better if it involved houses, community hub or community woodlands, all of which would be social enterprise and would be income generators for both sides of the buy in, generate monies for fencing. But here’s hoping for a future generation. I cannot help thinking that a well off Charity should not  really be asking crofters for an annual tenner to maintain the cost of a fence that keeps deer off croft ground, wild animals albeit, but only there to be shot by the Charity. A crofter’s conversation made me smile when he/she said if only they had known when they put their deer fence up that they could have gone to The Trust for some maintainence money it would have softened the blow for them. A little stress involved in getting those views across, despite a bit of aggressive questioning, keeping it impersonal is important but still making the point. Bit of a shame that any opposing views are still treated in this way in this day and age but such is life. But the fence has to be looked after and if history proves anything the crofters/community will have to get involved no matter. Lovely cycle home in the starlight and a bit of Fargo to see the night out.

Another fine day at sea,


only hauling 300 a day just now, and find that plenty especially combining with the Inn. Busy pier in the morning,


good weather has the same effect on fishermen as bees, all coming out at the same time. It was nice to see the bees flying from both hives on Saturday. Fishing a little patchy although hauling fleets twice in deep water on the same week by Wednesday is fairly unusual, uneventful fishing with one or two boats passing North. Ronja Commander, low in the bow coming out of the sun


and a lovely eastern sunset as I began the shift at the Inn.


Nippy but easy evening.


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