A view on Fishing,Community and Life on the NW coast of Scotland

Meanwhile in Applecross.

Life does go on in-between the politics of the high-hied yins and last Sunday turned out to be a day of contrasts with a very pleasant family coming all the way over from Dornoch to celebrate the matriarch’s 70th. Easy going and appreciative. Full bar again and as they were leaving after the lunch session it filled up again with the second birthday of the day, the 50th of a regular DK. Some fine moments in particular, singing and playing by Bronnie and Bethany. They stopped the bar chat several times only for Jon to start it up again. He’s taught Bronnie everything he knows and then she went to school and has done really well. It was a long and mostly enjoyable shift and always a good wee test when you see things disintegrate before your eyes and you hang in and enjoy. It is good fun to have the entertainment provided for free and you wake up the next morning with no hangover. Something that could not be said for a few of the celebrants. Bit of dance is always part of the scene


and this had been preceded by the piping


in of the cake.


All seems so long ago as national politics and saving of livelihoods take precedence. Inverness and Fishing meeting was followed by a wee trip up the Bealach on Wednesday. This was after fuelling up the Auk in the fine weather.


Thought I would maybe take one or two photos of it being cleared but the digger and Finky were past the car park


and as I was already knackered in getting to the top there was no way I was going down any bit of the other side having to come back up again was such a disincentive.


As it was Dougal provided the pictures


instead of the JCB but you could see the impressive amount of clearing that has to be done to reopen the Hill after a snow fall coupled with a wind. He poses well in the snow.


And even up here on the look out for anything scuttling about just out of sight.


On the way up the bike played up a bit and finally “packed in” on the race downhill, topped 54km/hr and cold it was.


Before the long trip back down though it was a stop at the sweetest coldest water anywhere in the world.


Turned out the breakdown was traced back to the bike being blown over in one of the winter gales. Unknown to me wires were wrenched free but still made connections until the box of tricks below the battery finally burnt out on the way down the Hill. Back from another Inverness trip and £200 poorer but bike going fine again. Threw in a couple of shifts in at the Inn. With Roger, the Boss’s Dad, back in town both Boss and sister spending time with him. Saw Roger over the last couple of days and remarkable improvement, mobile again and a lot more clear-headed. Had to take a wee snap of the Boss last weekend as she has complained all last year about customers on their social media outlets rather than talking to each other.


The two shifts were chalk and cheese with a busy time flying by one on Wednesday and one customer on Thursday. Wednesday evening we saw the arrival of Lateral North, in the form of the little wagon and Graham and Sue. Stopped off at the School and stayed overnight with us after an evening at the Hall, more later. They will be back.



The MoD story is still unfolding with some more correspondence and a meeting that took place today. But have not heard a report from that so leave the update till the weekend as I will a busy Community Company AGM. The Chair’s Report went on for quite a while…. I say this in a good way as there was so much to say about what is going on here. But late and an early night I think. May be an episode of House of Cards…..

Comments on: "Meanwhile in Applecross." (4)

  1. House of cards… i am getting the box set to watch when we are next up x
    Roger looking well.x You must watch Laxdale..Hall very Ealing comedy and your house is in it a lot!

    • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

      I know it is drama but fascinating to see politicians work out how to stay in power. That is after shafting everyone to get power in the first place….not all politicians of course.

      • Yes i am agreeing with you, on the whole but We have a lovely proactive new labour mP down here Called Liz Mc Innes .she worked as a medical research lab technician… but she actually replies to you emails… I like to see the glass half full… wish they were all as communicative as her;
        I am hooked to The Blog now with The Fishing wars. I ask … if you continued to place the creels where you always have…. who would police it? would any one know? Food for thought.xxx

      • applecrosslifeattheedge said:

        If we carried on fishing despite a closure we would be taken to court. The Range is protected by a series of Parliamentary Acts and Byelaws. The MoD will get the area if they want it and it is very difficult to argue against National Security or Defence of the Nation. These will be the last resort reasons before they close the area after the “consult”. To be fair in this issue to our local MP he is probably powerless and can only ask questions and maybe just spin the answers. After all he is now part of the Government although I feel a very uneasy one.

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