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Men (and Woman) at Work.

One good day in amongst the wind and rain and it was over the Hill to put a bit of anti fouling on the rudder and keel, along with a couple of new replacement anodes. On the way over the bales of hay that were intended for some ewes over here ended up at the bottom of the Slips having been on a trailer that was flipped over on the way home at the height of the storm on Monday.


A small loss considering what could have happened, trailer recovered already by the multi purpose Kishorn Yard and jobs to be done on the Roadmen’s vehicles before finishing off on the Varuna. Dougal and Eilidh came over with me to check up on progress.


Lots of men at work and the occasional woman. Amidst all the cutting,


welding and grinding and breaks for photos, it was lunch time,




Gemma was quietly polishing the Seaflower,


getting her ready for this season’s Torridon Tours. http://www.torridonseatours.com A study in concentration. On the way back the foresters were driving lorries onto lorries.


Back in plenty of time for the South coast fence meeting where I managed to say nothing for the whole hour. Not one of my strong points but there is a time and place for my opinions. Still beautiful late afternoon sunlight slanting across the Big House fields


with its mixture of ancient Highland cattle, not too close as mixture of horns and newborn do not need disturbing,




and grazing stags.


Them a quick Mac and Cheese before going out to a CC meeting where we were presented with a Development Plan Consultation. The restricted envelops around the Applecross settlements are going to be removed but still trying not to build on good land. The point was made strongly about the lack of available land for affordable housing, in fact none going back to previous CC efforts. Also the point that there are many houses here but the tipping point may be close in that the percentages are tilting towards holiday homes. Change of use was suggested as houses were sold to become yet another holiday house. The lady went away with a good and constructive knowledge about the difficulties of the survival of this community.

Wednesday, and so far today, has returned to the wet and windy. Last night as the Boss was away at the Cheltenham Gold Cup Meeting, in Inverness, and Sis at her Dad’s got to fly solo again. A little concerned as we had the MoD boys up for a Trial and a thirteen in celebrating a birthday but when I arrived found that Rob was in from his holidays for the evening. Turned out to be an “easy” night and very pleasant with compliments from the birthday group up there. Couple of residents, couple from the campsite and a couple of regular holidaymakers made up the evening. Even managed a few games of scrabble at the end of the night before retiring at the back of twelve.

It is these shifts at the Inn that are keeping me from becoming too down and introspective. it is all very well politicians throwing bricks at each other over ideological differences but when it comes down to local needs and developments we need more support than we are getting. We are really trying very hard to keep the Hydro scheme on track, fighting loss of fishing grounds to the MoD and see very little future in release of any land for affordable housing. School two years ahead have one child per year going in. It is a great wee school but i always think of the kids when they look around for mates. The football that was played across the road has stopped, there is no one to play there anymore. The last games were guys in their twenties and have moved on. Maybe the end of winter feel but sad times. But for balance I am back at the Inn tonight and floating on my wee boat tomorrow.

Comments on: "Men (and Woman) at Work." (4)

  1. Janet Lamb said:

    Don’t lose heart Ali as it will soon be Spring and the future will look brighter then.

  2. We have had 10 children every year for the last 5 years – 12 next year and13 the year after that. I know we don’t have enough for football, but when the pitch is not sodden, there’s plenty of whole school British Bulldog (the non-tackle kind) … it’s just not all bad.

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      Quite agree it is not all bad, but I am using what I use when talking about the fishing….its okay if you make a living but when you go back a little you realise what is not there. Even when our boys were in school it was around the high teens and twenty mark with cars going as well as the bus. The football analogy was for more than the primary school and I just think it is a wee bit sad that there are not enough around to be playing. More power to your elbow for running a brilliant wee school.

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